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Weyoun #8

Weyoun was the name "noble progenitor" (descendant) of a series of Vorta supervisors, diplomats, and administrators in the service of the Dominion during the late 24th century.

Like all Vorta, Weyoun was a cloned being; at least eight copies are known to exist

  • Only five were encountered by the Federation.

Weyoun Facts:

  • Every Weyoun seemed to share the trait of overconfidence
  • Prior to Weyoun #6, none of the Weyouns had ever turned out "defective"
  • Weyoun #7 was activated when it became clear that Weyoun #6 was not behaving as expected
  • Weyoun #8 was the last clone
    • The others were destroyed in an attack on the Vorta cloning facility