Cadet Code of Conduct

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All cadets are expected and required to adhere to the following Code of Conduct during their time at the Academy.

Behavior in violation of one or more points of the code will result in corrective action(s), up to and including dismissal from Federation Space.

Each current and future cadet is required to post a statement to fact that he/she has read, understands, and agrees to adhere to the Cadet Code Of Conduct while assigned to the Academy.

1. Cadets will post in their training holodecks minimum twice a week. Posts will be relevant to the lesson being conducted by said cadet's instructor(s) or in response to a post by a member of the administrative staff. Out Of Context or social posts shall not count towards the twice a week standard.
2. Cadets shall only post in the Academy Auditorium, their assigned holodeck, or the Lounge/Cafeteria/Gardens thread.
3. The unauthorized posting in another cadet’s holodeck is prohibited.
4. Cadets will only post in the Lounge / Cafeteria / Gardens thread if they are up to date on their training. There should not be an instructor post in your holodeck waiting for your reply while you are posting in the lounge.
5. The unauthorized posting of outside links or any activities involving the posting of unsolicited materials anywhere in the Academy threads is strictly prohibited.
6. Cadets will treat each other and members of the Academy faculty and staff with respect and dignity. In turn, the cadet can expect to be treated similarly. Abuse in any form is not tolerated.
7. Only one rated character per person is allowed in the Academy.

Last update Stardate 21412.08 by Captain Taylor.