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The previous Yearly Award Winners: each year in late November, nominations begin for yearly awards. The top 3 nominee's in each catagory are then voted upon by the general membership with the winners being announced January 1st. The winners are listed below:

Currently starting again in 2017, these awards were expanded to incorporate other categories to add a jovial flair to the awards; listed below:

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2017 Yearly Awards

Angelic GM: GM-12
Demonic GM: GM-13
Best GM: GM-13
Would make a good Department Head: Lieutenant Amelia 'Blue' Tiran
DH that would make a good First Officer: Lieutenant Commander Zephyr Praise
FO that would make a good Commanding Officer: Lieutenant Commander Ranaan Ducote
CO that would make a good Fleet Commander: Captain Tyra Crawford
Weirdest name: Ensign Thike Ch'ezhyrraq
Best gender switch: Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Braggins
Best English as a Second Language: Lieutenant Commander Acenvar Crystillin
Which character would you like to date if they were real: Lieutenant Commander Zephyr Praise
Best Writer Overall: Lieutenant Commander Ranaan Ducote
Most Improved Writer: Lieutenant Commander Acenvar Crystillin
Best player that has left: Commander Azernal Rin
Best player that has returned: Midshipman Jack Ristone
Best newcomer: Midshipman Luna Pond
Best Plot: Wueste Kidnap!
The best Ship: USS Gettysburg
Most technobabble used in Posts: (tie) Lieutenant Commander Acenvar Crystillin and GM-13
Biggest superman event: (tie) Copernicus travelling back in time to restore the Earth and Robert (NPC zh'Kerro) jumping over walls and beating 7 aliens into submission
Best Tactical Officer: Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Rage
Best Security Officer: Lieutenant Vyacheslav Dyatlov
Best Engineering Officer: Lieutenant Amelia 'Blue' Tiran
Best Medical Officer: Lieutenant Commander Zephyr Praise
Best Science Officer: Lieutenant Commander Judith Tucker
Best PC: Lieutenant Commander Ranaan Ducote
Best NPC: Lieutenant Brother Sister
Best Academy Instructor: Commodore Abigail Taylor
Best First Officer: Lieutenant Commander Ranaan Ducote
Best Commanding Officer: (tie) Captain Tyra Crawford and Captain Sienna Tam
Best Site Administrator: Vice Admiral Paul Braggins

2009 Yearly Award Winners

Best CO: Grant
Best FO: Nielson
Best DH: Hudson
Best Junior Officer: Ankar
Best PC: Grant
Best NPC: Linden
Best Writer: Sevala
Most Improved: Santiago
Best GM: GM-22
Best AI: Kidder
Best Subplot: Mortal Coil

2008 Yearly Award Winners

Best CO = Grant
Best FO = Wong
Best DH = Santiago
Best Jr Officer = ch'Thane
Best PC = Wueste
Best NPC = T'Kir
Best Writer = Sevala
Most Improved = Kaiser
Best Subplot = Tie: Enterprise Terrorist Event; SFIS
Best GM = GM-33
Best AI = Taylor

President's Award = Tregelen and V'Tana

2007 Yearly Award Winners

Best Commanding Officer: Capt Treborn
Best First Officer: Cdr Yvette
Best Department Head: LCdr Lorien
Best Jr Officer: LCdr Nielson
Best Player Character: Maj Braggins
Best Non-Player Character: Lt T'Kir {Lorien}
Best Writer: Capt Grant
Most Improved: Lt[JG] Santiago
Best Subplot: Star Fleet Intelligence Service India Team
Best Game Moderator: GM-42
Best Academy Instructor: Lt Taylor