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United Federation of Planets logo.pngUSS Intrepid, CA-1708United Federation of Planets logo.png
Avenger Class Heavy Cruiser
United Federation of Planets
Commanding Officer
Captain Gabriel Archer
Inactive (241902.01)
Type: Heavy Cruiser (CA)
Length: 650 Meters
Beam: 350 Meters
Height: 100 Meters
Mass: 3,651,300 Metric Tons
Decks: 23 Deck Plans
Crew Compliment: Standard: 173 Officers, 691 Enlisted Crew Breakdown
Emergency: 1,500
Warp Speed: Type: 2 Main Warp Engines (Type 6D)
Cruise Speed: 6 (3 with saucer separation)
Sustainable Speed: 9.2 (7 with saucer separation)
Emergency Speed: 9.6 (12 hour automatic shutdown)
Impulse Engines: Type: 1 Main Impulse Engine (MIE),
2 Secondary Impulse Engines (SIE)
Speed: .93 C
Defensive Systems: Type 1 Main Shield Generator (MSG-2)
Other Defensive Systems: Sensor Cloak, Ablative Armour
Armament: Phasers: 2 banks of 3 Type 1 (P/S)
3 banks of 2 Type 1 (2F/1A-360D)
Torpedoes: 5 Torpedo Launchers (3F/2A)
Payload: 100 Quantum, 250 Photon Torpedoes, additional material for 100.
Computer System: Daystrom Industries HSCS-2
Tractor/Repulsor: 2 Main Tractor/Repulsor Beams,
6 Docking Tractors,
2 Shuttle Tractors
Shuttlecraft: 1 Bay (A), 8 Shuttles (6 Type 7, 2 Type 9A),
1 Runabout (Type 1). 1 Seleya Class Captains Yacht
Sensors: Andorian Industries FSMSA-2
Offensive Rating: 80%
Defensive Rating: 80%
Maneuverability Rating: 60%
CER: 73.7%

The USS Intrepid, CA-1708 is a Avenger-class heavy cruiser, was assigned to the 1st Fleet. Launched on Stardate 20208.19 under the command of Captain Michael Drake, Intrepid was quickly moved from her originally intended assignment with the 1st Fleet to operate under Star Fleet Intelligence. After several years of covert operations, Intrepid was transferred back to regular fleet operations with the 1st Battle Group and, after a subsequent reorganization, the 1st Fleet. Under the command of Captain Jeremy Phillips, Intrepid saw regular action as part of her assignment to Battle Group Alpha-1 including front line engagement during the Terran Empire/Grath crisis. Disabled during her encounter with the Grath, Intrepid underwent an extensive refit before returning to active duty. With the loss of Space Station Sierra-18 and the Bajoran System, Intrepid was recalled to Earth and transitioned to Independent Operations within the 1st Fleet. This development would also see the assignment of a new crew and the vessels third commanding officer, Captain Gabriel Archer.


The Essex-class aircraft carrier USS Intrepid, CV-11 was in fact the 4th ship to carry that name, and had served in World War II as well as in the Vietnam War. During her time in active duty she had earned the nickname "the Fighting I."

The HMS Intrepid, L-11 the 8th ship to carry that name, was a Fearless classed amphibious warfare ship of the Royal Navy in the 20th century. She saw action in the British operation to retake the Falkland Islands in 1982. She landed troops in amphbious assaults on the Islands and the Argentine surrender was signed on her deck at the conclusion of the Falklands War.

The Constitution Classed USS Intrepid NCC-1631 of the 23rd Century The Excelsior Classed USS Intrepid NCC-38907 of the early 24th century USS Intrepid NCC-74600 of the late 24th century, first of the Intrepid classed cruiser line that the famous USS Voyager NCC-74656 belonged to.

Current: USS Intrepid, CA-1708
Vessel Class: Avenger Class Heavy Cruiser

Commanding Officers:
Captain Michael Drake (Stardate 240208.19 - 240610.23)
Captain Jeremy Phillips (Stardate 240610.23 - 241201.29)
Captain Gabriel Archer (Stardate 241201.29 - present)

Vessel Dedication Quote

"The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible."
-Arthur C. Clarke.

Crew Manifest

This crew manifest includes all PCs and registered NPCs.
Command Staff
Com-capt.jpg Gabriel Archer Commanding Officer Human E-Mail
Com-cdr.jpg Dietrich Kaiser First Officer Human E-Mail
Tactical Department
Tac-lcdr.jpg Elizabeth Rage Chief Tactical Officer Human E-Mail
Tac-blank.jpg Vacant Tactical Officer ------------- E-Mail
Engineering Department
Eng-lt.jpg Remiliard Landry Chief Engineer Human E-Mail
Eng-ens.jpg Jayal Darmar Engineer Cardassian / Bajoran E-Mail
Eng-mid.jpg Mariano Devlin Engineer Ardanan E-Mail
Security Department
Sec-cdr.jpg Theodore Caldecott Chief of Security Human/Betazoid E-Mail
Sec-lcdr.jpg Brocor Korl Security Officer Brikar E-Mail
Sec-ltjg.jpg Elaina MacClare Security Officer Human E-Mail
Science Department
Sci-cdr.jpg Phoenix Carter Chief Science Officer Human E-Mail
Sci-ltjg.jpg Martin Fields Science Officer Human E-Mail
Medical Department
Med-lt.jpg Marissa Stoneheart Chief Medical Officer Human E-Mail
Med-lt.jpg Michelle Price Medical Officer Human E-Mail
Med-ens.jpg Luke Erdos Medical Officer Human E-Mail
Last Update: 21808.25

Active Temp-NPCs

This part of the crew manifest includes all Temp-NPCs that are approved and used by the crew on regular bases.
Command Staff
Com-cmcpo.png Daniel Scott Command Master Chief Human/Klingon E-Mail
Com-cma.png Rachel Dumont Yeoman Human E-Mail
Tactical Department
Tac-lt.jpg Megan O'Neill {Stoneheart} Tactical Officer Human E-Mail
Tac-lt.jpg Anja Svensson {Stoneheart} Assistant Chief Tactical Officer Human E-Mail
Tac-lt.jpg Jason Nash Weapons Specialist Human E-Mail
Tac-lt.jpg Sandra Sanchez {Stoneheart} Navigation Specialist Human E-Mail
Tac-ltjg.jpg Andrea Giroux {Stoneheart} Communications Specialist Human E-Mail
Tac-ltjg.jpg Rebecca Bennet Tactical Officer Human E-Mail
Tac-ltjg.jpg Aaron Chambers Tactical Officer Human E-Mail
Tac-ens.jpg Zane Miller Tactical Officer Human E-Mail
Tac-ens.jpg Steven Howell Tactical Officer Human E-Mail
Tac-ens.jpg Natasja Erbanova Tactical Officer Human E-Mail
Tac-mid.jpg Trevor Hoffman Junior Tactical Officer Human E-Mail
Tac-mid.jpg Olya Erener Junior Tactical Officer Human E-Mail
Tac-mid.jpg Tijana di Maria Junior Tactical Officer Human E-Mail
Tac-po1.gif William Bishop Senior Tactical Enlisted Human E-Mail
Engineering Department
Eng-lcdr.jpg Lool {Korl} Engineer Bynar E-Mail
Eng-lt.jpg K'Taar Archen Assistant Chief Engineer Caitian E-Mail
Security Department
Sec-lt.jpg Dresden McNair {Landry} Security Officer Human E-Mail
Science Department
Sci-blank.jpg Science Officer E-Mail
Medical Department
Med-ltjg.jpg Praxis Diomedis Pathologist Centauran E-Mail
Med-po3.gif Gibbo Head Nurse Human E-Mail
Support Department
Sup-lcdr.jpg Zaak Torkin Chief Support Officer Bolian Email
Sup-lt.jpg Samantha Clark Support Officer Human Email

In Memoriam

These are characters killed in action and remembered here.
Reaper Attack - Stardate 21508.15
Med-lcdr.jpg Jordan Thrace Chief Medical Officer Human
Sci-lt.jpg Ki'sa Orano Chief Science Officer Betazoid
Eng-ens.jpg Layna Glau Engineer Orion


Stardate 241210.01

The crew of the USS Intrepid finds themselves alive after thinking themselves all killed. Before they could research the reasoning behind it, they had to deal with the Krynar War. First the crew went to the remains of Space Station Sierra Eighteen. Instead of finding the base they found a group of shards posing as an asteroid chunk. Thankfully the Intrepid’s advanced weapons were able to deal with them. Sensors were knocked out when the crew tested an anti-graviton beam weapon. Intrepid expected an attack that never came, sensors and communications were down causing the crew to knew absolutely nothing of what was going on. Once communications were back online they found themselves trapped behind almost a dozen Shard Capital ships. However, they were never attacked. The crew of the Intrepid, found themselves staring at an identical USS Intrepid, fighting a Shard Capital ship. To stop the eventual time loop, they produced an anyon pulse which knocked them out of the bubble. The crew found themselves waking up as if not ever having dealing with the entire ordeal, but they found a single Shard Capital ship in front of them. Seconds after the Intrepid open fire, the ship went to warp. Afterwards the Intrepid set course for Starbase Alpha.

Stardate 241303.28

With Star Fleet telemetry corresponding with Intelligence data, the Intrepid is sent to the Badlands were the Krynar are believed to be staging their assault. Equipped with a prototype weapon, the Intrepid delves into the badlands with the USS Dover in support. After investigating for some time, the vessel came upon the Krynar staging area: exactly what they were afraid of. Thankfully, the Badlands provided enough disturbances to keep the Intrepid off their sensors. The Intrepid fired its weapon disabling one of their capital ships. However shards were deployed to attack the Federation vessel and the USS Dover had to assist. The prototype weapon was able to destroy the capital ship: a side effect that hadn’t been anticipated, however the weapon itself was overloaded and destroyed. Suffering significant damage, the USS Dover was forced to tractor the USS Intrepid back to starbase.

Stardate 241309.28

Vice President Prenn was charged with negotiations on the recently occupied Tellar Prime. The USS Intrepid was assigned as his escort. Battle Group Epsilon-1 was stationed nearby in case negotiations turned sour. Unofficially the Intrepid was meant to gather as much intelligence as possible on the enemy. Soon after the an away team was sent down, they requested to beam back up. Unfortunately a transport inhibitor had been set up, and so the ship crew attempted to contact the away team. The only response received was written, and did not suffice the crew. A second contact plea was met with an alleged response from the Vice President, although there was no way to verify. Fearful of a kidnapping, the Thomas Jefferson was deployed with Lieutenant Commander DeWitt. The plan was to drop below the transport prohibitor, deploy the marine platoon and place transport boosters to rescue the away team. The Intrepid signaled for the battle group, and retreated to enter formation. However, the Intrepid could not establish any kind of signal with the battle group. Cunningly; the crew of the Intrepid saw through the Krynar deception and instigated a fight between the deception shards and the Avenger-class cruiser. The Intrepid’s fight was getting worse--but before it worsened, the Vice President contacted the ship calling a ceasefire. The entire Star Fleet away team save Lieutenant Darmar was reported MIA. The Vice President and his security detail however, were all accounted for.

Stardate 241402.15

After traveling back in time to successfully save planet Earth from a devastating Krynar assault and turning the tide of war, Captain Archer of the USS Intrepid lead a battle group ready to end the Krynar Inquisition once and for all. Other ships included in the battle group were the USS Avenger, USS Ticonderoga, and the USS Gettysburg. The ships were tasked with firing an anti-graviton at the Krynar facilities in the hopes of destroying them. After entering the system, the Avenger attempted to get itself into proper position for firing only to have the Ticonderoga fire on the ship unexpectedly damaging one of the nacelles. Captain Archer acted quickly and was able to diffuse the situation. Allowing the attack to continue. However, with the use of the anti-graviton weapons had the side effect of destabilizing and destroying the entire Krynar system, practically annihilating the Krynar species and ending the war. Thus ushering a new era peace and prosperity to the Federation.

Stardate 241412.06

With orders to chart a new sector of space, the Intrepid had a change in scenery compared to the Inquisition war. While charting, the Intrepid detected a warp signature in an off limits zone. It turned out that the native species to the planet had just performed their first warp flight; and so the Intrepid adjusted course to make first contact. Upon meeting two liaisons from the planet, the crew sent down a large away team to tour their main facilities. It turned out that the planet only had one above water city, one the only above water island. Materials that had made the warp ship seemingly came from the planet’s moon, indicating a lack of natural metals. The away team also happened to stumble across mass graves while exploring the grounds and facilities. The mass graves turned out to be a second intelligent species on the planet the Minon. The minon had comitted a terrorist attack that was supposed to result in no casualties, however Raza, and the Vjyeeiak, placed fuel tanks in inappropriate positions in hope to escalate the terror. Raza hide their intentions in hope that the Federation would think the Minon to be extremists. Later, the Minon took several Federation officers believing them to be rescuing them from the Vjyeeiak, however Raza pushed the idea that they were being kidnapped. The away team had been injured; most of the team had been captured by the Minon and treated their injuries. Lieutenant Hill was captured by Raza and the Vjyeeiak and was tortured and executed. During the away team’s capture this is when they began to see that Raza had been tainting their views. When delegations got underway, the Intrepid was able to call a ceasefire between the Minon and the Vjyeeiak. The ceasefire allowed for both the Minon and Vjyeeiak to establish a new government.

Stardate 241501.07

Up to this point, Science lab 13 was designated as personal research lab for the Captain, and it was off limit to any of the crew. Not even the Chief of Security had access to it. However, at one day, Lieutenant Orano who was a Betazoid sensed something odd, coming from there so she decided to investigate. She had wandered into the same lab once before when she was a Midshipman, only to find an empty room. Now however, she was faced with a pair of armed guards. While the first resisted letting her in, the second stepped up and confirmed her that she was concerned for the Captain, he had been inside the lab far longer than usual. Risking disrobing his orders, she let Ki'sa in. Inside the lab, she found the same empty room she saw once before as a midshipman. However, this time she sensed a presence at the far side of the room. Eventually, she would be joined by Doctor Thrace and Ensign Jadaris. The three will find a holo-projected wall that revealed the real lab behind it. In the center of the marvelous laboratory sat an artifact of obvious alien design. Origin unknown to anyone in this room. It looked like a large metallic pyramid, silver in color. It had ornate writings and designs on all of its sides, and it was surrounded by a shimmering aura of deep blue light. The glow seemed to shine and dim with the same rhythm as that of a beating heart. A few  feet away from the the artifact, lying on the floor was the motionless body of Captain Gabriel Archer. A scan of the Artifact showed that the Artifact had both mechanical and biological components to it. While such a merge of technology and biological life was known to have been perfected by the Borg, there was no evidence confirming nor denying their involvement in this. Furthermore, the design itself did not look Borg at all. Soon after, the group discovering that The Ordhelm, the name of the artifact that Archer had been studying for months, had trapped Archer's conscious inside it. Ki'sa bonds mentally with Jadaris for Support and they dive in to save the Captain. Inside, they had to deal a medieval prison guard to help Gabriel escape. Eventually, they were successful and getting out of the Ordhelm, however something went wrong and The Captain ended up in Ki'sa's body, Jadaris in Archer's and Ki'sa in Jadaris's body. The Intrepid had to make a detour to Vulcan where the trio underwent a variant of a ritual called Fal-Tor-Pan that replaced each Katra in the right body.

Stardate 241503.19

Because the Krynar war had taken up the Intrepid’s time, exploration efforts had been ceased. Now however, the ship could continue to discovery systems and planets, and new sciences for the Federation. Telemetry had recorded a phenomom in the Gulanda system that had not studied due to the war. It turned out two planets in the system had developed life, one had only achieved Industrial Era technology, while the other had developed well into the space age. The Industrial Era species seemed to have developed a worldwide pandemic that resulted already in a thirty-percent loss of their population. Because of the Prime Directive, the Intrepid had to move on without any sort of additional investigation; Star Fleet Medical however seemed interested. The crew met with the space faring species who seemed to be in a monarchy. Talks were initiated and the Crown Prince appeared. However they were in the middle of a coup attempt and the General of their forces ended up blaming the Federation for the Crown Prince’s coup ordering their blockade fleet to attack the Intrepid. It seemed the General had been heavily blackmailed, and his son was killed on live feed when he allowed the Federation to cure the pandemic. The man who had killed the General’s son was called the Reaper, he appeared in a heavily equipped bird-of-prey looking vessel. It turned out that the Reaper had caused the virus as a showcase for possible buyers, he ended up being heavily connected within the Black Market. Several Intrepid high ranking officers were lost including the Chief Science Officer, but billions on the planet were saved.

Stardate 241512.14

While on route to Outpost 199 to deliver supplies. While on a routine mission to deliver equipment, The Intrepid's sensors picked up a gaseous anomaly floating in space. It looked like a giant gaseous amoeba at first, and the probe we sent showed that it was made of particles that the Federation had never encountered before. Sensors were having trouble penetrating it, and the probe gave a better then we lost contact with it. We still we needed to take more direct action to complete our investigation. I ordered the shuttle USS Spock to prepare for launch and take a closer look at the cloud. As the Intrepid was ready to launch the shuttle, something unexpected happened. An unidentified ship emerged from the cloud. The ship was from 23rd century light cruiser reported missing. The USS Renaissance under the Command of Captain Robin Martin. Communication was established with the Ren, and it was concluded that the cloud itself jumps in time. It had brought the Ren with it from the 23rd century, and now it had pulled in the shuttle Spock. Signs that the cloud was about to jump through time again began to show, and Captain Martin, took the Ren with a skeletal crew back into the cloud in order to save the Spock. That did the trick. In the end, the Intrepid lost no crew members, and 73 crew members of the Ren were saved. Captain Martin, who showed signs of aging because of the time travel associated with the cloud particles, along with her ship and a handful of her crew were declared lost in time. The Intrepid continued on her way to Outpost 199 and completed the mission.

Stardate 241511.15

The USS Intrepid responded to a distress signal from the planet Sorrel IV in the Gamma Quadrant. An away team was sent to the ground to investigate. However, a Solar flare knocked down communication and sensor systems. While sitting blind and unable to contact the away team or the Jefferson, who in turn was gone on a diplomatic mission, an unknown ship blasted its way into the Intrepid's shuttlebay. A fierce battle raged between the hostile intruders and the ship's crew. But in the end the invaders were forced to flee and the ship was safe again. At this point, it became clear that the invaders were a species called the Reapers. They were attacking the planet and culling the Sorrelians. They seemed to have come out of nowhere and gave no reason for the attack. With the ship secured again, the Captain ordered a considerable force to go down to the planet to help protect the locals and extract the away team we sent earlier. No resources were spared in achieving this goal. In the end, the Intrepid was able to save a sizable number of the population and relocated the to a safe colony within the Federation borders. The Unfortunately, during the course of the ground assault, the First Officer, Commander Dietrich Kaiser, was lost in the line of duty. He died heroically while trying to protect a child from the Reapers. Replacing him as First officer was Commander Nathan Storm.

Captain's Logs

First Mission: "Best Cold" - Stardate 241209.01
Second Mission: "The Best Defense" - Stardate 241303.28
Third Mission: "The Lying Game" - Stardate 241309.28
Fourth Mission: "Another Drop in the Ocean" - Stardate 241412.06
Fifth Mission: "Making a House Call" - Stardate 241503.19
Sixth Mission: "A ship in Time" - Stardate 241512.14
Seventh Mission: "Biscuits and Blood" - Stardate 241611.15
Eighth Mission: "Friend or Foe" - Stardate 241712.03
Ninth Mission: "Foraging Fugitives" - Stardate 241807.01

Auxiliary Crafts

USS Thomas Jefferson, ES-17424. A Cicero Classed Escort ship that was assigned to Space Station Sierra Eighteen. She replaced the Seleya Class Captain's Yacht after she brought Sierra's remaining crew to the Intrepid. She is placed in the integrated docking pit at the bottom of the Intrepid's saucer section in place of the Yacht.

USS Kirk, a Type-1 Runabout. Upgraded with a Micro Torpedo launcher fixed on top of the Runabout.
USS Spock, a Type-9A Shuttlecraft.
USS Scott, a Type-9A Shuttlecraft.
USS McCoy, a Type-7 Shuttlecraft (Medical.)
USS Chapel, a Type-7 Shuttlecraft (Medical.)
USS Sulu, a Type-7 Shuttlecraft.
USS Uhura, a Type-7 Shuttlecraft.
USS Chekov, a Type-7 Shuttlecraft.
USS Rand, a Type-7 Shuttlecraft.

Deck Plans

More deck plans will be added as they become available.


Avenger-Class Heavy Cruiser
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