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Montgomery “Monty” Westin
Career Occupation
Academy Instructor
Star Fleet Academy
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Biographical Attributes
178 cm (5 ft. 10 in.)
74.8 kg (165 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Short, military cut
Fit and toned
Dark and clear
Facial Hair:
Velvety bass, notable British-accent
United Federation of Planets
Cheshire, England
Familial Relationships
Robert Westin
Mary Westin (Macefield)
Status of Parents:
Marital Status:

Personal History

Montgomery was born to his parents Mary and Robert on a windy November morning, in Cheshire, England. His birth was incredibly tumultuous, as his mother suffered from an amniotic fluid embolism during his birthing; which would lead to many more complications for Mary later in life.

As for Montgomery, he was generally reserved as a child, only coming out of his shell when he started to play cricket in a minor league. Once he latched onto the sport, it was easy for him to overcome his shyness, though he remained incredibly private about his home life. Mostly, this was because his mother continued to be ill throughout his childhood. She suffered from Sheehan Syndrome, then later Antiphospholipid syndrome. For most of his formative years, his Mum was in and out of hospitals, getting treatments and surgeries, which also took a toll on her mental health.

Monty, as he was called by his teammates, spent inordinate amounts of time taking care of his family, while also pouring himself into his schoolwork. This was because of a memorable visit to a hospital where a nurse allowed him to shadow her, in order to distract him while his mother received therapy. Not only did he find everything fascinating, but the nurse allowed him to work on a ‘patient’, a small teddy bear that needed a hypospray and a bandage wrapped. That was when Monty became inspired to help others, and connect with them.

As he went through High School, there were several times that his mother fell ill again, and the doctors unsure what exactly was causing her health problems. They would often fix one issue, only for another to crop up. Monty became obsessed with the possibility of losing his mother, and so focused on photography as a way to capture her memory and spirit. As time went on, Mary recovered enough that he no longer had to worry for her health, which was some of the happiest times he could remember. Upon graduation, both his Mother and Father insisted that he follow his dreams, and not to worry about the past. It was the push he needed to apply to join Star Fleet.

At the Academy he met many different people, and was enamoured by the potential for exploration, relief missions, and generally helping those in need. There he met his best friend Michael Hale who shared a surprisingly similar family situation. The two were inseparable for the first couple of years at the Academy, and even when they eventually forged other friendships and differing interests, they still found that quality time trumped quantity. This attitude continued, as Montgomery sought a post at a facility on Alpha Centauri VII, while Michael went amongst the stars.

Only a year after completing his residency, garnering his medical doctorate and the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade, he felt burned out. He had focused so hard on his career, he forgot to take care of himself, and was incredibly underweight. That is when he received a message from his Father: his mother, once again, was in poor health. Distraught, Montgomery made a rare rash decision and applied at the last minute for an Instructor post at Star Fleet Academy. He was surprised, and overjoyed, when he learned he had been selected.

His return to Earth was welcomed by his family, and he returned to a supportive role for his parents. While an instructor position wasn’t his first choice, Montgomery quickly grew to love teaching, and interacting with his students. Not only was he able to teach them, but he was able to help them become the people they envisioned themselves to be, which was (and is) incredibly rewarding to Monty.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Medical, Emergency Medicine
Academy Minor(s): Organic Chemistry, Hematology
Hobbies and Pastimes: Cricket and Cycling for fitness, reading of pre-modern Medical Texts, writing and photography
Short-Term Goals: Supporting his Mother through her health issues
Long-Term Goals: Become a Senior Instructor in Medicine (even Dean of Medicine one day) at Star Fleet Academy, and write his own Modern Medical Textbook
Personality: Affable and approachable, almost always has a smile on his face
Sense of Humor: A wide variety of humor makes Monty laugh, though he finds it hard to be humorous himself
Phobias: Locked-In Syndrome
Likes: Novel experiences, creative endeavours, lemon meringue pie
Dislikes: Sandpaper and the sound it makes
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Self-centered individuals. People who question his motives or criticize him (or others) without solutions/proper feedback
Bad Habits or Vices: Works until burned out, doesn’t take care of himself sometimes (doesn’t eat properly, etc.)
Achievements: Was given the ‘Beauty and Brains’ superlative award in High School
Disappointments: An instructor jokingly gave Monty a suture practice kit after a few failed attempts during an in-class demonstration at the Academy
Illnesses: No serious illnesses
Strengths: Determined, passionate, altruistic
Weaknesses: Perfectionist, keeps private life very private
Fears: Losing his family
Prejudices: Dishonest or disingenuous people
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Something comfortable
Distinguishing Features: Wide nose with a bump on the ridge where it was broken
Pets: Charlie – an African Grey Parrot
Friends: Lieutenant Michael Lancel Hale; went to the Academy with Monty and studied Emergency Medicine together. Currently serves aboard the USS Canberra

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Losing his first pet (a goldfish named Sammy) as a young child
Best Time: Fishing with his father on the River Tay in Scotland, and getting to see a beaver with her kit
Most Crucial Experience: Visiting a hospital to see his Mum. A friendly nurse sought to distract him while his mother received therapy, and let him shadow the nurse through her rounds.
Role Model: His father, Robert Westin, who told him to treat others kindly, and help them become the people they were always meant to be

Contact Information

E-Mail: monty.westin@gmail.com

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