Copernicus Mission 14: "Futures Past"

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Captain's Log

Capt Jane Fields

Stardate 21407.25

Captain's Log, Stardate 21407.25, Captain Jane Fields recording:

The ship has been sent on a routine survey mission to a previously unexplored region in the Virgo constellation, called Eta Virginis or Zaniah.

To begin with, on starting this mission we have found our crew with some significant changes. Alora Dys stepped down as First Officer to take up a position with Star Fleet Science... along with her, our Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant Sring also departed to Star Fleet Science Division.

Losing key personnel, not to mention close personal friends, has been a blow... But I have a new First officer in Commander Mick Roland who is an excellent replacement having joined us from the USS Chin'toka. We have a temporary replacement as CSO, a Lieutenant Isabella Ekman who is apparently an eminent scientist and an unusually charming Orion-Human hybrid. The Chief of Security continues to be a hard position to fill, and I have found myself in a peculiar situation of having to fill it with an emergency holographic CoS. What is even more peculiar is that the hologram is the Copernicus former CoS and First Officer Commander Avark, and he and the computer activated the ECoSH independently having detected the absence of an assigned CoS. Avark apparently remains within my control and can be deactivated at any time. He is programmed to do no harm to the crew or ship - his engrams being altered by a fusion with the Copernicus computer, and utilising subroutines from another former crew member, a Soong-type positronic android named Commander Prolog. Avark has no mobile emitter and so he is confined aboard currently. At the moment this is working well and there have been no... issues.

After a two-month journey, during which new crew have integrated well, we have arrived at the Zaniah system to find the third planet contains an advanced civilisation. In fact, we were immediately hailed by President Romund Ulvestad and welcomed to the planet. Finding an advanced civilisation is rare and unexpected, but the highly unusual aspect is that Ulvestad is claiming to have expected our arrival and he knew both the name of the ship and, curiously, my name. The initial impression is that their civilisation bears the influence of the Federation - certainly in clothing, and indeed the Zaniahans used a Federation comm channel to hail us. Given no recorded visit to this region previously, this aspect is currently inexplicable.

We will send an away team to Zaniah and I intend to head this myself. It is certainly a mystery that won't be explained at face value. I refuse to believe that some Zaniahan prophets truly predicted the arrival of this ship and myself as Captain... unless they have been experimenting with time travel, of course. Hmm... The welcome seemed genuine and friendly, in any case. It remains to be seen just what place in the pantheon of these people the Federation plays, but I suppose we will find that out when we visit...

I have asked for preliminary reports on the planet and its civilisation before sending the away team.

End log.

Stardate 21408.21

Captain's Log, Stardate 21408.21, Captain Jane Fields recording:

The ship is still in orbit of Zaniah III, and scans of the planet show extensive evidence of Federation power signatures and technology that could only have come about by contact with the Federation. It seems these people have evolved separately though. The Chief Engineer proposed a theory that a predestination paradox might be in effect here, and it may be that the Federation influence is started by our very visit to the planet itself. I must say I find the science of time travel mind-boggling, but, if that is the case, it certainly would explain how the Zaniahans expected this ship and myself as Captain. Against the judgement of several of my senior officers, however, I have decided to visit the planet nonetheless. From initial observation the Zaniahans seem peaceful, and if indeed this civilisation does not become influenced by the Federation, then it will change their, and perhaps even galactic history for the worse. I feel I have no choice but to go along with this and fulfil this 'pre destiny'.

At Commander Roland's request, I have agreed to contact the Zaniahan president once more before we visit the planet, and this may reveal more. Let's hope there is a more mundane explanation for this puzzle than time travel. I am getting worried that this ship has something in its make-up that messes with time and space.

On another note, I have some concerns about Commander Avark. During the senior officer meeting Avark became angry about my decision to visit the planet. Worryingly, he developed problems with his processing of information, referring to me as Captain Godard at one point. Holograms shouldn't make such mistakes. The Chief Engineer is working with Avark to discover the cause of these glitches, but I must say I'm perturbed. I hope I am not made to regret my decision to make him Chief of Security for the mission. Until there is evidence otherwise, he continues to have the position, though I've asked Ensign Vesner to keep me informed of any more glitches.

End log.

Stardate 21503.13

Captain's Log, Stardate 21503.13, Captain Jane Fields recording:

The away team returned from the visit to Zaniah III - just barely. What I had hoped would be a cordial first contact mission quickly degenerated. Not all the Zaniahans were as pleased to see us as their President.

Due to a transporter disruption caused by the solar storm, we arrived in the runabout. I took Security teams with me on the advice of the Acting holographic CoS, Avark. Also on the team were senior personnel including Boislevesque, Briggs, Vesner, and Midshipman Levrock from Medical. We were greeted cordially enough with a banquet in our honour, but also by an armed military presence. It soon became clear that the army, specifically one of their high ranking generals called Bolland, did not believe that we were genuine extra-terrestrial visitors, fulfilling their ancient prophecy. In fact, he accused the President of concocting the situation and stormed out of the banquet! As if this wasn't troubling enough, the team then became aware of some planetary phenomenon, a sudden flash of light, after which the sun's position appeared to have moved in the sky. When we tried to contact the Copernicus there was dead air. Our shuttle confirmed that the ship was no longer in orbit. The President and his scientific adviser seemed unconcerned by the flash. Apparently it was a common everyday occurrence on Zaniah. Our instruments suggested it was of temporal nature and we feared that we had been shifted in time.

Indeed, unbeknown to us on the away team, in orbit, the Copernicus crew was able to witness the planet shift backwards in time. When they communicated with the planet there was a different President and an ongoing war between planetary factions. The society had regressed to an earlier state of technological development similar to that of Earth's 20th century. They could find no trace of the away team's presence or any Federation technology. Commander Roland launched the shuttle Xenon to investigate and seek out the away team.

Back on the planet, I demanded answers of the President about the ancient prophecy of our visit and he allowed us access to one of their sacred artefacts. The artefact turned out to be one of the Coperncius' own shuttles, Xenon, but clearly it was in a state of ware and disrepair suggesting it had been there for around 500 years! Boislevesque was able to access the computer core and confirm that it was a genuine

Copernicus shuttle, and that it had been sent to rescue us. This mind boggling information nonetheless confirmed that some temporal paradox was in place. The very shuttle Commander Roland had sent to rescue us was the thing that had brought us here and led the ancient Zaniahans to prophesy our coming.

It seems that once the shuttle was dispatched to search for the away team, it was intercepted by fighters of one of the unfriendly factions in the ongoing Zaniahan war. They attacked and forced the crew to evacuate, and, though they beamed back safely to the ship, the shuttle crash-landed on the planet. This craft, the Xenon, was indeed the fateful shuttle causing the temporal paradox.

The Copernicus sensors were now able to detect the cause of the planet's time shifting. There was an underground cavern emanating a large power signature and temporal particles, chronitons. These were reacting with other particles emitted in the solar storm from the local star.

Commander Roland ordered a team to investigate including the holographic Commander Avark. Avark apparently acquiesced to this, which astonishes me, because the portable holographic booster he wore should not have been able to sustain his projection outside of the ship, and temporary solutions created on the fly would certainly be unsafe. Well... when the team beamed to the cavern, Avark did not appear at the other end - only his portable booster which clattered to the floor.

The remaining officers at the site found the presence of a temporal machine of sorts, scans suggested that is was very ancient and not likely to have been created by the native Zaniahans. There was strong evidence that it was in fact a Devidian device. It was in a state of disrepair and malfunctioning. The very unusual emissions from the local star, particularly Moreton waves, were acting as some kind of catalyst for the device, which in turn charged the particles in the planet's atmosphere with chronitons causing it to shift the entire planet in time. It did this periodically, likely in tandem with the regular, intense solar activity - hence the flashes experienced. The team were able to repair the machine. This caused another temporal flash, but thankfully one that restored the timeline on the planet so that the Copernicus crew were able to contact us just in the nick of time...

Indeed, after my team discovered that the Zaniahan's ancient artefact was indeed our own shuttle the Xenon, the hostile General Bolland, who had earlier stormed out of our banquet, returned with an armed force. The team and I not only found ourselves stranded on a time-shifted planet with no way of contacting the Copernicus, but now embroiled in a coup d'etat. In response to having weapons pointed at them, my Security officers regrettably drew phasers which provoked the soldiers to fire on the away team. Several Security officers were injured including Lieutenant Vesner, and, sadly, one was killed outright, Petty Officer 3rd Class Abel Hernandez. The CE contacted our grounded runabout for a beam out and we managed to escape back there, with the Zaniahan President accompanying us. Now under full scale attack from the rebels, with a ground tank firing on the runabout, another temporal flash occurred not a moment too soon - and this was the one that the Copernicus crew had brought about through repairing the Devidian machine. Timelines restored, we were able to contact the ship which cleared a way for our departure from Zaniah.

Safely back aboard the Copernicus, with President Ulverstad in tow, we contacted members of his government on the planet who had now cornered the rebel General Bolland and his forces. It seemed to me that the only way to resolve this was for us to convince the rebels that we were genuine - and not some stooges of President Ulvestad pretending to fulfil the prophecy of our visit. To this end, I had Security prepare the cargo bay for the arrival of hostile forces, and we beamed up the rebels including the General. In the surrounds of our ship, we were able to convince them that we were in fact who we claimed to be and not some parlour trick. The Zaniahans, though having clearly developed their technology and society by using the lost shuttle Xenon, had not perfected transporter tech. Beaming them aboard alone managed to convince most of the rebels that we were genuine and this was not some charade. After this, they quickly surrendered and Bolland was taken into custody.

Now, we have been able to return the Zaniahans to their planet and Ulverstad assures me that those responsible for the death of my officer, General Bolland especially, will stand trial for their actions. The coup d'etat caused by our presence has thankfully been resolved at least.... As, indeed, has the mystery of how the Zaniahans predicted our visit, and how their own culture so resembles the Federation. I can't say that I really understand how temporal paradoxes work. I only wish that we had Lieutenant Sring on the crew still. The Copernicus attracts temporal anomalies it seems. I will request a temporal mechanics expert be assigned to the crew when we return to Star Base Alpha.

It appears that the Devidian machine causing the planet to shift is now inactive. There was probably a fail-safe mechanism that kicked in when the away team repaired the device and which caused the machine to self-destruct. It now seems beyond use and the Zaniahans will not be getting any more 'flashes.'

As for Commander Avark, he has disappeared into thin air, and what's more the computer no longer holds his program. I suspect that Avark was unhappy in his holographic form, and I wonder if agreeing to that transport off the ship was not a deliberate attempt to end his existence. It seems we no longer have traces of the Avark engrams in the computer either. Was the computer trying to purge itself of those engrams - did it detect errors? Avark seemed to have some worrying... malfunctions... referring to me as Captain Goddard on several occasions. Perhaps the engrams were degrading... a form of digital dementia? Pah! One can only wonder. I hope that the Klingon warrior has finally found peace. The ship is now on course for home, and the long journey back to Star Base Alpha begins. I have a sad and unfortunate message to write to relatives of our lost crew mate...

End log

Crew Logs

First Officer

Cdr Mick Roland

Stardate 21503.13

First Officer’s Log Stardate 21503.13 First Officer Mick Roland recording:

The Copernicus was dispatched on an exploratory to the triple star system Eta Virginis, commonly known as Zaniah, in the constellation Virgo.

The two months travel from Star Base Alpha to our destination gave me plenty of time to get decidedly familiar with the ship and crew. Of the 7 planets orbiting Zaniah, a type-G star, only the third planet had the potential for life. The exploration was routine until we received a subspace hail on a Federation frequency, originating from the third planet.

A well civilization was revealed on the planet, though it was curious how a sub-warp civilization was able to send a subspace signal – a Federation signal at that. Shortly thereafter, we were hailed by President Romund Ulvestad, the elected leader of Zaniah 3, who not only knew of captain Fields and the Copernicus, but was expecting us for some time he said. He referenced a prophecy as his source of knowledge, and insisted on seeing the captain in person before divulging anything else. There was trepidation in allowing the captain to go down to the planet under such vague circumstances, but in the end the captain insisted.

While the captain was down on the surface, there was a blinding flash across the system. Immediately following the flash, the away team lifesigns disappeared from scans. A second team was dispatched on the shuttle Xenon to try and locate the first team and Captain Fields.

The Xenon came under attack by fighters from Zaniah, and they managed to cripple the shuttle. All crew members aboard the Xenon were able to transport back to the Copernicus with nothing more than a fright. The Xenon wasn’t so lucky and crashed unmanned onto the planet surface.


CE LCdr Harrison Boislevesque

Stardate 21407.16

Chief Engineers report. Lieutenant Commander Harrison Boislevesque reporting. Stardate: 21407.16

I arrived back on the Copernicus with the family and after dropping them off in the quarters, I went to engineering to make sure that things were ready for when Captain Fields gave the order to detach from StarBase Alpha and head out of our mission.

As I expected Lieutenant Perim had beaten me to it and had reported for duty, she had signed off on the work which had been done by the base engineering teams and had seen to the removal of them teams from the ship.

There has also been some changes in the ships personal, mainly Commander Dys had gone to work on something to do with StarFleet Science, which means that the ship had been assigned a new first officer Commander Roland, from what I read from his service record he comes highly recommended from command and Captain Gagarin.

It also looks like the Captain has been unable to find a replacement for our transferred Security Chief, so until further notice under the approval of Captain Fields, that role will be held by the experimental holographic Chief Security.

This holographic Security Chief system is kinda like the emergency medical holographic system which has been in place for numerous years, so it was nothing new, but I am going to be keeping an eye on this system just incase something goes wrong, so that we can refine any issues. End log

Stardate 21410.20

Chief Engineers personal report. Lieutenant Commander Harrison Boislevesque reporting. Stardate: 21410.20

It's been a months since the new Boislevesque family member arrived onboard ship and let's just say that I there has been times which I love going to work, as I actually get a rest.

Tallulah had been a really good girl and helping out when she is asked too, looks like we manager to raise her right, as for Lafayette he has been slightly more of a handful, not saying that it is all the time.

But we are thinking that he is starting to feel slightly left out and this was his way of dealing with it, which means that I'm going to be having to spend some quality time with him.

After arriving at our destination in The Zaniah system we discovered a planet that was sending it signals that were matching that of the Federation.

The learned what the planet was called and that they had been expecting us for years even centuries, they said that they had read about our arrival in some old scrolls, I had a feeling that this might be one of them pre-distinction paradox thingy, which I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not.

Captain Fields has decided to accept the offer which came from the President of the planet and was taking an away team with her which I am going to be a part of.

This is mainly because I am curious about how they come to have Federation technology as there has never been a record of their existence. End Log

Log addendum

Once on the surface we meet with the President and his protectorate, it seemed that the military General wasn't believing what is going on and decided that he wasn't going to involved in the shenanigans.

While we were having additional conversations a massive flash of light illuminated everything and even made me blind for a few moments, but afterwards we found out that we couldn't communicate with the Copernicus.

We are now going to investigate what has happened and I will make a report when we find something out.

End Log

Stardate 21501.19

Chief Engineering Officers Log. Lieutenant Commander Harrison Boislevesque. Stardate 21501.19

I know again that I will moaned at by my commanding officers being that I haven't made a log entry in a long time, but I've been extremely busy and this has slipped my mind.

Following on from my last entry, it seemed that the President was more accommodating, but only to a point in finding out what was going on and to answer our questions.

He lead us down into the lower levels of the building to where there was a cavern where he explained that they were an artefact that might help.

Well to the surprise of myself and I believe the rest of the away team, the artefact which we had heard so much about, turned out to one of the USS Copernicus shuttle craft, the USS Xenon and it had been situated on the planet for around five hundred years.

Not exactly sure how it got there or how the people of that time or those that came after managed to gain access to the shuttle and the technology that was inside it, but some when they managed to attach the shuttle to native computers systems and learn loads of stuff, which

I'm assuming was the information on the ancient scrolls.

This is how they managed to advance the technological side of there culture to a level that when we original arrived we got a Federation signature as they based it on us, the Federation.

Unfortunately the President wouldn't grant us access to the inside of the shuttle, but I was able to initiate an uplink with the tricorder which I had with me and learn all the information that I could, the only thing which I am going to say which is polite and nice, is that the power that was being transferred through the cables connecting the shuttle to the Zaniahan computers had keep the shuttles power supply up, so that it lasted an extremely longer time than originally designed, which meant we could get the info we needed.

There was another mystery which at this moment we couldn't resolve and that is another cave which was directly below that of the Xenons one and it housed a massive piece of technology which I would have loved to see, the main reason was that it seemed that the people around us didn't understand why it was there or what it did. However the President wouldn't allow us entry to see if as it went against there ancient scrolls.

It also seemed that whatever the piece of tech was doing it was doing it by creating anti-chronitons which were reacting with the fluctuations in the planets atmosphere to create chronitons which in my opinion is a time traveling device of some kind and it was that, that made the Copernicus or even us for that matter travel in time.

There was also another serious issue that we were facing, it seems that our arrival has escalated an already tight political situation, as for the moment it seemed that the some of the military has decided to stage a coup d'état, which has mean that we are now in danger of becoming pawns in this power struggle. We have managed to get back aboard the runabout and are working out what to do next.

End log.

Stardate 21502.28

Chief Engineering Officers Log. Lieutenant Commander Harrison Boislevesque. Stardate 21502.28

The President made communication with the General which was leading this coup and after what was considered to be a heated conversation, the runabout sensors picked up what was a military tank which had targeted the craft.

We launched from the platform and even thought I managed to keep the shields up and additional power pumped into it, they had managed to drop the aft shields down to seventy five percent.

I wasn't sure where exactly we were going to take the runabout on the planet, but he was sure that anywhere initially would be better than where they had come from.

Before I realised at was going on the crafts communication system sounded and Commander Roland's voice came out from the speakers asking about their situation, covering fire from the Cop was asked for in order to facilitate our leaving the planet without getting fired at even more.

Ensign Crab and Lieutenant Perim again have been instrumental in looking after the ship while I've been away and apart from a few minor issues the ship is in the same condition as when I left it.

On a personal note. I'm glad that we made it back to our time frame and especially the ship, I'm not exactly sure how I would of managed if we were stuck in the past as it meant that I wouldn't be with my wonderful wife and brilliant kids and that would have complete killed me.

Fingers crossed that we are going to be heading back to StarBase Alpha and Earth mainly because I'm in need of seeing some natural environment and loads of sun.

End log.

Stardate 21503.23

Chief Engineering Officers log. Lieutenant Commander Harrison Boislevesque. Stardate 21503.23.

It seemed that the mission is over and that we are heading back to the Sol System and StarBase Alpha.

There is no damage to the ship from the mission which was an extremely nice surprise, there always seems to be something in which the dock masters and base engineers have to fix,mouth this time there is nothing that they need, not to say that they won't find anything knowing then engineers they will make something up.

I can't say if there will be updates to the already existing technology, as fleet are always upgrading things or adding additional bit to them and of course as I not sure about our next mission I can't say if there is going to be anything new added either, that will have to wait for when we get back from shore leave to find out.

On the personal side, I'm glad to be back aboard the Copernicus and being with the family, I think that I would not have survived at all if I had been stuck in the past without them, especially as Robin is so new to this galaxy and I wouldn't have seen her grow up and enjoy her life.

I'm still not exactly sure where we will be going after the command is given for shore leave, so I will make sure that there is a talk started so that we have something planned and ready for when it does, even thought I love this ship and myself and my engineers have spilt enough blood getting her ship shape I need to get away from the closed environment and into somewhere open, clear and bright.

End log.

Stardate 21505.25

Chief Engineering Officers Personal Log. Lieutenant Commander Harrison Boislevesque. Stardate: 21505.25

After we arrived at StarBase Alpha and was given permission to leave the ship, I took the family on a amity holiday to a hotel in Cape Kiawanda State Natural Area near the small town of Cloverdale on the west coast of the United States continent.

The hotel was wonderful and I would recommend it to anyone who is wanting a relaxing holiday away from the stress of work and especially if they have family as they have wonderful entertainment to keep the children occupied.

Both myself and Jemima arrived back from the holiday feeling relaxed and regenerated and I was ready for whatever the next mission command is going to send the Copernicus on.

The kids enjoyed themselves too, they spent a lot of the holiday watching the actors doing historical plays and just having fun in general.

Now that the holiday is over and we have arrived back aboard the ship, we got to try and settle back into a schedule, which to me might be easy however the kids as aspected did kick up a fuss about having to return.

Robin is growing very fast, she is now seven months old and it seems that we are having to replicate new baby grows and other clothes, but I wouldn't change her for anything. The thing that does slightly scare me is that before I know it she will be going to kindergarten.

End Log


CMO LCdr Daniel Brooks

Stardate 21501.19

Chief Medical Officers Log. Lieutenant Commander Daniel Brooks reporting Stardate 21501.19

It has been an eventful few hours.

Having been called to the shuttle bay I witnessed one of our Engineering Officers running from Security who promptly stunned him.

Once back here Nesmith was also brought in, both officers were experiencing things out of character for them. Palmetto seemed to think that these officers had been corrupted to which he was kind of right even through some tact would have been helpful from the officer.

Having done a deep scan on both officers I have come across a parasite which had been effecting the officers. I managed to get rid of the parasite and all officers who have been exposed to this parasite will recover with no ill effects from it.

The officers all had been in the shuttle bay so with that conclusion that must have been how the parasite got on board the ship.

With this Palmetto has left to investigate the shuttle bay and will report his findings.

I will be very interested in what he finds.

End Log

Stardate 21503.30

Stardate 21503.30, Chief Medical Officer Daniel Brooks recording,

There has been a mini battle in Sickbay with a parasite which seemed to take over the officers behaviors.

After an investigation carried out by myself and Security we managed to figure out how it got aboard and it wasn't long before I was able to tackle the parasite to subdue it.

I just hope that it will be enough to hold that parasite at bay. We are still checking other officers to make sure they haven't been accidentally exposed to it.

I also like to acknowledge the work that Doctor Levrock has done some excellent surgery and gone the extra mile. It is a shame to see a request from Star Fleet to re-assign him but I am sure where ever he ends up he will do them proud like he has done my team.

After a rather busy mission I believe we are all looking forward to a bit of down time.

End Log.

Ens Michael Lerock

Stardate 21407.03

Medical Officer's Log Stardate 21407.03 Ensign Michael Levrock, MD

Well my first assignment has been an interesting one to start with. I met with my Department Head a Dr. Brooks. Seems like a very like-able person along with a few other officers on the ship. We had quite the night in Ten Forward. I also had the honor of meeting the First Officer. I did his check in physical as required by Starfleet He seems nice. A man with a lot of experience that I am hoping to learn from. There is a memory issue that he mentioned and I am going to take a look into further. I seem to be checking in and getting along nicely. I may have to go to Engineering to have some help with my personal tricorder. It seems to not want to link with Starfleet's Computers but im sure its nothing and it is something they can handle.

End Recording

Stardate 21408.13

Medical Officer's Log Stardate 21408.13

Dr. Michael Levrock reporting.

A lot of routine things going on. Sickbay has been fairly quiet for the most part. With the help of a Lt. JG Kell Perim I got my tricorder to work with the computer database. She is nice I may ask her for a drink some time. Well then I met our CoS who is a Hologram. It was an interesting meeting. He demanded that I sign off and override the computer. Which that in itself caused me to think there may be an issue with the system?

I was pleased to see Perim again when she was the one that Engineering sent to assist me. At the same time I had to partake in a Department Head meeting to give Dr. Brooks some information. That in itself was a bit intimidating being only a middy. But I did make it through alive.

I don’t know what command is going to do with regards to our first contact…well first for us but not so first for the people we have been in contact with. This should prove to be fun…I hope.

End Log


CTO Lt Mathew Briggs

Stardate 21409.07

Chief Tactical Officer Log, Stardate 21409.07

Lieutenant Mathew Briggs reporting.

The captain has determined to send an away team to the planet found to be inhabited. Those on the planet seem to have knowledge about the Copernicus and Captain Fields, despite no one on board knowing anything about them. The chief of security, a hologram from the former Commander Avark, suggested the Copernicus invite those on the planet to the Copernicus. Unfortunately, the captain didn't agree and not only recommended an away team, but the captain will also be traveling with the away team.

Lieutenant Nesmith has equipped each member of the away team with a specialty type of communicators and will remain at the tactical station on the bridge along with Lieutenant Bradford, who will be at helm.

End log.

Stardate 21503.15

[Chief Tactical Officer’s Log Stardate 21503.15 Mathew Briggs recording.

The past mission sent us to the Zaniah system. Upon entering this system, we identified familiar Federation signals from the system, most notably the planet. Upon further investigation, the President of the planet offered a meeting with us, stating they had been expecting us. I was hopeful we could instead, have the President and a few of the planet’s inhabitants on board the Copernicus. This was more for security issues than anything. We hadn’t any knowledge of why they were expecting us, nor did the President give any further details.

I was among the crew of the away team, escorting the captain in this mission of diplomacy. Diplomacy? Really? The diplomacy failed as the planet seemed to be on the verge of a civil war. Upon arrival, we were welcomed to the sight of weapons. Their President managed to keep things somewhat calm, however the tension continued. The captain and crew were brought to a larger room where conversations continued, until the flash of a bright light. This light brought with it an entirely new set of issues, namely being in a different timeline. Their President tried to help with explanations, by escorting us to an area with an artifact, however, that artifact was a shuttle from our own Copernicus.

The planet was not about to let the away team near the shuttle. Despite it being Star Fleet property and not knowing much about it. They refused access to this as well as another part of their planet that seemed to be home to more unknown technology. I was relieved to hear our captain determine our time was through, although we didn’t leave without another confrontation. Members of our own crew were fired upon as we tried leaving without a scene. Negotiations while we were on board our own shuttle finally succeeded long enough for us to get into the air and head towards the Copernicus.

Upon arrival, I made my way back to the bridge while the captain eventually wrapped up things with the President and his people.

End recording.]

Stardate 21503.15

[Mathew Briggs Personal Log entry. Stardate 21503.15 Mathew Briggs recording.

Whatever happened on the ship while I was away, I have no idea! I come back to find one of my officers recovering in sickbay and a **** load of paperwork following! Did I really sign up to Star Fleet to do paperwork? I think that’s all I ever do! I believe things could have ended up much differently, had the captain went with the idea of playing host to the Zaniah President. But how do I tell the captain this? She could have my balls sent back to the academy… or the brig. I need to sort out what happened to my officers while away and decide if I talk to the captain.

I am curious if we'll ever return to this system… I guess time will only tell… I guess it has already.

End recording.]

Lt Alex Nesmith

Stardate 21503.23

Tactical Officers log. Lieutenant Alex Nesmith Stardate 21503.23.

With the end of another mission, its the start of another log. Unfortunately towards the start of the mission I contracted a parasite that cause me to do things I would never had done under normal circumstances.

I don't remember much of what happened but I do remember trying to attack doctor Brooks in the Brig. I wonder if it will cause and issues between the good doctor and myself. I have gone through some of the mission reports to understand more of what happened to myself and to the ship and the crew.

The ship was kept undamaged, the crew are all accounted for and in the end the mission was successful. I do still wonder what will happen on Zaniah after this whole shabang, how the people will continue essentially having there entire belief system help up upon a time flux issue. I'm not a proper scientist and I won't pretend to be.

Once we get back to the sol system I'm going to take some leave and visit home. Perhaps I will get a dog, I feel I need some company on board the ship. Considering I am sure the most recent issues may have caused some issues with other crew member, so I will give it some time. It will be good to get home...

End log


Ens Marcus Vesner

Stardate 21503.23

Security Officers log. Ensign Marcus Vesner Stardate 21503.23.

My first Log entry.The mission is completed and we are headed back to SOL.

Security preparations for the away mission were delegated to myself by Cdr Avark, he seemed pleased with my decisions and approved my security plans with few alterations. The mission was very tense right from a weapons drawn landing straight through to the end. Just after our first altercation I was involved in a heated and threatening conversation between myself and the head of the Zaniah security detail, he expressed his wishes to escalate our encounter to a bloody and violent one. From that point on I put all security on high alert, there were a few other tense moments, but nothing that escalated.

That is until the fire fight witch took place in the elevator while we attempted to return to the shuttle. A military coo had been initiated and we were caught in the middle. During the fire fight one security officer was killed and another was injured. I fired on the general in charge of the coo in an attempt to remove the head of the snake if you will, but my shot missed and we were beamed to the shuttle.

As I was injured I had no real involvement in the rest of the mission and upon return to the ship I went to sickbay and repaired the injury to my shoulder. Sickbay was very busy so I repaired the burns and shoulder muscle damage myself before returning to duty.

End Log.

Stardate 21503.23

Security Officers Personal log. Ensign Marcus Vesner Stardate 21503.23.

The mission is over and we are headed home. The mission and my actions during it have left me with so many lingering questions, questions I am not sure I will ever be able to answer. Maybe I was wrong in joining star fleet especially as a security officer? I am not sure I will ever be able to control my anger and emotions enough to be the officer I want to be, need to be. I have let my shipmates down and at least one of them is dead because of my actions. Even with the bottle I have been hiding in I am not sure I will be able to reconcile with my actions and the death that they have caused.

End entry.