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Beka Sydesh
Career Occupation
Medical Officer
USS Artemis, EX-11000
Time on Site:
Longevity Medal 0
Biographical Attributes
Full Name:
Beka Sydesh
173 cm (5 ft. 8 in.)
68 kg (150 lb.)
Eye Color:
Bright emerald green
Hair Color:
Fiery red
Double dutch braid on duty. Off duty, normally worn loose
Long-legged and athletic, muscular but still very feminine in the curve of her hips and her shoulders
Almost ghostly pale
Beka’s voice naturally seems almost too loud to come from such a relatively small being – she can bellow across decks without the slightest problem. It’s something she’s acutely aware of though, and she takes great pains to use a softer, ‘inside’ voice
United Federation of Planets
(N/A) 00.00
Familial Relationships
Venin Sydesh
Ester Sydesh
Daan(28), Danika (24)
Marital Status:

Personal History

Beka grew up on the frontier world of Eisnor. It was a spectacular planet at the extreme north of Federation territory, all soaring mountain ranges, active volcanos and thick jungles. There was so much to study and so much mineral wealth as yet untapped, that a colony was settled there. Both Beka’s parents were born there, the first generation of Eisnoran natives. The colony was originally settled by a fringe group of survivalists, who had been backed by industry in exchange for first refusal on anything that came out of the ground. There was no rancour towards the Federation but the Eisnorans were determined to try and make it on their own.

Education on Eisnor was very much slanted towards the practical rather than the theoretical; everyone in the society needed to find themselves a role fairly quickly and then prepare whilst they grew into their teens. In Beka’s case, she decided early on she wanted to be a doctor. There was a strong protective instinct that ran right through her and she had a knack for knowing what to do to help someone. Her unflappable demeanour was a perfect fit for someone who needed to calm someone in pain and establish what was wrong. And so she was taught how to handle injuries from cuts to broken bones, and identify poisons and bites from the symptoms that she was presented with.

When Sydesh was a little over 15 years old, Eisnor suffered a catastrophic event. For reasons nobody had time to figure out, the planet’s magnetic field went through a series of fluctuations, and these triggered volcanos across the world. Within a week, the once clear blue skies were choked black with ash and sulphur, and magma streams ran through the settlements. The people just about managed to get a distress signal out before the power grid collapsed and they had to cluster together in the few remaining safe areas and hope for help.

The ships that came to Eisnor’s rescue were a motley collection of freighters and tankers, the only vessels willing and able to divert. Beka was at the very front of the efforts for her town, making sure everyone got on board a shuttle and was carried away to safety. She forced her own family onto one of the first ships out and stayed back to help. Unfortunately, her own ride was hit by flying rock from an eruption and crashed in the equatorial jungle. She doesn’t remember much of what happened but she regained consciousness on board an aging cargo vessel called the Riftrunner with nothing but some minor cuts and bruises.

The Riftrunner arrived at Starbase 223 near Corinth with the other stragglers. Much to Beka’s dismay she had been listed amongst the dead, and her family had already packed up and moved on by the time she arrived. They were gone and she had absolutely no idea where to. She had nothing of her own and nowhere to stay, and even though the Sydesh family had no way of knowing she was still alive, their leaving broke Beka’s heart.

Not thinking straight, she accepted an offer from the Riftrunner’s captain for sanctuary on board the ship, in exchange for his help trying to trace her family. Beka didn’t realise how much of a mistake she’d made until the first skirmish. The Riftrunner’s crew were space trash scavengers, cruising the Alteran Expense looking for things they could sell to the Ferengi, the Romulans or the Federation and living perilously close to the edge.

It was a harsh existence but one that Beka was well equipped to survive. She was smart enough to learn how to help keep the engines ticking over as well as the crew, and picked up a lot about how to defend herself and use a gun when she had to.

When the ship’s doctor, a jaded and deeply unpleasant man known as Tox, was killed during a confrontation with a Romulan transport, Beka took his place. She was young but already her intelligence and drive were obvious, and she had one massive plus on her side – those that she treated usually survived, even those that should have succumbed to the treacherous conditions, dangerous lifestyle and poor diet. She really thrived with the responsibility and the respect it brought her amongst the crew.

It was 2 years later when the Riftrunner’s luck finally ran out, and the ship was all but destroyed by a Ferengi marauder. Beka and the handful of survivors were rescued by the USS Phoenix. It wasn’t a simple rescue – the Riftrunner was a big ship and the Star Fleet team had to go in wearing environmental suits. When they reached the makeshift infirmary they found Beka, covered in the blood of those she was still trying to treat even as the ship fell apart around her.

The Phoenix’s CO, Cdr Vonn D’Jaoun, took a personal interest in Sydesh. She was fascinated by the young redhead, who had the conviction to argue with the medical staff trying to treat her and the other Riftrunner survivors. What really caught the CO’s attention was how Beka would take in the detailed explanations that she pressed for and accept the corrections. Vonn decided quickly that she wanted to steer Beka towards Star Fleet, seeing the potential the girl had.

The Phoenix was on a long patrol and wouldn’t return to Starbase for another 6 months; when the rest of the Riftrunner’s crew transferred to a passenger liner en route to a Starbase, Beka stayed on at D’Jaoun’s request. The CO taught her young charge how to access the wealth of information available from the ship’s computer and helped guide her studies, pointing her to medical texts to fill in gaps in her knowledge and broaden her education, whilst getting her time with the medics in Sickbay.

Once the Phoenix returned to base, Vonn urged Beka to travel to Earth to a school that specialised in helping those who had an incomplete education, as a precursor to the Academy and a Star Fleet career. A revitalised Sydesh didn’t need telling twice. The teachers there worked to harness her ferocious drive and temper her apparently limitless enthusiasm, and a calmer person emerged at the end of it.

The Academy soon followed. Being surrounded with people who were just as keen and able as her was a revelation to Beka and she threw herself into her studies. She was one of those students who worked hard and made those around her work harder, fuelled by her competitive streak and wicked sense of humour. She was most definitely not universally popular though, as those same qualities could alienate some just as much as drive others. She took it in her stride, learning the lesson that as a medic she was obligated to help everyone regardless of their opinions of each other.

When the time came to graduate, Vonn D’Jaoun came back to Earth for the ceremony. The two of them spent a long time catching up, and the words of encouragement from her mentor gave Sydesh a massive lift as she readied herself for her first assignment

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Medical training, following the surgical track and specialising in trauma and emergency medicine
Academy Minor(s): Sydesh went down the surgical track, specialising in trauma and emergency medicine with modules in xenobiology and advanced surgical techniques. Unusually she also studied field engineering. She learned a lot of shortcuts and bodges keeping the Eisnoran equipment and the Riftrunner going, many of which were considered needlessly dangerous by actual engineers. For her it was important to learn the ‘right way’ to do things, even if it did keep her at the Academy another year
Hobbies and Pastimes: Beka spends a lot of time at the gym working out. Her fascination for prizefighting, started by watching illicit video feeds on the Riftrunner, meant that her taking up martial arts and boxing was inevitable. She’s proved very capable, relying on speed and a surprising power that’s dumped many sparring partners face-first onto a crash mat. Unusually, she also doesn’t need any prodding at all to keep up with her Continuous Professional Development goals, keeping up with the latest developments with a genuine interest
Short-Term Goals: Establish herself on board a Star Fleet vessel and save her first life in a teal tunic
Long-Term Goals: There’s no hiding her ambition – Beka wants to be a ship’s captain one day. She knows it could be 10 or 20 years before she’s ready for that, if she’s ever ready, but she’s more than driven enough to apply herself and push hard to get there
Personality: Beka is extroverted, loud and polarising, and has grown into a muscular and athletic young woman who can more than handle herself physically. But underneath all that is a formidable intellect, an icy calmness under fire and someone who will move mountains to do the best for anyone that needs her help
Sense of Humor: The killer one-liner to lighten the mood or bring someone down a peg or two is Beka’s hallmark
Phobias: Being left unable to help herself is a recurring nightmare – the very idea of being left vulnerable and reliant on others is something she’s not been able to get over
Likes: Spicy food, good company and indulging her outright strange idea of fashion
Dislikes: She hates being dismissed because of her age or what people think she should be
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Like most doctors she’s a terrible patient herself
Bad Habits or Vices: Beka is hyper-competitive, and freely admits to being an awful loser
Achievements: Overcoming her difficult childhood to join Star Fleet is easily her biggest achievement to date. She’s ambitious enough to want to replace that very soon though
Disappointments: Not being able to trace her family despite the efforts she’s gone to. She still hopes that one day, she’ll be able to find them and show them what she made of herself
Illnesses: Beka suffered with malnutrition right up until she was rescued by the USS Phoenix. She needed infusions and minor surgery to correct her development but is now healthy and strong
Strengths: Incredible coolness under pressure, ability to improvise and learn quickly
Weaknesses: Her drive can be abrasive, her calmness misinterpreted as a lack of urgency and there are many social cues that she’ll miss or not understand. She will often have to be ordered to abandon a lost cause or to let something go
Fears: Making a mistake and killing someone in her care. It happened before on the Riftrunner through inexperience and now that she’s had full Star Fleet training, Beka feels that there are no excuses for it happening again
Prejudices: Beka can’t understand why people are proud of being in the same job for x amount of years. She believes that they should always be trying to improve themselves, and isn’t shy about telling them that
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Eclectic would be putting it mildly. She’s been known to turn out in anything from jeans and combat boots to floofy dresses and skyscraper heels. Her idea of fashion does not match with anyone else’s, but it doesn’t stop her indulging in clothes
Distinguishing Features: When she arrived on Earth, Beka was covered in scars and tattoos from a harsh few years in space. She had everything removed apart from 2 of the tattoos. There’s an ornate stylised phoenix wrapped around her upper left arm, with the wings reaching across the front and back of her shoulders. On the underside of her right forearm is a scroll with the words Can’t Rain All the Time, one of her father’s favourite sayings. As she normally works with her sleeves rolled up, the latter tattoo is usually visible
Friends: There’s a special place in Beka’s heart for Commander Vonn D’Jaoun, the CO of the USS Phoenix, who rescued Sydesh from the wreckage of the ship she had lived on. The human / Bajoran woman saw something in Beka and took the time to win the girl’s trust, sponsoring her entry into a special ‘catch-up’ school and ultimately the Academy. They’re still in touch, the Commander watching over her headstrong charge, and the newly qualified Midshipman using the experienced officer as a sounding board and source of much-needed advice. The phoenix tattoo on Sydesh’s arm is a tribute to Cdr D’Jaoun, the person who gave her a future
Referrer: Former player 5 or so years ago

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Being separated from her family on Starbase 223. Beka had forced them onto one of the first transports off Eisnor and it proved to be a fateful decision. After her shuttle crashed Beka was listed as a casualty and they were told she couldn’t possibly have survived. Stricken with grief, the Sydesh family shipped out the day before the Riftrunner finally docked, almost a week after the first ships from Eisnor. The realisation was a crushing weight on young Beka’s shoulders.

The wound caused by the separation is still an open one. Even with the help of Federation resources, Beka has been completely unable to find her family, and it still eats away at her whether she’ll admit it or not. The fact that the Eisnoran settlers were independent means that the Sydesh family probably moved off to another world outside of Federation jurisdiction but that’s a total guess on Beka’s part. She just doesn’t know. And if they have left, they could have gone literally anywhere.

Signing up to Star Fleet was a decision that she completely stands by. As a career path, it’s already given her so much. But there’s that nagging doubt at the back of her mind that she can’t silence, that says her parents would disapprove, that they’d be disappointed that she didn’t stand on her own. It’s a huge part of where her drive to succeed comes from. The more she’s accomplished by the time she does finally track them down, and she holds onto the belief that she will find them, the less the chances that they’ll reject her
Best Time: Being taken under Cdr D’Jaoun’s wing on board the USS Phoenix. Beka started to grow as a person in more ways than one. She had always had to scrap and fight for every morsel of food, between the rations on Eisnor and the competition for enough to eat on her old crew. There was very little meat on her bones when she first came aboard the Phoenix, to the point where she needed infusions and minor surgery to get her malnourished body to develop properly. The Phoenix showed her there was another way. With a literally bottomless feast available via the ship’s replicators and a fully stocked gym, Beka filled out quickly and developed a taste for exercise that she still hasn’t lost
Most Crucial Experience: When she was introduced to Disney films on Earth, having just turned 18. She didn't hit puberty until late because of her development problems, but then it all hit her at once. At first Beka couldn’t get enough of the Disney princesses, and it took her a while to understand that it wasn’t because she wanted to be one, it was because she was developing a crush on Elsa and Aurora. At first she thought she was gay, but it soon became apparent that whilst she preferred women, she could be attracted to someone regardless of gender or species. When she realised she was pansexual and that there were others like her, she felt truly comfortable in her own skin for the first time
Role Model: Beka isn’t entirely comfortable with the idea of role models – she wants to be herself and not dedicate her life to being like someone else. But she looks up to Vonn D’Jaoun most of all and if there was someone she would want to be like, it’s the half-Bajoran captain

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Cadet Star Fleet Academy 22004.16 Graduate Graduate
Medical Officer USS Artemis, EX-11000 22004.17 Midshipman Midshipman
Medical Officer USS Artemis, EX-11000 22006.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Medical Officer USS Artemis, EX-11000 22012.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Medical Officer USS Artemis, EX-11000 22012.01 Star Fleet Commendation Medal Star Fleet Commendation Medal
Medical Officer USS Artemis, EX-11000 22102.20 Ensign Ensign
Medals Tally:
Service Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Star Fleet Commendation Medal Star Fleet Commendation Medal 1
Achievement Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month 2

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