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Career Occupation
Executive Officer
IKV Dreamslayer
HoDHom (Commander)
Biographical Attributes
Full Name:
Kotram, Son of Rakva
Klingon, House of Martok
185 cm (6 ft. 1 in.)
120 kg (265 lb.)
Eye Color:
Dark Brown
Hair Color:
Long, tied back with leather bands (like Worf in later seasons of DS9)
Beefy, don't mess with him
Lighter tan skin
Facial Hair:
Mustache that reaches below the chin, middle length beard
Low and raspy
Klingon Empire
Qo'noS, Ketha Province
Familial Relationships
Rakva, Chancellor of the Klingon High Council, Son of Tropok
The Lady Prel, from the House of Uvong
Status of Parents:
Rakva still leads the House of Marok, the Lady Prel oversees it
Brothers F'rel (32), Lox (26); Sister Breal (18)
Marital Status:
Married to the Lady Ha'vem
Thrax (male), Kor'Tana (female)

Personal History

Kotram was born in the Ketha lowlands, in his family's house. There he grew up, learning how to hunt with his father. His greatest hero growing up was his father's cousin, Martok, leader of the High Council. Rakva would often tell him the story of how Martok ascended to the position, not through the dealings and deceptions of others on the High Council, but by his tenacity and cunning as a soldier, commander, and leader during the Dominion War.

At the age 12, Kotram performed the Rite of Ascension, declaring his intention to become a Klinon warrior. From that point his only task was to prepare for the entrance exam to join the Klingon Academy. He did honor to his family, and his father, by scoring the highest on the exam that year.

During Kotram's time at the Academy, he met Grax. The two became rivals, as they competed for everything: high marks in tests, sparring matches, battle simulations, and so on. Their constant competition made them improve until they were the strongest warriors in the Academy, looked up to by all other cadets.

Once they graduated, Kotram and Grax became great friends, going on to serve together on one ship after another. They both served and fought together in the First General war, earning honor and promotions. Wars being as they are, the two of them were transferred to different ships. Grax was sent to the IKV Thal'chi which served on the Cardassian front, while Kotram was sent to the IKV Ful'chan on the Romulan front.

After the conflict ended, Kotram was promoted to Lieutenant and returned home for a time. Grax also returned home, but his home was on B'Moth Five. Even so the two friends stayed in touch.

At the age of 24, Kotram took a mate. He met the Lady Ha'vem at a Rite of Ascension ceremony and was instantly enamored with her. He successfully courted her and married her that same year. Within the next two years, Ha'vem gave birth to his son, Thrax.

After this, Kotram left to serve another tour of duty, which was fairly uneventful in the larger scheme of things. Helped to quel a few uprisings, deal with some dissident movements. All in all, a good career for a Klingon when there was no war.

When Kotram was 27 he returned home. There he made another child with his mate, a daughter, and named her Kor'Tana. A year later, Chancellor Martok's wife, the Lady Sirella died of natural causes. The whole house mourned her passing, after which Martok announced he was leaving on a personal quest. He placed Rakva in charge of the house, and, with the approval of the High Council, Regency over the affairs of the Klingon Empire. Martok's son Drex, in outrage over his being overlooked, left the House of Martok. He accumulated some wealth, power, and forces, which were later destroyed on Rakva's order.

Three years later, after no one had heard from Martok, the High Council began to call for new leadership. The Sonchi Ceremony could not be performed, however, so the Council voted that it should be put aside. Rakva asked Emperor Kahless to be the Arbiter in the Rite of Succession. Of the three challengers for leadership, Rakva was the one chosen by Kahless.

During this time, Kotram was again serving the Empire. By now he was Lieutenant. Again, without war, there was not much honor to be had. There was, however, much time for his father to influence his career. As son of the new Chancellor, Kotram got the choice assignments, and brought further honor to his house.

Then the latest Klingon Civil War came and Emperor Kahless disappeared. Kotram naturally took the side of his father and the House of Martok, that of keeping the Empire intact, versus allowing smaller factions to secede. At the end of the war, forces led by Captain Kalok attacked Qo'nos and, with the aide of Rakva, seized the first city. The war ended with Kalok seizing control and declaring himself Emperor, Rakva still the Chancellor.

Kotram was not happy with the turn of events, but his father was still leader of the House of Martok, and as such was to be obeyed. Though he disliked the new Emperor, Kotram pledged loyalty.

After these events, Kotram was promoted to Commander and given his own command, the IKV Chogh. He and Grax were reunited as they both had commands in the same fleet, tasked with quelling those that remained enemy to the Empire and the new Emporer. Privately both disliked the direction events have turned. They can see the weakening of the Empire, but as loyal Klingons, cannot speak out against Kalok.

Finally, Kotram's skills as a leader were recognized and he was given command of his own squadron. Following several successful battles, he was given command of a new class of vessel. He spent two years overseeing the construction of the IKV Dreamslayer before her launch on Stardate 20902.01.

Kotram led the ship and crew into battle at the Federation Space Station Sierra-18 alongside the Starfleet and Mirak fleets attempted to liberate it from Romulan control. The Romulans put up a brave struggle, but Kotram's troops managed to board the station and seize control of key areas, with the assistance of Starfleet personel. The day was won and, in the interest of keeping the peace, the space station returned to its rightful owners.

Kotram then led the Dreamslayer into a raid across the Romulan border to destroy a convoy of ships supplying a new Romulan Starbase. They successfully destroyed the convoy and barely managed to escape back to friendly space.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Bat'leth, D'k tagh
Academy Minor(s): Operations (Tactical, Engineering)
Personality: Loyalty is most important to Kotram. Loyalty to his father, his house, and the Empire. He has a strong will, knows how to listen, and is very clever.
Sense of Humor: Sarcastic, with irony.
Likes: Good and live food. Sparring. Combat. His ship.
Dislikes: Cowards and criminals. Those with weak wills. Not being able to trust his family.
Strengths: Leadership, combat tactics, personal combat.
Prejudices: romuluSnganpu', vulqanganpu', Cardassianganpu'
Distinguishing Features: Scar across the chin which is hidden by beard.
Headridges: Pronounced horizontal ridges with a central vertical inverted line.
Pets: Two Targhs (Jos, Had)
Friends: Grax, son of Prong, of the House of Lin'Col

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Best Time: Taking the top position over Grax at the Klingon Academy for graduation. The final determination was a Bat'leth tournament. It was a close match, but Kotram won Champion Standing
Most Crucial Experience: During his first real combat action, Kotram's unit landed on a Romulusngan held world. He faced his first real opponent in one on one combat in the hills outside one of the main cities. The coward tried to use his disruptor but Kotram ripped it from his hands and forced him to fight hand to hand. The p'tagh was skilled, but ultimately fell to Kotram's blade. The death blow was such that he could watch the Romulusngan die a slow painful death. It was at that point that Kotram saw the face of death, and knew that he would not fear it when it came for him.
Role Model: General turned Chanceller, Martok

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Commanding Officer IKV Dreamslayer 20901.07 Designated HoDHom (Commander)
Appointed Commanding Officer
Assigned to IKV Dreamslayer
Executive Officer IKV Dreamslayer 20902.25 Reassigned to Executive Officer

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