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2162-2170 Rear Admiral Samuel Robinson (First Star Fleet Judge Advocate General)

2170-2174 Admiral Brian Killan

2174-2175 Admiral Joseph Eddings (Killed in the line of duty)

2175-2178 Admiral Carey Zeagler

2178-2186 Admiral Clayton Bowley

2186-2190 Admiral Lakisha Dewald

2190-2198 Vice Admiral Darren Culberson

2198-2206 Admiral Christian Ferrell

2206-2210 Admiral Russell Layne

2210-2218 Admiral Adam Tullis

2218-2226 Vice Admiral Walter Vaden

2226-2234 Fleet Admiral Shawn Amundson (Star Fleet’s first FAdm JAG)

2234-2242 Admiral Charles Hopper

2242-2250 Rear Admiral Jeremy McNeal

2250-2258 Captain Phillip Lakey (First non-Admiral JAG)

2258-2268 Admiral Phillip Barlow

2268-2276 Admiral Areel Shaw (Star Fleet's first female JAG)

2276-2284 Admiral James Earl Legrande

2284-2292 Admiral Howard Black

2292-2300 Vice Admiral Jacquelyn Nakamura

2300-2302 Rear Admiral Nathan Emory (Killed in the line of duty)

2302-2310 Admiral Raymond Paterson

2310-2318 Vice Admiral Candice Mohler

2318-2326 Vice Admiral Joshua Addis

2326-2334 Admiral Victor Whitfield

2334-2342 Admiral Edith Haber

2342-2350 Admiral Benjamin Howse

2350-2365 Admiral Phillipa Louvois

2365-2373 Admiral Emma McCormick

2373-2383 Admiral James Bennett

2383-2391 Vice Admiral Melissa Greene

2391-2398 Admiral Ernest Moreland

2398-2406 Admiral Robert Mansour

2406-2414 Admiral Oscar Tucker

2414-2417 Admiral Kathryn Branis

2417-0000 Commodore Akaeldrin Dal-Mar (First non-human JAG)