Z'nan Ralan

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Z'nan Ralan
Career Occupation
Chief Engineer
Star Base Bravo
Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
Nasir Khayri
239 cm (7 ft. 10 in.)
204.1 kg (450 lb.)
Eye Color:
Massive, brute
Forest Green
Raspy but reptilian.
Battleship “Razer Claw”
Familial Relationships
Ma'li Ralan
J'saa Ralan
Status of Parents:
Alive in the Gorn Homeworld
Marital Status:
J'saa, 5 years old, female

Personal History

Z'nan Ralan was born into the Gorn Saurischia and his life went downhill since the

day he first stepped into the known universe. At a young age, while developing nicely as a warrior, he looked to the Stegosauridae and he became enamored with their engineering and scientific knowledge. When his father one day saw him read the books of the Engineers, his father cursed him and he hit Z'nan over the face with his dagger, leaving a permanent scar on his face. After that incident, he became conservative and shy around everyone, including his fellow Gorn. Convinced that there is no future for him in the Gorn Confederation since warriors were not engineers, he announced his intent to join Star Fleet and enter the Academy. Commander Stan Pogington, a Cargo ship Captain, sponsored the young Gorn. Within 4 years, he graduated with honors.

During his early days as an Ensign, he was sent from one ship to another until sent to Commander, now Captain Pogington's command. He didn't mind at all since it gave him time to be alone and away from people during his shift. When his Chief Engineer selected him to lead a team to diagnose a power failure, he would spend 10 hours working on the problem and then spend the rest of the 14 hours of his day alone in his quarters reading. It is said that he spent more time in his quarters hiding himself from the rest of the crew than he did on the job than any member of the crew. He did not go to any parties, no crew get together, no nothing. If he did go out of his quarters off duty, he would wear a cloak with

a hood over his face and do his best to bend in with the background. Almost in spite, Stan kept on giving Z'nan promotion after promotion, forcing him to be a more active crew member on the ship. His leadership and his engineering knowledge were no question, it was his social skills the constantly needed work. There was of course one exception.

During a run in the Gorn Confederation, Z'nan met his future mate, Pa'sal. She served on his ship as a Gorn liaison going through all the different worlds. It took her 2 years to do it, but she finally got him to open up and be “normal” around her. For a number of years they stayed together as an Officer and a civilian relationship. The two eventually had their first and only child, J'saa. Pa'sal named her after his mother who was the only one who did not want Z'nan to leave the Gorn Confederation, and thus his only friend in Gorn space. Unfortunately their love would not last. Pa'sal died in the Battle of 157. Her death hit him hard, and he was unable to fight as he did his best to protect his daughter. The two were finally able to evacuate and barely escape with their lives, having taken command of the Cargo ship after Stan and the First Officer were killed as they tried to escape. During the war he served as Chief Engineer aboard the cargo vessel after he turned down offers to become an FO. He always spent his time when not on duty inside his quarters or away from other crew members. After the war, Star Base Bravo needed a Chief Engineer, and Z'nan was picked. During that time, he also found himself with a new puppy, a German Sheppard who he named after his first Captain, Stan Popington.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Engineering
Academy Minor(s): Tactical operations.
Hobbies and Pastimes: Reading and staying in solitary locations.
Short-Term Goals: Survive the first year on Star Base Bravo.
Long-Term Goals: Raise his daughter to be a free thinker and independent.
Personality: Super shy and conservative.
Sense of Humor: Almost nonexistent.
Phobias: Speeches and snakes.
Likes: Being alone with his daughter.
Dislikes: Being around people.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: People who are overly social.
Bad Habits or Vices: Gets violent when people push him to be social.
Achievements: Raising his daughter.
Disappointments: Never telling his former mate that he loved her before she died.
Illnesses: None
Strengths: Critical thinker and problem solver.
Weaknesses: Tact and social skills.
Fears: Something happening to his daughter.
Prejudices: All people who use war as an excuse to fight.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Cloak and hood
Distinguishing Features: A scar on his face he got as a young Gorn.
Pets: Stan Pogington, German Sheppard
Friends: J'saa

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Hearing of his wife's death.
Best Time: Any time he spends with his daughter.
Most Crucial Experience: Declaring that he is leaving the Gorn Confederation and enter Star Fleet.
Role Model: His daughter J'saa, who even at a young age practically makes Z'nan be social when it

comes to day care.

Career History

Stardate 21012.13 - Assigned Chief Engineer, Star Base Bravo

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