Klingon Uniforms

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The Klingon Uniform is more of a suit of flexible armor than a uniform.

Shoulder pads, flexible metal stripped tunic over a metal mesh shirt (with fur sleeves or without), and spine armor make up the top half of the uniform.
The bottom half includes stretch pants, made of strong material, and knee-high boots.

A Klingon warrior also carries their "d'k'tagh" (dagger) in a holster at his side as standard practice.

Baldrics, displaying house and rank, may also be worn.

The captain also has the option of wearing a long vest that displays rank, house, and achievements.

Kruge 1.jpg

On the right sleeve, below the shoulder, is the Klingon communicator badge (see below, right). On the left sleeve is the symbol for the wearer's house (see below, left).

Klingon house of martok pin 2.jpg Klingon communicator pin 1.jpg
(Badge of the House of Martok) (Communicator Badge)

Female Uniform Female Uniform Variant
Klingon female 2.jpg Vixis 1.jpg