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Justitia Pro Omnibus - Justice For All


Welcome to Star Fleet’s Office of the Judge Advocate General. Below you will find helpful information about OJAG and find several sections to answer any questions you might have. There is a Table of Organization explaining the chain of command, a mission statement, and a link to the Articles of Federation, Starfleet General Orders and Regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

The Head of Star Fleet's OJAG is responsible for updating all JAG information on site, as well as answering any JAG-related questions and creating content for the site that is both helpful to the players and informative to the Federation Space JAG Community.

This page will be a work in progress as new information is developed. If there is anything that you cannot find here, or questions that have not been answered, please contact Captain Akaeldrin Dal-Mar.

Table of Contents

JAG Mission Statement
JAG Chain of Command
JAG History
JAG Headquarters
Articles of Federation
JAG Law Archives - Cardassian document of Surrender 2375
JAG Law Archives - Dominion document of Surrender 2375
Federation Uniform Code of Military Justice
JAG Law Archives - Khitomer Accords
JAG Law Archives - Organian Peace Treaty of 2267
JAG Law Archives - Romulan Peace Treaty of 2160
Starfleet General Orders and Regulations
JAG Law Archives - Treaty of Algeron
Federation Manual for Courts-Martial
What is a Courts-Martial?
Starfleet Law School Map