Copernicus Mission 12: "Planet of Galactic Peace"

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Captain's Log

Capt Jaden Hawk

Stardate 21308.29

Captain's Log Stardate 21308.29

Captain Jaden Hawk, Commanding Officer

The newness of my fourth pip hasn’t quite worn off. However, my first mission with the rank of Captain has come sooner than expected as our shore leave has been cut short. Earlier this morning I was summoned to Admiral Wueste’s quarters and was informed that Copernicus was to be part of a clandestine mission to Nimbus III in which the Admiral himself would be coming along. It certainly is unusual to have a flag officer of his rank and position coming along as a mission specialist and even more unusual that the Admiral wishes to board the Copernicus discreetly and it not be known that he is aboard for this particular mission.

There certainly are a lot of questions with very few answers at the moment, however, once we get underway; I expect to get a full briefing of the situation and our full mission details. Until then, we will be preparing the ship for launch in five hours.

End Log.

Stardate 21308.29

Captain's Log Stardate 21308.29 Captain Jaden Hawk, Commanding Officer

We are en route to Nimbus III, however since the nature of this mission is top secret, everyone else besides my crew believes we are on a scientific survey mission in that particular sector. The true nature of the mission has become clear.

Admiral Wueste is aboard to track down a terrorist cell led by the former Star Fleet Officer, Thomas Shaw, AKA Paul Vice. This terrorist cell is currently working on a bioweapon that if completed and used could destabilize the end Federation.

We must stop them at all costs.

End Log.


Captain's Log Stardate 21308.29 Captain Jaden Hawk, Commanding Officer

The Copernicus is currently concealed in a Nebula not far from Nimbus III. We have masked our approach and are using the Nebula as a screen as to hopefully not draw attention to the terrorists that we believe is on Nimbus III.

Over the strong objections of my First Officer, I have decided to travel to Nimbus III with Admiral Wueste. The two of us will be disguised as civilian weapons traders. Our goal is to find the lab where the terrorists are constructing the bio weapon. The location weapon is most likely where the fugitive Paul Vice will be. Our mission, find the weapon and neutralize it or capture it as well as Paul Vice.

Commander Fields will remain aboard in command of the Copernicus in my absence. She and the crew will provide logistical support to the Admiral and I on the ground and hopefully can use Copernicus’ advanced sensors to help us locate the weapon.

Having served directly under the Admiral’s command aboard the Dauntless and Pulsar, I feel that I am the best and most suited person to accompany him on this away mission. Commander Fields has stated her objections to the Admiral’s plan and us going down to the planet without adequate security pursuant to Star Fleet regulations, however, since this mission is top secret and clandestine in nature, I think the regulation book has been tossed out the window.

End log.

Stardate 21308.29

Captain's Log Stardate 21308.29 Captain Jaden Hawk, Commanding Officer

Copernicus is heading home. Our goal of capturing the bioweapon and dispersing the terrorists were successful, however, Paul Vice got away.

While the Admiral and I were on the planet, Copernicus was attacked by terrorist forces, though she sustained moderate damage, she managed to defeat the terrorists. Commander Fields and the rest of the Copernicus crew performed exemplary.

The bio weapon is now safely aboard Copernicus and cannot be used against the Federation. Though the Admiral is calling our mission a success, I have my doubts as to knowing everything about exactly what happened as we split up on the planet once we found the terrorist laboratory. However, I did manage to find the Admiral just as he and Vice were fighting. In the struggle, Vice managed to get away.

I feel the Admiral is holding something back, but these are just unfounded suspicions on my part. Though I believe my First Officer feels the same way. Regardless, we are heading home.

In addition, I can tell that my First Officer is still not pleased about my role in the mission. It will take time to mend the fences with her.

End log.

Crew Logs

First Officer

Cdr Jane Fields

Stardate 21301.27

Personal Log Stardate 21301.27, First Officer, Commander Jane Fields Recording:

We are en route to Nimbus III and have aboard a VIP for the mission, the First Fleet Commander, Admiral Wueste. Our mission is one of seemingly great importance, to prevent a serious threat to the Federation and its members. From their base in the Nimbus System, a Terran isolationist group has apparently developed a bioweapon that can kill all non-humans. Where this intel derives its source is information that the crew has not been made privy to, but the threat, if accurate, is clearly a very grave one.

We are tasked with obtaining this weapon, containing it safely aboard the ship, and starting an analysis of the agent in an attempt to reverse engineer an antidote or preferably vaccine.... on the face of it, a straightforward if not hazardous mission.

Yet... I'm unclear, and certainly uneasy, about a number of aspects of this. We do not know just how the assault on the terrorist base on Nimbus III will be conducted, if, in fact, there is to be an assault at all. The Admiral plans for us to enter the system overtly, somewhat contrary to our Captain's initial ideas. Perhaps it is his intention to 'smoke out' the group?

I am concerned about this in particular. It seems like a gamble. Surely the group will not want this weapon to fall into the hands of Star Fleet, knowing what our goals would be? If we arrive in the system would they not try to destroy all evidence of the weapon? Clearly, there must be copies of the formula secured elsewhere, other than Nimbus III.

What does the Admiral know that we don't? It was absolutely clear in the briefing that much of the background to this operation is being withheld from the senior crew. I had hoped that is for the best of reasons, but I am now starting to doubt it. What kind of a gamble is Wueste taking? And is he taking a gamble with his life and the crew of this ship?

Star Fleet apparently has no local intel, but the Admiral has been silent on just where the intel about the group and the weapon comes from.

Did they capture a member of the group? Have they been tipped off? We may be in danger of being led into a trap here.

The more I think about it, the more apprehensive I feel. If it wasn't for Wueste's presence on the mission, I might start thinking that the Copernicus was expendable to Star Fleet. As it is, I feel there must be some personal backdrop to this.

If I get a chance I may share my concerns with Captain. I'm not sure if he has been made aware of more than the rest of the crew, though the initial difference in opinion on strategy between Hawk and Wueste might suggest not.

As it is, our Science and Medical teams will continue to prepare for the bioweapon. I am confident at least about their preparations. Alora Dys has been promoted to Lieutenant Commander. Her Science department is exceptional.

Personally, I'm delighted to see Alora progress through the ranks. She is family to me. I confess I'm worried about her and all the other non-human crew if this bioweapon was to be released. Part of me wants to believe the weapon is not what it purports to be or at least not as effective. Who knows what stage of development it is at. We may find out soon enough.

End log.

Stardate 21308.26

First Officer's Log, Stardate 21308.26, Commander Jane Fields Recording:

On arrival in the Nimbus System, the mission took several strange and dramatic turns. Admiral Wueste at first insisted that he go alone to infiltrate the terrorist base on Nimbus III. When I and other crew objected, he conceded only to take one other officer, and to my dismay the

Captain volunteered. It was of course very irregular and also very ill-advised in my opinion, and I made it clear I wished my objection to be placed on record.

The duo disguised themselves as traders to infiltrate the planet. I was left in command of the Copernicus, Alora Dys was in charge of the modular science lab, or pod, which had been made safe to contain the terrorist bioweapon on retrieval.

Almost immediately that the Admiral and Hawk's shuttle landed on the planet we received an automated distress call from a civilian freighter named "Deliverance" - adrift just outside the system. The vessel did not respond to hails and we were bound to leave our safe concealment in the Azure Nebula to investigate and offer aid.

There were no signs of damage on the ship when we arrived and radiation emissions from its deflector prevented our sensors from revealing much about the crew or what had happened inside. An away team was dispatched led by the Second Officer and CMO, Doctor Brooks.

Accompanying him was the CEO Lieutenant Commander Boislevesque, Lt Sring from Science, Tactical Ensign Jean-Luc, Midshipman Peth and Chief Petty Officer Darok as Security detail. They found almost the entire crew of six dead, one Zakdorn was close to death and died before help cold be given. An examination of the ship logs and the cargo bay of the freighter revealed that a container or barrel, seemingly containing the terrorist bioweapon we had been seeking, had been transported onto the ship and soon after detonated with a timed explosion. The release of the toxin had killed the crew quite quickly, though it had been indiscriminate - killing humans and other species.

Unfortunately three of the away team - all human - were exposed to the residue of the weapon. It is viral in nature, seems airborne, and producing symptoms not unlike a Terran Ebola infection but much more accelerated. The away team was beamed back to quarantine.

Boisleveque and Jean-Luc were treated in sickbay while Mid Peth was treated in the science pod. Our team determined that the virus was artificial, had elements of a retrovirus but was a rather unique one being driven by nanite technology. Despite being extremely virulent, the

Science team was able to find a treatment using DRACO anti-virals and nanites to counter-attack the viral nanites. The virus is so adaptive, though, that future treatment of the same nature may be less effective. Other members of the away team were unaffected by the virus and we are not sure if that is because the virus did not enter their system (all the affected crew were in the cargo bay of the freighter when the residue of the virus was in the air), or if they have some immunity.

While treatment of our officers was under way, four civilian cruisers, modified to carry weapons, emerged from hiding in the nebula and destroyed the remains of the freighter. They ignore hails, and then fired upon the Copernicus. We returned fire to disable the ships and tried repeated hails. However, they remained hostile. Scans of warp trails in local space suggested one of our attackers was the likely culprit to have beamed the bioweapon aboard the freighter Deliverance.

Faced with what was evidently four terrorist ships, we defended ourselves and hit back hard. The attackers broke through the Copernicus shields at one point, causing a small hull breach. They then attempted to launch a cloaked pod containing the bioweapon at the hull breach.

We will able to spot this and destroy it in time.

The Admiral and Captain returned to our rendezvous point in the nebula as the Copernicus was in the closing stages of our battle with the terrorist vessels. Wueste gave the order to destroy all the hostile ships. This I carried out. It may have been irregular for Star Fleet to not take prisoners, but we were dealing with an extremely dangerous threat in the bioweapon, and I believe this is the same terrorist group responsible for stealing the USS Chin'toka out of space dock. The cold-blooded way they had killed the crew of that freighter (a test trial of their weapon perhaps?), and the savage attack on the Copernicus, I'm afraid left me feeling no sympathy towards them.

I am very glad to say that the Admiral and Captain have arrived back unscathed from their mission. And their operation was - perhaps surprisingly given their two-man team, successful. The Admiral has revealed to me some of the details and background to this mission, which are classified. It confirmed some of my suspicions about the personal nature of this mission for Wueste. I must say I really have my doubts about how easy it was for him to retrieve the bioweapon. I am concerned that maybe the whole thing was a setup and that the terrorists wanted us to retrieve that weapon. But I've no concrete evidence for it. There is a lot more to this than meets the eye I'm sure.

Now the Copernicus is limping home after field repairs. We'll need some substantial time in space dock and I'll be very glad to be back near to home... and certainly out of that command chair. A sedentary life is not for me I think.

End log.


CE LCdr Harrison Boislevesque

Stardate 21212.17

Chief Engineer's report, Stardate: 21212.17,

This is my first official report as a Chief Engineer of this ship, the engineering teams seem able and persistent in their abilities to perform their jobs, in the short time I have been here I have found them to be able to adapt to the change of Department Chief.

It seemed that the StarBase engineering personnel have done a good job, things on the Copernicus are working well, the only issue was with the science station on the bridge, which thankfully has been corrected by Ensign Crab.

On a personal note, the family has managed to initially settle in, it is always hard to settle into a new place, even though the ship is the same class as our last assignment, it is still full of unknown people, so I hope they can settle in quickly and easterly.

End log.

Stardate 21301.16

Chief Engineers report. Lieutenant Commander Harrison Boislevesque reporting. Stardate: 21301.16

We had the briefing about the mission and to my surprise it was headed by an Admiral, this is probably the only time/mission in which I will be in contact with an Admiral.

Admiral Wueste said that the Copernicus was heading towards Nimbus III, the planet of galactic peace in order to stop and capture some terrorists, (they are believed to be part of the Terrain Isolationist Movement, which have been active throughout the Federation), it has been reported that these individuals are researching a bio-weapon that they say they will use to eliminate all non-humanoid people from a selected target, these are also the individuals which stole the USS Chin'toka.

The only thing which I personally don't understand is that there is no undercover agents from StarFleet intelligence on the ground, according to the Admiral, we are the first to be involved in this section of the bigger picture, the thing is with us being the first, we are heading into the complete unknown, they either aren't telling or they don't know what the chemicals behind the bio-weapon is or even how it is going to be delivered, but the main consensus is that it will be in gases state in an atmospheric environment, this is the easiest and the quickest way of hitting a target.

With every department working on their own section for the mission, engineering has been asked to work on two bits, firstly we need to work on getting us discreetly into the system and into the Nebula, so that we can get onto the planet without this individuals/terrorist from getting wind of our presence and bolting from the planet to a new location.

Fingers crossed that we managed to get to the planet and find this bio-weapon and put a stop to it.

End log.

Stardate 21302.17

Chief Engineering Officer's report. Stardate 21302.17

Lieutenant Commander Harrison Boislevesque reporting.

We are still on route to Nimbus three and engineering has been working hard keeping this ship moving, there has been little happening since my last report, but we are still working on trying to get into the system without being detected, I have a couple of theories and fingers crossed that they do work and that we can continue with this mission.

End log.

Stardate 21304.01

Chief Engineers report. Lieutenant Commander Harrison Boislevesque reporting. Stardate: 21304.01

I seem to sometimes make a habit of doing this forgetting to record either a personal or an official log, so here goes for this one.

We managed to get the Copernicus into the Nimbus system and into the nebula without being detected we managed to modify the warp signature of the ship as well as cancel out the transponder code, however we change the code as well, so that if we needed to reactivity it, it would send out another code and that should stop anyone getting real suspicious, we also used the extremely good ships sensors to detect anything which might get people attention and bring them in our direction.

Once we hid ourselves inside the nebula, there was another senior officer meeting to discuss the matter of getting onto the planet and finding the main reason for us coming here, during the briefing the Admiral came out with something which could only be described as a lunatic idea, however, it was only backed up and cleared by Captain Hawk.

Both Captain Hawk and Admiral Wueste will be the only people to leave the ship and head down to Nimbus Three to find this weapon and either capture or destroy it, it seemed to me that every senior officer disapproves of this 'away mission' as in normal circumstances neither of them would be allowed to beam into a hostile area without armed escort, I did throw this protocol into the discussion, being the fact that I felt that it was necessary, but it seems to me that even with a threat of court martial nothing will stop them from going and it looks like I or non of the engineering people will be joining them.

I am here by officially stating that I am objecting to the away team to Nimbus Three by both Admiral Wueste and Captain Hawk, as I feel that they will be needing more specialised people to deal with weapon, however, I will follow my order, but under protest.

We have just finished modifying our runabout class vessel, so that it will come off looking like a merchant vessel that was purchased on the black market, they will be doing the same thing as the Cop did, we modified the warp signature and cancelled out the transponder code so they they could move into position properly.

I am hoping hard that both senior officers come back alive, as there will be a lot of questions asked if anything goes wrong.

End log.

Stardate 21304.15

Chief Engineers report. Lieutenant Commander Harrison Boislevesque reporting. Stardate: 21304.15

Following the exit of the runabout, I got the engineers that helped me back to their duties and requested that Lt Perim return to main engineering to assist where needed.

I myself went directly to the bridge, mainly so that I could be around when information started coming in about the away team, I have high hopes that they wouldn't need intervention, but I have a gut feeling that they will need our help to get back onboard.

I hadn't been back on the bridge longer than about five minutes when the ship received a distress call from a freighter requesting assistance, I didn't want to answer the distress call from the freighter as it would distract us from keeping both eyes on the runabout, the Admiral and the

Captain, but it was built into every person that enters Starfleet that you answer distress calls whenever it is safe to do so.

I started scanning the freighter Deliverance to find out what the issue was, there was no hull breach and it seems that there was no problem with their impulse or warp drive, so I'm not sure what has caused the freighter to start drifting.

I will make an additional report when more information becomes available.

End log.

Stardate 21306.17

Chief Engineers report. Lieutenant Commander Harrison Boislevesque reporting. Stardate: 21306.17

We had scanned the freighter and found that there was a cargo of organic matter aboard that was being stored in a freezer, but there was still not an answer to our hails, so Commander Fields ordered an away mission to be headed by Doc Brooks.

Myself, Peth, Jean-Luc, Darok, Sring, were assigned to the away mission and once aboard we started looking for the crew. Myself, Peth and Jean-Luc were instructed to search the cargo hold, this it seemed to be something which the three of us might regret doing, as we managed to find some of the crew, however they were dead, it seemed they had managed to be infected by something and they were also frozen in their own freezers.

During our investigation we dislodged a frozen male, which unfortunately fell on top of Ensign Jean-Luc, I got the deceased off of him, but somewhere along the line, all three of us managed to be infected with the disease which had infected the freighter crew.

We were quickly beamed back to the Copernicus and placed on quarantine, while our medical and science staff, find out what is wrong with us and also manage to get a cure to heal us.

I am hoping that it won't be long, I hate to think of what might happen if they can't sort us out.

End log.

Stardate 21308.17

Chief Engineers personal report. Lieutenant Commander Harrison Boislevesque reporting. Stardate: 21308.17

Following the mission to the freighter and the infection which had infected me, it seems that our medical and science teams have worked their magic again, as it seems that myself and Ensign Jean-Luc have been cured and have been released, the only thing is I should be heading towards my quarters, but for people that know me I'm very close to being called a workaholic, so I headed towards engineering to make sure things are ok, before heading to my quarters.

According to Lieutenant Perim, the ship suffered from multiple damaged from pirates, the majority of it can be repaired while we are traveling back to StarBase Alpha, but the hull breach we have on deck fifteen and sixteen is something which we can't repair not without a dock, so we will have to leave that for the base engineers.

Hopefully, I am fit enough to return to active duty soon so that I can get my hand dirty again, but that will have to depend on what our medical teams have to say.

End Log.

Stardate 21309.01

Chief Engineers report. Lieutenant Commander Harrison Boislevesque reporting. Stardate: 21309.01

Even though I have been told by Doctor Brooks that I'm to be on rest and relaxation following my infection on the last mission, I have been keeping up to date with things happening in engineering at least twice a day, things have been slowly returning to normality, we slowed down slightly on route back to StarBase alpha to vent the radiation on deck fifteen and sixteen.

Arriving back at the base, I did briefly head down to engineering to make sure the hand over of the department was done effectively and correctly. The only bit of repair that we left the base engineering teams to do was the hull breach and putting back the EPS conduits that run through that section.

I would also like to praise Lieutenant Kell Perim and Ensign Jack Crab for the way they took over the running of the engineering department during my medical down time, they both made sure everything ran properly and effectively.

On a personal note, to keep my mind occupied during my 'free time', I decided to look through some information on Earth history and I came across some lovely looking building from Tudor period of English history, it was around the time of fourteen eight five to sixteen zero three.

There was one in particular that took my fancy, so I decided to build it.

Things took a slight change in direction, when I was asked by Commander Fields about designing a setting for a promotion party. So I decided to design the Tudor building on the Holodeck so that we could hold the party there, I finally managed to complete the programming just in time for our arrival at StarBase Alpha.

I now wait to see what the crew think of my programming and they enjoy the party which I have put together.

End log.

Stardate 21309.16

Chief Engineers report. Lieutenant Commander Harrison Boislevesque reporting. Stardate: 21309.16

The party at the moment seems to be going down a treat, the crew members which I have spoken to have like the age, place and atmosphere in which I have chosen to place the promotion party

I'm hoping that the First Officer and Captain had agreed to some recommendation for promotions which I submitted to them, these people deserve an advancement in their career, without these people things would have turned out completely different over the past few missions.

Hopefully, everything is going to keep being cool, calm and happy until the end of the party and into the next mission.

End Log.

Stardate 21310.20

Chief Engineers report. Lieutenant Commander Harrison Boislevesque reporting. Stardate: 21310.20.

The Holodeck program is still running and the scenario is playing out well, the crew seems to be able to handle themselves well under pressure, like they would on a misson, hopefully, this event will be something which the crew can use to their advantage and it may have even brought us closer together.

We are still docked at StarBase Alpha and the ship itself is still under going repairs and upgrades, I know that the Base repair teams will be doing a good job at putting in every new piece of equipment, but i will still need to return early with the family from our holiday in order to make sure that things are ok and that when the order to leave dock is given there won't be any issue with heading out.

End Log

Lt JG Kell Perim

Stardate 21307.19

Deputy Chief Engineers report. Lieutenant Junior Grade Kell Perim reporting. Stardate: 21307.19

With Chief Boislevesque still out of action, I've taken over running of the engineering department.

I am hoping hard that the issue which has put the Chief out of action, won't keep him out for long, I'm capable of handling all the engineers, but it is nice to have someone to turn too, if I'm not sure about something, but for now, I will have to be completely sure that what I am doing is what is needed to get things done.

I had a minor incident with the Master Control table, which cause an electric current to travel throughout my body, however Doctor Hartley said that there wasn't any immediate issue, but he will wanna check me over full later.

I took some time out to sort my body out from the shock and took refuge in the Chief's office, however that didn't last long, as I was awoken when the ship was rocked by explosions, upon further examinations, I found that's there had been some damage taken, the ships force fields are holding up, however I have dispatched a team to the locations to give me a more detailed informations from the source.

I've had a report from Midshipman Stornoway, he said that the table had started to leak some sort of liquid that had some sort of plant extract, we have called the scientific department to get some assistance in sorting it that little issue.

End log.

Stardate 21308.17

Deputy Chief Engineers report. Lieutenant Junior Grade Kell Perim reporting. Stardate: 21308.17

With the mission now concluded we are heading back to StarBase Alpha, which is good in a way, but from an engineering stand point it isn't, mainly cause we will have to return with some battle damage, we can fix about 90% of the damage but the hull breach is something which we can't fix.

On a good note the Cop's Chief Engineer, Commander Boislevesque seems to have recovered from whatever the infection that hie had managed to contract from that damaged freighter, he turned up in engineering about ten minutes ago, to see about things, he isn't fit to return to active duty yet, however he assures me that he should be back soon and that I should continue running the department. At least this is good training for my career and personal progress.

End Log.


COS Lt Eden Mitra

Stardate 21301.28

Chief of Security Log. Stardate : 21301.28

I'm sitting here in my office, and its now....0428. The ship is still on night cycle, and the poor souls on the graveyard shift ate out there, guiding this ship through the icy wastes.

We had a briefing from an Admiral who has come aboard, on route to some distant backwater planet where intelligence believe we will find the same terrorists who hijacked the Chinkota. They are developing or have already developed some kind of super weapon that could very well shatter this so called Federation. We 're going there to put a stop to them.....I'll be glad to get some solid ground beneath my feet, and a phaser in my hand.

I had to ask, because my position dictates it, the rules of engagement....the answer was more political claptrap. If I'm honest, I don't care, they have it coming to them..... (yawn can be heard ).....I'm so tired, I haven't slept properly for about four can I? I spoke with Brooks and he gave me some tablets, said they would help....but with this mission coming up, I don't dare take them. I'm running on coffee and stimulants...can't afford to slacked now.

Brooks said I should speak with a counsellor.....about what? What can the ship's counsellor tell me that I don't already know? Can they explain why so many died on Sierra 18 and I didn't? Why I made it away and I heard them screaming for help? Why as soon as I close my eyes I see their faces, frozen and bloodied......What is so damn special about me? Why am I alive and they aren't? I should have died back seems so long ago now.....yet I can't forget them....especially when I close my eyes, it's like their faces are superimposed on the back of my eyelids....... ...I should have died there....I have no true friends on this ship....I see the way they look at me.....even Fields, who I liked, I could almost see her thinking, why did Eden survive when so many others had their bodies ripped to shreds? Why did I live?

I'm sat here in my office, with my feet on the desk, trying to sleep but it won't come.....I even had a stupid one night stand with a crewmember I don't even know, and I couldn't sleep after that....I left him snoring in my bed and came here.....I couldn't stand to watch him sleep, because I know when he wakes his mouth will move and words will spill out like sewage and his eyes will look into mine and I'll know that he is looking on one lucky ***** that escaped by the skin of her teeth when really I should have felt the searing pain of fire as it rolled down the corridors of Sierra and had my scream frozen in my throat as I was sucked out into space...... ....I'm so tired.....I'm going to get a coffee, again and take another stim and have to fix my hair and make-up because I can't afford to let anyone see me like this.....if they do they'll look on me with pity in their eyes and say, oh poor Eden...She should have died really.... ......I know I'm not myself, really, it's just because I'm so tired.....if I could just sleep it would make everything alright and I could ignore the stares better and turn off to the whispered remarks behind my back......I found myself missing Travis....can you believe that? That bastard that lied to me and said he loved me and that he hadn't been with his wife for years, yet all the time he was still with her and using me? How could I ever miss a man like him? After how he treated me?...... ......I've got two hours before I start again....I'm on a close my eyes and hope the dead don't visit me again.....

End Log.

Ens Astrid Peth

Stardate 21309.01

Security Officers Log Ensign Astrid Peth reporting Stardate 21309.01

After receiving orders to join an away mission to a freighter that was nor responding to our hails, I readily took up instructions from Doctor Brooks to join them.

Beaming aboard I joined Lieutenant Commander Boislevesque and Ensign Jean Luc to investigate the Cargo Hold where scans had determined a cargo of organic matter. As well as this I discovered members of the freighter's crew unfortunately deceased but as it was apparent the cause was as it stood at that point in time unknown.

I soon began to feel very unwell but could not account for the symptoms that had engulfed the members of the team that went to investigate the hold.

We were placed into quarantine after being beamed out and I found myself confined to the Science Pod and a biobed. The medical team were fantastic and soon discovered that it was the virus that had infected the original crew members and now I can happily say that after what has felt like an eternity I have recovered well and have recently returned to my duties.

End Log


CMO LCdr Daniel Brooks

Star Date 21301.28

Chief Medical Officer Log Daniel Brooks recording, Stardate 21301.28,

We have been briefed by the Admiral on this mission. With this mission there has been a communications black-out due to the sensitive nature of the Admiral being involved.

The Copernicus is on it's way to Nimbus System to seek out a a Terran isolationist group which by all accounts developed a bioweapon that can kill all non-humans.

The medical and science departments have been assigned together to bring back the said weapon from the group intact As currently Star Fleet does not want it destroyed on the spot.

Having said that there was some good news with the promotion for Alora Dys to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. This will be the first time both departments will be working closely with each other and I am looking forward to it shame it has to be on this kind of mission through. I am due a meeting with Dys to discuss the Pod.

On a side note.. Lieutenant Mitra came in to see me about having trouble sleeping. I had expected for sometime that she will need some medical help due to the fact of her being one of those who survived the attack on Sierra-18. I can tell she is one of those people who don't want to be treated as a victim which I can fully understand. I did say to her about seeing the ships counsellor but I doubt she will go. Some times it is good to talk about things with others so it no longer plays on your mind. But, she will deal with it in her own way and if she needs any help along the way she knows where I am.

End Log.

Star Date 21304.01

Chief Medical Officer Log, Stardate 21304.01 Lieutenant Commander Daniel Brooks,

We have arrived at the Nimbus III. The Admiral has said he would be going down to the planet on his own much to many objections from the Senior Staff. The Admiral agreed he should take someone to which Captain Hawk volunteered. This has been heavily protested from everyone but it is happening any way.

With regards to the medical side of things I have everything ready here for this mission and just going to double check everything one more time. My department been working very hard with the science department. Midshipman Yora has also settled in well since her assignment to the Cop from the Academy. I hope we can develop her skills for future promotion.

In regards to the mission itself all we can really do is watch and wait for the Admiral and the Captain to recover the weapon as soon as they can and hopefully return in one piece.

End Log.

Star Date 21306.25

Chief Medical Officer Log, Lieutenant Commander Daniel Brooks recording,

Stardate two one three zero six point two five.

I have lead my first away team. Which was a good experience however, it turns out I lead them straight into trouble. As a result. Our fairly new Chief Engineer Boislevesque and Midshipman Peth as well as Ensign Jean-Luc ended up fighting a virus and have been gravely ill.

Even through the virus has no seemingly been brought under control I am still worried about the long term health of those officers. As with some virus can lay dormant in the DNA of an individual.

Now we have the crew back and recovering my next attention will be on the reason why we have come here in the first place and to recover the bio weapon. Even through it seems as if the fighter had itself been under some kind of bio attack which at this moment in time it is still unclear why. I am sure the security team might be able to provide an answer after all the information we have brought back combined with sensor logs that might prove useful.

The one thing that has concerned me slightly is both Sring, Darok and myself have shown no signs of this virus. Considering Sring was in close proximity with a person who had the virus and myself and the rest of the away team had entered the cargo hold. It must have been due to how long you been exposed to the virus that made you catch it.

End Log.

Star Date 21308.17

Chief Medical Officers Log Stardate 21308.17, Daniel Brooks recording,

I am pleased to announce that the Away Team seem to have all made a good recovery from the dangerous biological weapon that we were exposed to.

I have told them however, if any symptoms do arise to contact sickbay straight away.

In regards to my endeavours as Away Team leader I am very annoyed with myself about not thinking of the danger sooner. As I exposed them all to what could have been lethal toxin. Thanks to the Science Department as well as my own the solution is seemed to have been found quickly enough. I know at some point I will have to have a chat with Commander Fields which will happen in due course.

End Log.


CSO LCdr Alora Dys

Stardate 21302.05

Chief Science Officer’s Log, Stardate two one three zero two point zero five:

The Copernicus is en route to Nimbus III in a…semi-clandestine fashion to verify, procure and design an antidote to a designer weapon of mass destruction, capable of killing non-humans, and to neutralize any terrorists associated with this weapon.

I have Lieutenant Sring spearheading the outfitting of the Science Pod such that any possible contagion be kept and isolated only to the pod. I realize now, that a secondary research and containment platform should be setup inside the ship as a further backup system just in case…in case something goes outside of plan.

I have met with Doctor Brooks and have begun coordination between our two departments. As we don’t have any specific mechanism on the actual workings of the weapon, we have to plan for any and all likely biological and in-organic methods of operation.

If I have a fear, it is not personally for me, but for my human friends and colleagues should they have to witness injury or death of myself, or my fellow ‘non-humans’. It will be up to Brooks’ and my departments to come up with a workable vaccine and/or antidote.

Also, the mission is being headed by a Starfleet Admiral, which seems rather strange, as his presence on board is a secret outside of the ship.

And the Admiral has agreed to meet with me…I really just want to meet the man…I’ve never had the opportunity to meet an Admiral before…I seem to have this overwhelming and nagging curiosity…and he has made himself open to such a meeting…why not take advantage of it?

I was also promoted to Lieutenant Commander…I’m very surprised at this, and I think it was Hawk’s idea…there I go again, I should refer to the man correctly, Captain Hawk. I have probably been promoted to my level of incompetence, which is all the more reason to focus further on my skills, education and training.

End Log.

Star Date 21303.25

Chief Science Officer’s Log, Stardate two one three zero three point twenty five:

I want to specifically state that I made no objections to Admiral Wueste’s and Captain Hawk’s decision to pursue the Admiral’s mission objectives by them going down to Nimbus Three by themselves. The First Officer made her objections plain and clear, along with a majority of the Department Heads present.

Wueste did acquiesce to a second, joining him planet-side, and the Captain made the decision that it would be him. My professional judgment states that Fields would have been my first and best choice to accompany the Admiral, followed by myself.

In any event, the Science and Medical teams are as ready for the alleged bio-weapon as we can possibly be. The only major point of risk, vis-à-vis powered containment and computer power, are the power conduits and couplings…the system is more fragile than I care for, but as long as the ship remains…unmolested, the safety protocols appear adequate.

I am now on my way to see the Admiral; he requested that I meet with him after our briefing.

End Log.

Stardate 21305.04

Chief Science Officer’s Log, Stardate two one three zero five point zero four:

All Science Pod systems are nominal as I monitor the telemetry from Captain Hawk and Admiral Wueste's bioscans and disguised Runabout sensor relay scans. The pair's movements have put them much closer to the coordinates of the thermal signature. And as I make compensations to keep the sensors on Wueste and Hawk due to the Cop's movements around the Nimbus star apparent search and rescue mission of a disabled freighter... ...I am doing my best to remain calm and focused here while I have Taylor on the Bridge, and while Sring is on the away mission to the freighter.

I also have great confidence in Commander Fields to deal with all of our unexpected... contingencies.

End Log

Date 21307.07

Chief Science Officer’s Log, Stardate two one three zero seven point zero seven:

It looks like we have at the very least, a temporary solution to the pathogen discovered on the freighter Deliverance. The inflicted away team members, Peth, Boisleveque and Jean-Luc are responding quite positively to efforts of Doctors Brooks and his team in Sickbay, and Doctor Mantaña and that of Lieutenant Sring in the Science Pod. Long term after affects of the contagion are unknown.

Of note, Chief Medical Officer Brooks, Lieutenant Sring and Senior Chief Petty Officer Darok were not infected by the pathogenic least as confirmed by the best of our Star Fleet Medical detection techniques. Sring had been virtually sneezed-coughed on by the dying freighter's Zakdorn crew member. Could the pathogen have been...shut down by that stage? I will confer with Brooks about this.

Additionally, the Cop is under attack, but so far the Science Pod hasn't been a target. All in all...very coincidental that we'd be exposed to the contagion while Admiral Wueste and Captain Hawk made planet fall to Nimbus Three; and now we've come under attack.

End Log

Stardate 21308.18

Chief Science Officer’s Log, Stardate two one three zero eight point one eight:

Admiral Wueste and Captain Hawke have successfully completed their mission on Nimbus Three by bringing back the terrorist WMD bioweapon to ship, which the Admiral has under secure device lock-down, and is en route to the Science Pod for storage as we travel back to Starbase Alpha.

The Copernicus has weathered a battle with terrorist starships suffering damage to Decks fifteen and Sixteen with the unfortunate loss of an Engineer, KIA from a hull breach of enemy fire. Containment fields and temporary repairs have stabilized this portion of the ship.

The infected away team members have all responded well to treatment are fully expected to recover and resume their duties in the next seventy two hours. I offer my commendations to Lieutenant Commander Brooks, Lieutenant Sring and Doctor Mantaña for their work in saving the lives of the afflicted crew and deepening our understanding of how this bioweapon works.

Of a curious note, our Intel stated that the infectious agent was specifically targeted to non-humans, and yet the weapon was just as virulent our human crew as well as humans on the freighter Deliverance’s crew that included a Zakdorn and a Bolian; while on the away team,

Lieutenant Sring, a Vulcan and Senior Chief Petty Officer Darok, a Klingon, remained unaffected. There is obviously much work left to do to analyze the pathology of the bioweapon…to determine the susceptibility, specificity and efficacy of the infectious agent of various humanoid…and non-human life forms for that matter. On the surface, the bioweapon appears rather random on what it infects.

Commander Fields has given me the Conn, as she, the Captain and Admiral Wueste partake in a conference in Captain Hawk’s Ready Room. I have initiated an easy warp five at present to determine the structural integrity of the ship before risking more aggressive warp factors.

End Log.


Ens Dannon Jean-Luc

Stardate 21304.08

Tactical Officer's Log, Stardate 21304.08. Ensign Dannon Jean-Luc.

We have been in Nimbus lll for a while. Not to long though. The Shuttle is almost ready to be launched and I am due on the bri... Damn this is pointless.

End Log.


Adm Daniel Wueste

Stardate 21301.31

Personal log, stardate 21301.31.

It is with an unexpected level of trepidation and uncertainty that I find myself again in the field aboard a starship. I am delighted to be aboard Jaden Hawk's command, Copernicus. He has a fine vessel and crew and there are certain touches in Hawk's style and senior staffing selections that make me feel as if my own time as a CO had, perhaps, a few lasting positive outcomes. It's the mission that concerns me... no, not the mission, rather the manner in which the mission must be carried out. I don't like secrets. I don't like them and I don't like having to keep them, let alone when it comes to dangerous assignments. Physically I feel ready to take over the galaxy, mentally I'm concerned that I'm too personally attached to what's going on to manage the sort of objectivity my role demands.

After some consideration I have revealed to Hawk that our target is Paul Vice. I don't feel this information can be disclosed to the crew yet. I am concerned it would destroy any illusion of objectivity I might maintain. Moreover, I am concerned about the types of questions it might raise. How can I tell these officers that the basis for this mission stems from an unidentified intruder in my quarters who provided what amounts to hearsay that just so happens to fit known facts? I am confident Vice is on Nimbus III, I am confident the bio-weapon is there. The intelligence on the weapon is concrete and very real. The intelligence on Vice being behind it, and the region of space he is suspected to have run to have the Chin'toka affair, all fit with the location provided to me... enough folks agree with me that I was given this chance.

I've felt unusually conflicted of late. It's almost as if there were two minds fighting it out in my head... one wants to be completely open and honest with the crew about who we're after and that this operation is based on a hunch. The other part, the stronger part, knows that I can't risk that, that I must keep certain details to myself to keep the crew focused on what matters.

I am confident we will find Vice, find this weapon, and bring it back to Star Fleet.