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United Federation of Planets logo.pngUSS Philadelphia, FSV-66053United Federation of Planets logo.png
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Rhode Island Class Survey Vessel
United Federation of Planets


The USS Philadelphia is named for the largest city in Pennsylvania, situated in south-eastern region of the State, on the west bank of the Delaware River. The Schuylkill River flows through Philadelphia and The city is about 160 km north of the point where the Delaware River empties into Delaware Bay. Philadelphia gets its name from two Greek words meaning "city of
brotherly love."

Few cities in the North American Land Mass are more imbued with early U.S. (The United States of America, Unifying Organization in this Region, Predating Star Fleet by Roughly 400 Years, No longer in Existence after New Earth Government Established in the late 21st Century) history than Philadelphia. It was founded in 1681 by William Penn, an English Quaker, who planned it as the center of his ambitious colonizing scheme for what would become the state of Pennsylvania. The town quickly prospered, thanks to peace treaties Penn signed with the Delaware Indians that permitted the Quakers (and other religious dissenters) to settle the area.

Philadelphia's second major figure was Benjamin Franklin. He arrived in Philadelphia in 1723 as a young man and went on to become the city's leading citizen. By 1775 the city was the colonies' largest, with more than 25,000 inhabitants, and it played an important role in the American Revolution and in the early years of independence.

The two greatest documents of U.S. history—the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution—were both drawn up and signed at Philadelphia. The city was the seat of the Continental Congress and thus served as the capital of the colonies during the Revolution (except when it was under British occupation) and then became the capital of the new republic from 1790 to 1800.

The following vessels have held the name Philadelphia

  • USS Philadelphia, Gondola in service in 1776 (Old Earth calendar).
  • USS Philadelphia, 28-gun sailing frigate was in service from 1794 - 1804 (Old Earth calendar).
  • USS Philadelphia, Frigate was in service from 1800-1803 (Old Earth calendar).
  • USS Philadelphia, C-4; Cruiser served from 1889 - 1902 (Old Earth calendar).
  • USS Philadelphia, CL-41; Light Cruiser in service from 1940-1945 (Old Earth calendar).
  • USS Philadelphia, SSN 690; Los Angeles Class Attack Submarine launched 1977 (Old Earth calendar).
  • USS Philadelphia, FF-6053; First starship to bear the name as of existing Star Fleet records from approximately 2160 through 2399.
    It was destroyed during the Attack on the Borg Megasphere.

Current: USS Philadelphia, FSV-66053
Vessel Class: Rhode Island

Vessel Dedication Quote

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
- Benjamin Franklin

Commanding Officers

Captain Jennifer Braggins (242106.16-)

Auxiliary Craft

Waverider Support Craft

  • USS Liberty Bell - 66053-A

Shuttlepods - Type-10

  • Gritty - 66053/1
  • Phanatic - 66053/2

Player Crew Manifest

Rank Name Position Species Email
Command Staff
Com-capt.jpg Jennifer Braggins Commanding Officer Augment E-Mail
Com-lcdr.jpg Peter Jensen First Officer Human E-Mail
Tactical Department
Tac-lcdr.jpg Margaret Murphy Chief Tactical Officer Human E-Mail
Tac-lt.jpg Teresa Black Tactical Officer Human E-Mail
Security Department
Sec-lcdr.jpg Shione Kurasa Chief of Security Vulcan/Betazoid E-Mail
Sec-mid.jpg Vaebn Donatra Security Officer Romulan/Klingon E-Mail
Engineering Department
Eng-lt.jpg Altairi Hydish Chief Engineer Ktarian/Human E-Mail
Eng-lt.jpg Emily Sloane Engineer Human E-Mail
Science Department
Sci-lt.jpg K'ehley Chief Science Officer Klingon E-Mail
Medical Department
Med-lt.jpg Raven Hurst Chief Medical Officer Human/Vulcan E-Mail

See the Complete Crew Manifest for Complete Manifest including NRCs.


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