Star Fleet Special Operations Command

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Welcome to the Star Fleet Special Operations Command (SFSOCOM) page. Below you will find helpful information about the Special Forces and find several sections to answer many questions you might have.

Whereas the Star Fleet Marines were the Hammer of Star Fleet, the members of Special Operations Command are a Scalpel - only attacking choice targets with precision strikes, wreaking havoc and mayhem as they conduct sabotage and infiltration missions. In addition to offensive action, members of Special Operations Command may also be called upon to perform humanitarian operations in areas too dangerous or hostile for normal Star Fleet forces to operate. They can serve in various capacities and profiles throughout the fleet, including in detachments aboard ships, on space stations and starbases, on the fleet's planetary installations, or as independent units.

On Federation Space, the Special Operations department is not a playable option for cadets entering the academy, but is available to be played as an NPC.

The Head of Star Fleet Special Operations Command, also known as the Commander of the Special Forces (SFORCOM), is responsible for updating all Special Operations information, as well as answering content-related questions and creating content that is both helpful to the players and informative to the Special Forces.

This page will be a work in progress as new information is developed. If there is anything that you cannot find here, or you wish to include the Special Forces in the background of your NPC, contact the Commander of the Special Forces.

Table of Contents

Chain of Command
Table of Organization
Vessels and Vehicles
Unit Structure
Procedures and Tactical Disciplines
Visit the Office of the Commander