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Krell Varok
Career Occupation
Physics Professor
USS Challenger, CX-1986
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
173 cm (5 ft. 8 in.)
90.7 kg (200 lb.)
Eye Color:
Pale Gray, Barely Visible Pupil
Hair Color:
Short, Slightly Balding
Somewhat Large, but not overly stocky for his height
Pale white, due to lack of skin Pigment
Deep, full, and loud
Aenar Home City, Northern Wastes of Andoria
Familial Relationships
Status of Parents:
Still alive, and living in the home city. Krallia works as a nurse, and Drokos works as a Teacher
Shellia (Shen), 47/ Carthob (Thaan), 43
Marital Status:
Never Married, Never wants to be

Personal History

Krell Varok, or Dr. V, as his students have loving called him, was born to a middle class Aenar family, in what he knows as the Home city. He had a very happy childhood, and he and his younger siblings were always greeted by their loving, caring, and sometimes overly protective mother when they arrived home. Shortly after, Drokos would arrive, usually with his work, and the family would eat together. This was the daily routine, and on some days, the family was treated to a visit from Krallia’s brother, Drix.

Drix was an engineer of moderate renown, working his way up through the working class of Andorian/Aenar society, and achieving a modest fortune in the process. He had also traveled the worlds, and had a great many gifts that he gave the three children. He also had stories of his adventures, or, as Krallia called them, the misadventures of Uncle Drix. Krell was always fascinated by these stories, and wanted to travel with Drix whenever he Left Andoria.

Krell achieved this at age twenty, when he had completed his education, and spent a year and a half as his father’s assistant. He went with Drix on a tour of the quadrant, visiting Vulcan, Tellar, and Earth, stopping at starbases and outposts along the way. The last stop was the legendary Daystrom Institute, where Krell would spend the next fifteen years of his life, gaining Doctorates in Physics, Temporal Physics, and Quantum Physics. Krell then left the Institute, for a year, to rush back to Andoria.

When Krell left the school, it was due to the ‘Accident’, as the family still calls it. Uncle Drix had been killed in a freak building collapse on the edge of the Home city. It had been a novice error, and the man responsible was serving as an apprentice. He had a friend in the courts, however, and got off without any real punishment. Ever since this experience, Krell has always despised those who act above the law, and has given several lecture tours based on ethics, and political procedure.

After Krell had returned to the Daystrom Institute, he began to teach. He became the Basic Physics professor, and had become a member of the Physical Sciences Committee. After teaching for 8 years total, Krell was offered a different position, and he accepted. He was then the Director of the Temporal Physics laboratory, at the fairly young age of 42. Dr. Varok, or, Dr. V as he became known, became Director K. Varok. Krell also held a minority seat on the Federation Science Council’s Physical Science consultation board. Krell held these positions for another eight years, and, at the age of 50, decided to travel around the quadrant, lecturing and listening in many of the great schools. During what he calls his own ‘misadventures’, Krell revisited the four founding planets of the Federation, and studied many kinds of Sciences related to his own. He studied many other fields on these worlds, such as medicine on Earth, engineering on Tellar, and biology and Vulcan. After Krell had traveled and studied for 7 years he returned to his ‘home’ at the Daystrom Institute, and, hearing of ‘Project Challenger’ Decided to apply. During his travels, however, he was injured by a jealous engineer on Tellar, who ‘accidentally’ crushed Krell’s legs with a hoversled.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Krell did not attend Star Fleet Academy, but majored in Physics at the Daystrom Institute. He later majored in Temporal and Quantum Physics
Academy Minor(s): Minored in Temporal and Quantum Physics until he receives his doctorate in Physics. These then became majors
Hobbies and Pastimes: Reading, Writing, Spending Time with Family and Friends
Short-Term Goals: Become a respected researcher, and make a name for himself, outside of the Daystrom world. Join the Challenger Project, to use Starfleet’s superior resources to work on his intense studies.
Long-Term Goals: Discover a breakthrough in his field, and become a historical figure, whether in the scientific world, as Daystrom himself did, or in the Aenar community, as Drix did.
Personality: Bombastic, Erratic, Eccentric, Passionate, and some would describe him as Overbearing, pushy, and demanding
Sense of Humor: Dry, bitter, and sarcastic. Enjoys puns and crude humor as well.
Phobias: Condemned Buildings, bad engineers.
Likes: Physics of course, Cold weather, snow, ice, etc. Chess, holo novels
Dislikes: Excuse makers, whiners, know it alls, slackers
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Excuses, plain and simple.
Bad Habits or Vices: drinks a little too much sometimes, is prone to violent outbursts
Achievements: Doctorates in Physics, Temporal Physics, and Quantum Physics.
Disappointments: Having his legs crushed, forcing him to stop his travels, never joining Starfleet.
Illnesses: None, other than his leg injuries
Strengths: His wit, knowledge, and his problem solving abilities
Weaknesses: His legs, Scientific Fields outside of Physical Sciences.
Fears: Losing another family member, reliving another ‘accident’.
Prejudices: Tellarites.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Andorian/Aenar formal, 24/7(Since he is a civilian), white and grey in color.
Distinguishing Features: He walks with a limp due to several injuries, and he has white skin and hair
Pets: None
Friends: His uncle Drix, who taught him many of life’s valuable lessons. Drix was his mother’s eldest brother, who died tragically in a building collapse.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Losing his uncle and, the rigged trial that ensued afterwards.
Best Time: Traveling the quadrant with Uncle Drix, and visiting the many bases and outposts of Starfleet
Most Crucial Experience: Leaving Andoria to explore the vast worlds outside of his frigid home world.
Role Model: Uncle Drix, and Richard Daystrom, the human scientist who made many computer science breakthroughs

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