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Caimus Yenn
Career Occupation
Surgeon, Science Support Technician
Star Fleet Special Intelligence Services
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
Elliot Rice
Trill (Joined)
180 cm (5 ft. 11 in.)
76.2 kg (168 lb.)
Eye Color:
Dark, rich brown
Hair Color:
Brown, dark enough to look black in most lights
Shaved at the back and sides but long enough on top that it can be styled when he's off duty. On duty, he keeps it neat and brushed back
Naturally slender but he exercises regularly enough to be described as athletic
Lightly olive-skinned. Were it not for his spots, Caimus could pass as a Mediterranean Human
Somewhat deep and occasionally husky, especially early in the morning
United Federation of Planets
Tenara, Trill
Familial Relationships
Tombrin Gherim (60)
Larta Gherim (57)
Status of Parents:
Still married and living together in Tenara. Tombrin continues to work at the Trill Science Ministry, though Larta has left the Ministry and now studies independently
Omiri (sister, 35), Henedzia (sister, 31), Noren (brother, 28)
Marital Status:
Note: This character is deceased.

Personal History

Caimus Gherim was the first of four children born in the city of Tenara on Trill to Tombrin and Larta Gherim, both notable scientists in their respective fields of seismology and cybernetics. The Gherims were as well regarded socially as they were professionally, inhabiting a sophisticated social circle of academics and artists, many of whom were joined. Both Tombrin and Larta had narrowly missed out on being joined in their youths, a source of sadness that they saw as the single greatest failure in their lives. Though their world was happy and rewarding despite that, Caimus became aware at an early age that his parents would have been happier if they were joined. He resolved that he would make it through the initiate program and become joined himself, to realise that achievement on behalf of his parents and to make them proud of him.

That resolution came to dominate his thoughts from such an early age that, later in life, he would be unable to remember a time when becoming joined wasn't his central goal in life. Caimus had inherited an aptitude for the sciences from his parents but he was determined to make himself a suitable candidate for joining and so he studied hard in all subjects, flourishing at school. To ensure he would be physically fit enough for the process, he also took up various sports and activities outside school. All of this left little room for socialising but Caimus was unconcerned about that. He felt he would have plenty of time for such experiences after he had a symbiont to share them with. Still, his parents attended and hosted many functions and he was lucky enough to meet some of Trill's most respected figures at those events he found time for.

Highly motivated, Caimus attacked his schoolwork aggressively, pushing hard to be allowed to take exams early once he was in his teens. By the time he left to study at university, he had selected his field of expertise, aware that the Symbiosis Commission were more likely to take note of a person who excelled in one field over someone who spread their talents too thinly. Biology and chemistry had always been his strongest subjects so he went with the former, attracted by the idea of becoming a doctor. Caimus knew that once he was joined, he would need to be involved in a profession which he would find fulfilling in its own right, and medicine, with its opportunities to help people and make a difference in their lives, would be ideal. He'd spent his childhood focussed entirely on himself so he liked the thought of spending his adulthood focussed on others.

By the time he started studying at medical school, Caimus had earned three degrees in subdisciplines of biology. As he progressed in his training to become a doctor, he exhibited a particular talent for surgical techniques and eventually majored in the subject. Medical school proved to be a difficult, exhausting, but thrilling time for him because while he was studying, he also made it through the Symbiosis Commission's selection process and was accepted into the initiate program. Towards the end of his time at medical school, Caimus took several months off to work under the supervision of his field docent and was, ultimately, chosen for joining. Overjoyed, Caimus chose to become the host of the Yenn symbiont. A relatively young symbiont, Yenn had only had two previous hosts.

The first was Taneen, a famed and influential sculptress. She spent much of her single life travelling around the Trill system and beyond, looking for new sights and experiences to be channelled into creativity. Celebrated on Trill for her work, she was no less well known for her private life. Something of a thrillseeker, Taneen was unashamed about her innumerable affairs, her hedonistic pursuits and her acid tongue at social gatherings. Things changed for her when she met and fell in love with a conservationist named Rizlo Popora. They were swiftly married and produced three children. This new domesticated existence appealed to Taneen and brought out a more sedate side to her that she enjoyed. She spent the rest of her life sculpting, working on Rizlo's environmental projects, raising her children and poking her nose into their lives to 'help' in the raising of her grandchildren. She died peacefully of old age.

The symbiont was then transferred to a young man named Bexim. Bexim was a scientist working in the field of chemistry. Since chemistry was a subject Caimus was interested in but had never pursued, this was the key reason he selected the Yenn symbiont. Bexim's specific field of expertise was thermochemistry and, even at his young age, he had become a respected expert on the topic with a bright future ahead of him. Bexim was distracted from his career by his love for Emla Har, another joined Trill. Deeply and passionately in love, they married, virtually abandoning their jobs and families for some time, caught up in the thrill of being together. They both assumed they could afford this luxury at the start of their long lives together, but their marriage was short. Bexim contracted a virus which attacked and destroyed his immune system, swiftly debilitating a man who was once something of a force of nature. With doctors unable to help him, he died before he reached his thirties.

Upon being joined and officially becoming Caimus Yenn, Caimus found the powerful personalities of both previous hosts difficult to contend with, particularly the curtailed vitality and passion of Bexim. He hadn't expected the joining to be so traumatic but, once he started to master the art of asserting his own dominance, he found the experience was a revelation, and absolutely wonderful. The symbiont filled the emptiness in him that he hadn't even been aware of before, and it changed the way he saw his future. Caimus now wanted to ensure that he lived an eventful life, he wanted the Yenn symbiont to be enriched by being hosted by him. Returning to medical school, he completed his studies and graduated a doctor but instead of practising medicine on Trill as he had intended, he left his homeworld to attend Star Fleet Academy, believing that would be the perfect way to marry his desire to be a doctor and his need to provide the symbiont with an exciting life.

Having already studied medicine, Caimus was able to spend time training to be a Science Officer as well as a Medical Officer at the Academy, indulging in the opportunity to expand on the knowledge he had received from Bexim. Upon graduation, he elected to remain on the Medical track and was assigned to Starbase 131. Though this didn't allow him to travel the stars, Caimus was quite happy with the assignment. By this point, he was pushing 30 and had never really taken the time to pursue a social life. Aboard the starbase, he no longer needed to fill every waking moment with studying so he started developing friendships and exploring romances that weren't quite as brief as those he'd enjoyed previously. He spent almost three years at Starbase 131 and though this period allowed him to gain a couple of ranks, he eventually became frustrated with it, aware that his life had become routine and mundane, which was the last thing he wanted.

He started to look into transferring to a more senior position on a starship but a new opportunity landed in his lap before he could start making applications. He was tapped by Star Fleet Intelligence to assist one of their teams in the emergency retrieval of one of their agents from deep cover in a nearby system. Caimus's duty was to provide the medical assistance that this agent would almost certainly require. His injuries turned out to be severe but Caimus was able to save him. Considering he'd been thrown in at the deep end, it was felt that he'd performed well and showed promise, so he was soon sent back to the Academy where his suitability for Intelligence work was evaluated and he was given further Intelligence training, which he proved to be good at. Though he remained assigned to the Starbase, he was used as medical support for Intelligence operations several more times following this, and he loved every one of these missions.

Until the last one. After being discovered and attacked by a group of Farian criminals, Caimus was one of the few members of the mission's team to make it out alive but he was severely wounded. He'd suffered several broken and fractured bones as well as extensive nerve damage. His injuries were serious but reparable and he was informed that while he shouldn't suffer any permanent problems, he would require a long period of recuperation. Given medical leave from Star Fleet, he elected to return home to Trill, expecting months of tedium and figuring they were better off spent around family. His bones healed quickly once he was back on his homeworld but the nerve regeneration therapy he underwent was a long process. It was during one of his sessions that he met the woman in charge of the therapy centre, Emla Har, the widowed wife of the Yenn symbiont's last host, Bexim.

Disastrously, they quickly fell in love. Emla resisted far longer than Caimus did. His own feelings, coupled with those he felt from Bexim, made his desire for her too powerful to ignore. Eventually, they embarked on an affair, despite the risks inherent in reassociation, the taboo practise of the current host of a symbiont engaging in an intimate relationship with the lover of a former host, something seen as deviant and unnatural in Trill society. They proved to be good at hiding their relationship, however, convincing those around them that they were simply acquaintances. Unwilling to leave her and feeling he should put his time on Trill to good use, Caimus requested extended leave from Star Fleet while he yet again returned to studying and training. Experience had made it clear to him that his greatest talents lay in surgery, so he took advanced courses in the subject until he qualified to specialise as a surgeon. Now fully recovered, he began working as a surgeon at the city hospital in an attempt to gain further practical experience before returning to Star Fleet. At least, that was the reason he told people. He really stayed for Emla.

As they'd always half-known, their happiness together couldn't last. After some time, Emla cracked and confessed to her sister that she was seeing Caimus, believing she could trust her. She was wrong. Horrified, her sister reported them to the Trill authorities. Caimus and Emla pleaded for understanding and acceptance but their requests fell on deaf ears and both were permanently exiled from Trill. Not only did Caimus lose his home but also his parents, who severed all contact with him for bringing shame upon their respectable family. His siblings, friends and colleagues ignored all messages from him. The hardest loss to bear was Emla - from the day she had been exiled, she had simply vanished and Caimus was never able to find out what happened to her. His life had been shattered and gutted, and he had nobody to blame but himself.

He tried to pull himself together as best he could for the sake of his symbiont. His exile extended to the Yenn symbiont, meaning that Caimus's affair with Emla had been a death sentence for Yenn, something Caimus was painfully aware of. Wracked with guilt, he resolved to find a new purpose in his life, a new way to provide the symbiont with stimulating experiences for its final lifetime. Unsure what else to do, he returned to face the music with Star Fleet. They busted him down a rank to Lieutenant Junior Grade for his transgressions on Trill and assigned him to Star Fleet Intelligence once more. This time, however, he was sent to Risa where he was to work in a hospital and look out for signs of Romulan activity. Caimus was well aware that they'd simply sent him somewhere neutral and out of harm's way while they figured out what to do with him on a more long-term basis. His skills were an asset but his reputation no longer was. With war raging, he suspected he was low on their priority list and that he could be languishing on Risa for a long time to come. Several months later, with no end to his assignment in sight, it seemed he was right about that.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Field Medicine, Chemistry
Academy Minor(s): Xenobiology, Astrochemistry
Hobbies and Pastimes: Caimus has always maintained an interest in the sciences, and that interest was intensified when he became joined, since one of the previous hosts was a scientist. He likes to read scientific journals to keep abreast of the latest developments in various fields, and has a specific interest in chemistry. He also enjoys exercise and sports which involve a lot of running around. Though he's been less inclined to do it for a while, he likes to socialise, especially with new people
Short-Term Goals: Caimus hopes, desperately, to get himself reassigned to a more stimulating post as soon as possible
Long-Term Goals: Ultimately, the most important goal for Caimus is to provide his symbiont with as many new experiences as possible. He hopes to do this by serving the Federation through Star Fleet. He's keenly aware that the Yenn symbiont will die with him thanks to his own actions and the guilt and grief that causes him is immense, so it is crucial to him that he makes Yenn's final lifetime as fascinating as he can
Personality: Caimus used to be a cheerful, friendly person but since being exiled from Trill, he's no longer the same man. He's haunted by demons and guilt, feeling responsible for destroying Emla's life, and for the early death he has guaranteed for his symbiont. Nothing is more important to a joined Trill than protecting the life of their symbiont, so to know his own weakness has put a limit on the span of his symbiont's life is devastating for Caimus. He feels lost, lonely and lacking purpose, with almost all of his history and future prospects stripped away from him. Naturally, none of this makes for a very happy disposition. He can come across as overly serious, grave, pessimistic and distrustful of others, even cold, but that isn't the real Caimus. Underneath, he's still a man who likes connecting with others and being in good company but the weight that events have placed on his shoulders is hard for him to ignore.

However, he believes it is important that he pushes through his grief and forges a new life for himself. It is critical to him that he doesn't waste the rest of his life, however bad he feels, because the years ahead are all his symbiont has left. Since he was a boy, Caimus has been a driven individual, very good at motivating himself to achieve his goals, and he hopes that those old instincts will kick in again sooner or later. Professionally, he's very hard working but doesn't tolerate incompetence from colleagues well. He can be impatient and poor at hiding his irritation, but he's equally good at letting someone know when they've performed well. He's trustworthy, goes out of his way to ensure the safety and health of others, and can be depended upon to back up his promises with actions. His membership in Star Fleet is the only piece of his past he has left, so he is extremely loyal to the Federation and to those who earn his trust.
Sense of Humor: Once, Caimus had a strong sense of humour, and a genuine love of life. That has been tempered by the experiences he's had and these days he finds it much harder to laugh. When he's caught in the right mood, however, he can still crack a joke or two and raise a smile at others, especially around people he knows well, but he's never raucous in the way he used to be anymore
Phobias: He isn't fond of being fully submerged under water but his aversion to it isn't strong enough to be a true phobia
Likes: Caimus has fine tastes and is usually pulled towards things of high quality, whether that is clothes, furniture, art or cuisine. He is especially fond of wine, of any variety, from any culture. In fact, he never met an alcoholic drink he didn't approve of. The thing he likes best is a new or unexpected experience, even if it's bad. He does, however, enjoy quiet time also. That gives him the space to contemplate and digest the things he's seen and felt
Dislikes: He does his best to avoid poorly made goods. He hates hot drinks of any kind, and only eats replicated food begrudgingly. He doesn't like it when people see him not looking at his best. The thing he hates most of all is boredom. He lacks patience and tends to get irritable when he's forced to sit around with nothing to do
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Star Fleet officers who are reluctant to seek treatment when they are ill or wounded. He doesn't think that makes them brave or strong. In his opinion, it makes them dumb
Achievements: Caimus feels his greatest achievement is being chosen to become joined to the Yenn symbiont. He's proud of the skills he has developed in surgery, and his various academic achievements, but everything pales in comparison to being joined
Disappointments: It has been a disappointment to Caimus that, his missions with Star Fleet Intelligence aside, his assignments have been so uninspiring. His exile from Trill was something he considers far worse than just a disappointment
Illnesses: Caimus has never had any serious illnesses aside from the wounds he suffered while working with Star Fleet Intelligence. An encounter with a Farian criminal group left him with several fractures, breaks and nerve damage. Though he has fully recovered, he occasionally finds that his arms and shoulder blades ache more than they should when he's been exercising
Strengths: Caimus's strength is his determination. When he sets his sights on something, he drives himself harder and harder until he reaches his goal. His motivation is usually a powerful enough force to override any self-doubt he may have. The Yenn symbiont is also a great source of emotional strength to him, as well as providing him with two extra lifetimes worth of experience to draw upon
Weaknesses: Emla is a weakness for Caimus, he would move mountains to see her again. However, since she is missing, his main weakness is his own guilt. He knows that his affair with Emla hurt a lot of people and had dire consequences for the two of them and his symbiont. That has left him with a certain level of unhealthy contempt for himself that he may never be able to fully shake off
Fears: Caimus fears dullness. Knowing that his symbiont won't be transferred to another host is bad enough, the idea of making its final lifetime an uneventful one is too much for him to handle, and he feels genuine fear that he'll fail the Yenn symbiont by allowing himself to slip into routine
Prejudices: Though he has no real prejudices outside obvious threats such as the Borg and the Dominion, Caimus does feel uncomfortable around other Trill. He's aware that many of them would feel he was unnatural and to be avoided if they discovered he's been exiled from Trill for reassociation, so he tends to keep his guard up around his own species
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Caimus likes to look stylish whenever possible so, out of uniform, his clothes are usually tailored, fitted and fashionable
Distinguishing Features: Like all Trill, Caimus has spots which begin at the hairline on either side of his head and run the length of his body. His spots are unusually thick and dark
Pets: None
Friends: None currently, formerly Ensign Jeklo Durks, a fellow Trill he met while serving on Starbase 131

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Being exiled from Trill has been the most painful event in Caimus's life and he doubts anything else could be as awful. This isn't because of the people he lost in the process, though that certainly hurts too, but because of the consequences for his symbiont
Best Time: Despite the consequences, his happiest time was the period he spent in a secret relationship with Emla. Being able to experience first-hand the kind of love his previous hosts had felt was wonderful and he cherishes those memories
Most Crucial Experience: The most crucial experience in Caimus's life has been becoming joined. Hosting a symbiont changed his perspective on the world, reshaped his personality and redefined his future. The symbiont changed everything
Role Model: The Yenn symbiont's first host, Taneen, is a role model for Caimus. She attacked her life with gusto, saw and felt a variety of things, and died satisfied, satiated and happy. She was everything a host should be and Caimus hopes that, when he and the symbiont reach the end of their life, he'll be able to say the same

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