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The Xindi superweapon was a massive, mobile particle beam weapon designed to destroy entire planets.

There were three built, in cooperation of the five Xindi species, with the instigation that Humans would be responsible for the destruction of the future Xindi homeworld in the 26th century.

The weapon's primary goal was the destruction of Earth.

Among the Xindi, steps were taken to prevent any one species from controlling the weapon.

It required activation codes from at least three of the five species in order to function.

However, it could be fired instantly if all five codes were used. It could not be armed while the propulsion system was online.

Weapons Construction

The weapon(s) design primarily came from a Xindi-Primate scientist and member of the Xindi Council, and constructed by the Aquatics. Most of the weapon's components were built by the Xindi, but at least one came from the future cooperatives, and the year 2573. Research on the concept of a superweapon was very dangerous. In September 2153 there was an accident in one of the laboratories, in which nearly all of the lab was destroyed, and three researchers killed. The loss of data caused the weapon's development to be set back by months, which caused the Council to consider developing a biological weapon in its place.

First Weapon: Probe

Xindi's First Prototype Weapon

The first manifestation of the superweapon was a small, one-man prototype. It was launched against Earth in March 2153 as a test, arriving in Earth orbit through the use of a subspace vortex, allowing it to bypass Star Fleet and the defense grid. It fired a particle beam that wiped out seven million people, sending telemetry back to the Council at the same time. After the job was done, the Xindi-Reptilian pilot engaged self-destruct.

Second Prototype

The second superweapon prototype was unmanned and test-fired in a "proving ground" inside the Delphic Expanse, late 2153. The tests did not go as planned, as the weapon's materials had been sabotaged. The weapon was subsequently stolen by an Andorian warship, with the hope using it as a deterrent against the Vulcans. It was destroyed when members of the Enterprise entered the activation codes and issued an overload command. The Andorians jettisoned the prototype before it exploded, but the shockwave caused significant damage to their power and engine systems.

Final Weapon

Final primary weapon

The final version of the weapon was substantially larger than its two predecessors and was designed to be manned by a skeleton crew. It was constructed in secret, and when the Enterprise discovered it, it was quickly moved. When it became apparent that Captain Archer was becoming successful in convincing the Council to delay the attack on Earth, a faction within a faction, working with the Insectoids, hijacked the weapon. They also kidnapped Enterprise's linguist, brainwashing her into decrypting the third activation code.

Enterprise, along with forces of the Xindi Primates, Arboreals, and Aquatics, attempted to stop the weapon from entering the vortex to Earth. However, they were repelled by a Reptilian and Insectoid fleet. The Reptilians and Insectoids were assisted by the creation of numerous anomalies by the Sphere-Builders (who had been the ones to tell the Xindi the humans were dangerous). One ship of each race escaped into the vortex created, with the weapon. The Insectoid ship was shortly destroyed by the Reptilian one, however, when its commander questioned the other.

The weapon emerged in Earth orbit ten hours later, but close behind it was a shuttle manned by Enterprise personnel.

An Andorian ship ran interference, enabling the Enterprise team to board the weapon and destroy it by overloading its reactor.