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Alec Wallace
Career Occupation
Deputy Base Commander
Star Base Alpha
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
Balfour, Edan
170 lbs.
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Medium length
Facial Hair:
Deep, with a Scottish accent
Isle of Skye, Scotland
Familial Relationships
Angus, deceased. Angus’ father was a shipwright who built sailing and fishing vessels, a trade that he passed on to his son.
Alice, retired school teacher residing in Isle of Skye.
Status of Parents:
Alice and Angus lifelong residents of Isle of Skye, were married for over 50 years until Angus’ death. Alice taught secondary school before her retirement and Angus until his death continued the work taught to him by his father as a shipwright. Angus was known throughout Scotland for his fine craftsmanship of fishing and sailing vessels.
Duff who is 2 years younger than his brother is the Dean of the Mathematics Department at the University of Edinburgh.
Marital Status:
Alec married his childhood sweetheart Mary after he graduated Star Fleet Academy. For over thirty years she has been a devoted wife, mother and Star Fleet Officer’s wife.
Ian, age 30 is a professor of history at the University of Edinburgh and Duncan, age 27 is a civilian physician in Edinburgh.

Personal History

Alec was born on Isle of Skye, Scotland in the town of Portree to Alice and Angus Wallace, a few years later his brother Duff joined the family. Alec’s mother taught secondary school and his father Angus was a well-known shipwright renowned for sailing and fishing vessel construction. Growing up on the Isle provided Alec with many happy and fond memories. His childhood and teenage years were both rewarding and enjoyable. When Alec wasn’t fishing or sailing with his brother, the two boys could be found helping their father in his shipyard. However, as much as he loved the sea and sailing vessels, Alec loved space and star ships even more. So it was no surprise when he joined Star Fleet and attended the Academy. The love of Alec’s life, Mary and he waited until after his graduation from the Academy to marry. Over the past 30 years, through wars, long deployments and far off postings, their love never wavered. Together, they have two sons, Ian and Duncan.

After graduation from the Academy, Alec was posted to Deep Space Nine to help in its conversion to Star Base Charlie. It was there that he and Mary fell in love with Bajor and Bajorian culture. After spending five years on Star Base Charlie, Alec was then assigned to the USS Titan while Mary and their young son Ian moved off the station to live on Bajor. When the First General War broke out, a pregnant Mary and Ian moved back to Isle of Skye. When the war ended, Alec was then assigned to the Antares Ship Yards near Bajor to assist in designing new star ships to compensate for short comings discovered in Star Fleet vessels during the First General War. To his delight Alec is joined by Mary, Ian and the newest member of the family, Duncan. After six years at Antares ship yard, Alec was then assigned as Chief Engineer of the USS Pulsar when the Second Federation/Romulan war broke out. Mary and the boys returned home to Skye. After serving three years on the Pulsar, Alec accepts promotion as First Officer to the USS Clark, Mary and the children continued to live on Skye.

While serving on the Clark, Alec and a few other fortunate crew members escape death when their ship is destroyed by an unknown alien race when the aliens invade Federation Space. Though the ship is destroyed, Alec is praised and received a commendation for saving as many crew members as possible. He is then promoted and given command of the USS Excelsior. Much to his delight, Mary joins Alec aboard the Excelsior, however; the boys decided to remain in Scotland to attend school. Three years later, Alec is promoted to Commodore and put in charge of the Antares Ship Yards. When Inquisition forces invade nearly four years later, Alec and Mary are in Portree attending Angus’ funeral who had died suddenly. Alec struggled with the double blow of not only losing his father but also the loss of the shipyard, Star Base Charlie, Bajor and other Federation facilities.

Without a command or an assignment, Alec took a short leave of absence to spend time with Mary and family in Scotland. An assignment finally became available that was suited for his talents and Alec is offered and accepts the position making him Deputy Commander of Star Base Alpha.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Engineering
Academy Minor(s): Operations, History
Hobbies and Pastimes: Sailing, fishing, reading, history.
Short-Term Goals: Succeed in his new position as Deputy Base Commander
Long-Term Goals: Achieve the Rank of Admiral
Personality: Alec is cheerful and friendly, reserved.
Sense of Humor: Alec has a dry sense of humor, light-hearted.
Phobias: None
Likes: Sharing anecdotes, telling stories, the sea, sailing, being with is family and Skye, star ships.
Dislikes: Disrespectfulness, hot weather, sloppiness.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Clutter, laziness.
Achievements: Alec considers his entire Star Fleet career thus far a great achievement, as well as his long marriage and two sons.
Disappointments: Not having a daughter, not finishing top of his class at the Academy.
Strengths: Good communication skills, clear headedness, rational, steadfastness, personality.
Weaknesses: Although he is not easily riled, Alec can have a nasty temper when pushed.
Fears: Dying alone and having his wife or kids die before him.
Prejudices: Romulans
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Alec prefers loose shirts and comfortable trousers when not in uniform.
Distinguishing Features: Alec’s snow white hair and Scottish accent.
Pets: Skye, a four year old Scottish deerhound
Friends: Alec has lots of friends.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: The Death of his father and the Destruction of the Antares Ship Yards, Bajor and other Star Fleet facilities during the Inquisition invasion, the loss of the USS Clark.
Best Time: Star Fleet Graduation, his wedding, family gatherings.
Most Crucial Experience: The various wars he has fought in during his career, Surviving the destruction of the USS Clark.
Role Model: His father Angus.

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