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Amelina "Lina" Whittaker
Career Occupation
Academy Instructor
Star Fleet Academy
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Biographical Attributes
155 cm (5 ft. 1 in.)
66 kg (146 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Chocolate Brown with Caramel highlights
Layered shoulder length Bob, usually styled in loose curls
Slim & petite
Pale & unblemished
Facial Hair:
Hasn't lost her Yorkshire accent, her tone is one of confidence yet deceivingly soft
United Federation of Planets
York, England
(N/A) 10.31
Familial Relationships
Charles Whittaker
Lucinda Whittaker
Status of Parents:
Father still alive and working as an English Professor at York University. Mother deceased
Marital Status:

Personal History

Early Life

Amelina was born and raised in York, England as the only child of English Professors Charles and Lucinda, who worked at the local University. Considering that she had no siblings, from an early age, Amelina or Lina as she was affectionately known, never felt like she was missing out. In fact she always preferred her own company and would often spend the majority of her time either in her room or in the family's spacious garden drawing or making sculptures out of whatever she could find. Whilst her parents tried to encourage her to read more, especially the gothic era books that inspired her unusual name. Lina was never that interested unless it was related to art in some way. Even at school, she did what was required of her and maintained good grades. However never really developed any friendships and would spend break times in various hiding spots and just enjoy the natural surroundings and draw inspiration from them. This was essentially Amelina who saw no reason to change and when others would make fun of her and her name, she ignored them and learnt to build an invisible barrier around herself as protection.

Little did she realise that it was about to come crashing down around her and potentially change everything that she loved in the process. That life changing moment happened a couple of months after Amelina turned 15 and she arrived home from school to find her Father and a couple of people she didn't recognise talking in hushed and worried voices. At first she didn't think too much about it, until they called her into the living room. That's when she discovered that her Mother had died in a freak accident whilst travelling back from one of the many conferences that Lucinda attended through her position as the Assistant Dean of Linguistics.

Amelina couldn’t remember the exact details, as it's something she instantly blocked out, and refused to believe that Lucinda was never coming home again. From that moment on, Amelina never touched one single art supply, her creativity zapped by grief. Retreating further into her own little world and became almost vulcan like with little to no emotion. Charles tried to get through to his daughter but with no success and finally heeded the advice from his younger brother Taren to give her time.

Eventually Amelina was able to overcome her grief and learn to turn it into something positive. That was mainly due to Taren's influence whenever he got the chance to return home from his Chief of Security duties aboard the USS Esperanto. Encouraging his niece through teaching her how to fire weapons and showing her defense techniques. As much as she enjoyed those times and learning something new, Amelina hadn't forgotten her first love and when she found her Mother's books a year later and read all about Amelina Lockhart, the mysterious Guardian who protected magical creatures and humanity from evil. She finally understood and felt more connected to her Mother. Which in turn enabled her to pick up a paint brush and rediscover her passion for art. This turn of events led Amelina to creating a sculpture for a local art competition which she ended up winning at the age of 17. She never forgot that and seriously considered art as a career.

Although disappointment wasn't too far away when she got rejected from an art school in Paris, the only place that she had her heart set on going to. Amelina didn't know how to handle it and yet fate intervened once more in the form of Uncle Taren, who suggested applying for the Academy instead, after reminding her that she had been fairly adept with the skills he had taught her. So that's what she did using the faith he had in her and it paid off when she was accepted.


As someone who preferred her own company and grew up without the need for friendships or having the desire to make friends, Amelina’s approach to Academy life was very much in that same regard. Although she was never rude or ignorant if someone spoke to her and soon found various hiding spots in which to draw or simply take the time to appreciate what she had endured to actually make it this far. It was through her classes with Rex Summers that Amelina learned that she didn’t need to be alone all of the time when he paired Amelina up with Amelie Warner, Vos Maren and Mex Virlo for a training exercise.

Away from the Academy grounds and spending four days in the middle of nowhere, made the young Cadet realise the importance of not only teamwork, but that other people actually cared and were interested in what she had to say. So when they returned to San Francisco and learned that it wasn’t just a one off, Amelina developed her first real friendships with Amelie, Vos and Mex. For the first time she felt connected to others that weren’t family and yet that’s what they became as she experienced going out, exploring and being social. In fact she got slightly closer to Vos, a Betazoid and embarked on a relationship with him that ended naturally just before graduation. Amelina was lucky in that regard that they were able to remain friends and the entirety of her time at the Academy was the best four years of her life. Not only did she experience a lot of firsts but also saw Rex Summers as another role model, just like her Uncle Taren and she never forgot his advice and encouragement, or the way he inspired her to aim high so much so that she looked forward to the day when she could pass on her own knowledge and experience by teaching at the Academy. Although that wasn’t in her immediate future when she received her first assignment as a newly graduated Midshipman.

First Assignment

When Amelina first stepped aboard the USS Hera, it was with a little apprehension as this was something that she had dreamed about and worked so hard to achieve. Yes she was lucky that Mex had been given the same assignment but that didn’t stop the nerves and how daunting it felt at least in the beginning. It was such a different learning experience to what she had trained for and not as straightforward or easy as she first thought. There was some naivety in that respect but she took it one day at a time, familiarising herself with the ship, the crew and stopping herself from returning to who she used to be.

That fear was real until she learned to adjust and accept that this was her new home and that she had to be herself. Mex and his calming presence helped with that and soon Amelina found herself undergoing drills, training and eventually her first away mission. The next three and a half years seemed to pass in an instant as her confidence grew and she began receiving promotions and other recognition. But it wasn’t all about the achievements and just like the Academy she changed and evolved. On one particularly eventful and fun shore leave, Amelina got her first and only tattoo, something that became a tribute to her love of Art and her late Mother and a symbol of who she was now.

Amelina wasn’t one to back down from a challenge and yes the things she saw could have easily broken her but they didn’t and sometimes surprised herself with her resilience and knowing when to admit when she was wrong. She loved life, embraced new opportunities and developed a couple of vices that didn’t make her perfect. Not that she saw that as a bad thing and not once did she forget her friends or the important lessons that Rex and Taren had taught her. Although another change was on the horizon when the Hera was recalled to Starbase Alpha to undergo a complete refit and it left the now 26 year old Amelina at a crossroads with her career.

As much as she loved ship life, despite the dangers that came with it, Amelina hadn’t forgotten her ambition to teach and so was left with a dilemma as to what she should do, now that she found herself back on Earth. Naturally she reached out to Rex, her Father and Taren for advice and when she learned of her Father’s own retirement and how fragile he had seemed to have gotten, she couldn’t bear to go back into space and risk not being there, should anything happen to him. So her decision was made and she put in a transfer request, to enable her to fulfil an ambition and be closer to family. Amelina was then offered a position which she happily accepted and promptly adopted a cat that she named Wicket after coming across the name in an old movie database.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Security
Academy Minor(s): Basic Field Medicine
Hobbies and Pastimes: Painting & Sculpting
Short-Term Goals: To make the most of her spare time and learn a new skill
Long-Term Goals: To eventually retire & set up her own art studio
Personality: Not afraid to back down from a challenge and is stronger than she appears. She's no longer the loner & artistic recluse and welcomes new opportunities
Sense of Humor: Cheeky, not innocent and enjoys the darker side of humour
Phobias: No major phobia, only fears that she can manage - see below
Likes: Art, hanging out with friends, Espra cheese, seafood
Dislikes: Red wine, trashy novels
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Wrong assumptions, misperceptions
Bad Habits or Vices: Hard liquor, fidgeting when nervous
Achievements: Winning an art competition with a sculpture celebrating life when she was 17
Disappointments: Not getting into art school
Illnesses: Usual childhood illnesses, nothing that lasted
Strengths: Independent, protective & not afraid to admit when she’s wrong
Weaknesses: Letting her emotions get the better of her, cute animals
Fears: Losing her father, returning to her old ways
Prejudices: None
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Prefers dark clothing mainly jeans, dresses but will occasionally add a pop of colour in the form of tank tops & t shirts or corsets
Distinguishing Features: A gothic inspired skull & rose vine tattoo that starts on her left hip and ends just above her knee
Pets: A tabby cat named Wicket
Friends: Amelie Warren, Vos Maren & Mex Virlo - her close friends from the Academy

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Losing her Mother when she was 15, it changed Amelina eventually for the better once she learned to cope with the grief.
Best Time: The four years that she spent at the Academy.
Most Crucial Experience: Meeting Rex Summers, her Security Instructor who showed the young Cadet that she didn't need to be perfect all of the time & that she was allowed to be human.
Role Model: Taren Whittaker & Rex Summers

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