Valkyrie Class Attack Fighter

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The Valkyrie-class Attack Fighter is a fighter-class starship.

United Federation of Planets logo.pngValkyrie Class Attack FighterUnited Federation of Planets logo.png
Valkyrie-class Fighter
United Federation of Planets
Type: Fighter
Length: 11 Meters
Beam: 7 Meters
Height: 3 Meters
Mass: 34 Metric Tons
Decks: 1
Crew Compliment: Standard: 2 (Pilot/Tactical Officer)
Warp Speed: Type: 2 Type 1B Nacelles (Fighter size)
Cruise Speed: 3
Sustainable Speed: 3.2
Emergency Speed: 3.5 (2 hour automatic shutdown)
Impulse Engines: Type:2 Main Impulse Engines (Type 2 - Fighter)
Speed: .7 C
Defensive Systems: Type 1 Deflector
Armament: Phasers: 2 banks of 1 Type G (F)
Torpedoes: 2 Micro-Launchers (2F) (2 Microtorpedo compliment per launcher)
Other Capabilities: None
Computer System: Daystrom Industries HSCS-1
Tractor/Repulsor: None
Sensors: Andorian Industries FSMSA-1

Cockpit View