USS Denver, FF-6047

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The USS Denver, FF-6047 is a Berlin-class frigate in service with the Federation Star Fleet.

On Stardate 20603.30, the Denver was reported missing near the Federation border. Star Fleet Command ordered the USS Titan to investigate its disappearance. They followed the Denver's trail to FSG-477, a Class 17 nebula which was close to the frigate's last known coordinates. The Denver had been taken over by Kyogen, a malevolent non-corporeal energy life-form, when it invaded their computer system.

The Denver's crew managed to drive Kyogen from their ship by ejecting their computer cores and bombarding them with radiation. Once the cores' reinstallation was complete, the Denver came to the aid of the Titan, which had subsequently fallen victim to the energy life-form.

The Titan's computer cores were ejected and destroyed, finally killing Kyogen. The Denver proceeded home to Starbase Alpha at low warp with the Titan, the ship that had been sent to rescue them, in tow.