USS Charon NRC Crew List

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This page contains all the listed NPC's that are available for use by players or GM's. Those NPC's that are registered and marked with a players name are for particular players only (These players must be contacted if someone wishes to use them) all the rest are intended for use by anyone as needed.

If anyone wishes to take on any of these personnel as a registered NPC or Alt character then please let your CO or FO know and it can be arranged.

Command Staff
Com-cmcpo.png T'Kol {Sothrick} Chief of the Boat E-Mail
Tactical Department
Tac-lt.jpg Terry Stamp (Human male) Tactical Officer
Tac-ltjg.jpg Alex Canning (Human male) Tactical Officer
Tac-ltjg.jpg Mitchell Farrell (Human male) Tactical Officer
Tac-ens.jpg Dhal Barcos (Betazoid female) Tactical Officer
Tac-ens.jpg Marcia Buillet (Human female) Tactical Officer
Tac-mid.jpg Seamus Flynn (Human male) Tactical Officer
Tac-scpo.gif Grantham Wilks (Human male) Tactical enlisted
Tac-cpo.gif A'Lanna Torkit (Human/Klingon female) Tactical enlisted
Tac-cpo.gif Wilhelm Kurtz (Human male) Tactical enlisted
Tac-po1.gif Callum Riggs (Human male) Tactical enlisted
Tac-po1.gif Tzok (Vulcan male) Tactical enlisted
Tac-po1.gif Janis Aurin (Human/Vulcan female) Tactical enlisted
Tac-po2.gif Jeff Ditz (Human male) Tactical enlisted
Tac-po2.gif Lenny Mills (Human male) Tactical enlisted
Tac-po3.gif Sihjaam Tudin (Unjoined Trill female) Tactical enlisted
Tac-po3.gif Chewia Wamin ( Bolian female) Tactical enlisted
Tac-cm.gif Thil Ch'shethoth (Andorian male) Tactical enlisted
Tac-cm.gif Eingis Ekaga (Betazoid female) Tactical enlisted
Tac-cm.gif Mike Corney (Human male) Tactical enlisted
Tac-cm.gif Jim Meadows (Human male) Tactical enlisted
Tac-cm.gif Zhivnaani (Orion male) Tactical enlisted
Tac-cma.gif T'gutriss (Klingon female) Tactical enlisted
Tac-cmr.gif Delio (Benzite male) Tactical enlisted
Tac-cmr.gif Caitlan Bechtel (Human female) Tactical enlisted
Tac-cmr.gif Chiara Paulsen (Human female) Tactical enlisted
Tac-cmr.gif Chelsea Ducote (Human female) Tactical enlisted
Engineering Department
Eng-ltjg.jpg Benjamin Fuest (Human Male) Engineering Officer
Eng-ltjg.jpg Steve Boxwell (Human Male) Engineering Officer
Eng-ltjg.jpg Jack Crab {Brooks} Engineering Officer E-Mail
Eng-ens.jpg Jeff Anderson (Human male) Engineering Officer
Eng-ens.jpg Carey Baxter (Human male) Engineering Officer
Eng-ens.jpg Grellda (Tellerite female) Engineering Officer
Eng-ens.jpg Sammie Kayler (Human female) Engineering Officer
Eng-mid.jpg Varik (Vulcan male) Engineering Officer
Eng-mid.jpg Scott Burton (Human male) Engineering Officer
Eng-mid.jpg Josh McDermott (Human male) Engineering Officer
Eng-mid.jpg Helen Biggs (Human female) Engineering Officer
Eng-mid.jpg Kayla Vandrell (Human Female) Engineering Officer
Eng-mid.jpg Robert Hutchinson (Human male) Engineering Officer
Eng-mid.jpg John Sutherland (Human male) Engineering Officer
Eng-cpo.gif Jerry Croft (Human male) Engineer Enlisted
Eng-cpo.gif Porter Foxwell (Human male) Engineer Enlisted
Eng-cpo.gif Jogen Kedus (Trill female ) Engineer Enlisted
Eng-po1.gif Trent Wakeman (Human male) Engineer Enlisted
Eng-po1.gif Madalene Hames (Human female) Engineer Enlisted
Eng-po1.gif R'rovh Shotel (Caitian Female) Engineer Enlisted
Eng-po2.gif Ernik (Vulcan male Engineer Enlisted
Eng-po2.gif Dia Corwin (Human female) Engineer Enlisted
Eng-po2.gif Gliv (Tellerite female) Engineer Enlisted
Eng-po2.gif Jea Owyn (Bajoran male) Engineer Enlisted
Eng-po3.gif Gillian Trueman (Human female) Engineer Enlisted
Eng-po3.gif James Grayson (Human male) Engineer Enlisted
Eng-po3.gif Drax (Bolian Male) Engineer Enlisted
Eng-po3.gif Roger Perkins (Human male) Engineer Enlisted
Eng-po3.gif Thomas Blane (Human male) Engineer Enlisted
Eng-cm.gif Lauren Dance (Human female) Engineer Enlisted
Eng-cm.gif Geo Foxworth (Human/Betazoid male) Engineer Enlisted
Eng-cm.gif Clarik (Orion male) Engineer Enlisted
Eng-cm.gif Angela Hewitt (Human female) Engineer Enlisted
Eng-cm.gif Vera Larson (Human female) Engineer Enlisted
Eng-cm.gif Peter Glendening (Human male) Engineer Enlisted
Eng-cm.gif B'Resh (Klingon male) Engineer Enlisted
Eng-cm.gif Jeremiah Watts (Human male) Engineer Enlisted
Eng-cm.gif Elsie Tibbs (Human female) Engineer Enlisted
Eng-cm.gif Chesea Rinator (Bolian female) Engineer Enlisted
Eng-cm.gif Zirhut (Benzite male) Engineer Enlisted
Eng-cm.gif Jhettesh Zh'vaallen (Andorian female Engineer Enlisted
Eng-cm.gif Berto Sap (Bajoran male) Engineer Enlisted
Eng-cm.gif Gishkinnash (Orion female) Engineer Enlisted
Eng-cma.gif Omok Ortrecx (Klingon male) Engineer Enlisted
Eng-cma.gif Mok (Tellarite male Engineer Enlisted
Eng-cma.gif Franklin Hanson (Human male) Engineer Enlisted
Eng-cma.gif Harriet Myers (Human female) Engineer Enlisted
Eng-cma.gif Albert Running-Bear (Human male) Engineer Enlisted
Eng-cma.gif Jayne Sykes (Human female) Engineer Enlisted
Eng-cma.gif Corvis (Caitian male) Engineer Enlisted
Eng-cma.gif Liz Smith (Human female) Engineer Enlisted
Eng-cmr.jpg Rupert Barnes (Human male) Engineer Enlisted
Eng-cmr.jpg Gary Brown (Human male) Engineeer Enlisted
Eng-cmr.jpg Jexx (Bolian male) Engineer Enlisted
Eng-cmr.jpg Renn Pol (Bajoran male) Engineer Enlisted
Eng-cmr.jpg T'Leia (Vulcan female) Engineer Enlisted
Eng-cmr.jpg Shresh (Andorian male Engineer Enlisted
Eng-cmr.jpg Lwuhare Erot (Betazoid female) Engineer Enlisted
Eng-cmr.jpg Selene Rackham (Human female) Engineer Enlisted
Eng-cmr.jpg Guinevere Dering (Human female) Engineer Enlisted
Eng-cmr.jpg Iolanthe Watanabe (Human female) Engineer Enlisted
Security Department
Sec-lt.jpg Harry Callahan (Human male) Secruity Officer
Sec-lt.jpg Selena Jeffries (Human female) Security Officer
Sec-lt.jpg John Cooper {Anderson} Security Officer Human E-mail
Sec-ltjg.jpg Dewan Johnson (Human male) Security Officer
Sec-ltjg.jpg Polly Blaketon (Human Female) Security Officer
Sec-ens.jpg Sepock (Vulcan male) Security Officer
Sec-ens.jpg W'Kahla (Kingon male) Security Officer
Sec-ens.jpg Glaxor (Ferengi Male) Security Officer
Sec-cpo.gif James Warren (Human male) Security Enlisted
Sec-po1.jpg Kazren Koz (Trill Female Joined) Security Enlisted
Sec-po1.jpg Estuk Xorv (Klingon Male) Security Enlisted
Sec-po2.gif Felicia Donahew (Human Female) Security Enlisted
Sec-po2.gif Nicolas Klein (Human Male) Security Enlisted
Sec-po2.gif John Logan (Human male) Security Enlisted
Sec-po3.gif Korn ch'Tok (Andorian male) Security Enlisted
Sec-po3.gif Lucy Lewis (Human Female) Security Enlisted
Sec-po3.gif Amy Jarvis (Human Female) Security Enlisted
Sec-cm.gif Darwin Swick (Human male) Security Enlisted
Sec-cm.gif Derrick Taylor (Human male) Security Enlisted
Sec-cm.gif Torig Khalik (Klingon male) Security Enlisted
Sec-cmr.jpg Eric Carter (Human male) Security Enlisted
Sec-cmr.jpg Scott Clark (Human male) Security Enlisted
Sec-cmr.jpg Shamis Cullen (Human male) Security Enlisted
Sec-cmr.jpg Malik Davis (Human male) Security Enlisted
Sec-cmr.jpg Erick Drake (Human male) Security Enlisted
Sec-cmr.jpg Harvey Morris (Human male) Security Enlisted
Sec-cmr.jpg Andos th'Kolan (Andorian male) Security Enlisted
Sec-cmr.jpg Tom McCroy (Human male) Security Enlisted
Sec-cmr.jpg James Maloran (Human/Bajoran male) Security Enlisted
Sec-cmr.jpg Voll Quinn (Trill male - Unjoined) Security Enlisted
Sec-cmr.jpg Kristine Wade (Human female) Security Enlisted
Science Department
Sci-ens.jpg Jasmine Andrews (Human female) Science Officer
Sci-mid.jpg Ashinr Mohammed (Human male) Science Officer
Sci-po2.gif Xezel (Vulcan male) Science Enlisted
Sci-po2.gif Genuver (Tellerite male) Science Enlisted
Sci-po3.gif Timothy Bernstein (Human male) Science Enlisted
Sci-po3.gif Tolan (Coridan male) Science Enlisted
Sci-cm.gif T'vian (male vulcan) Science Enlisted
Sci-cm.gif Boun (Male Andronian) Science Enlisted
Sci-cm.gif T'Van (Vulcan female) Science Enlisted
Sci-cm.gif Steitz (Antican male) Science Enlisted
Sci-cma.gif Guy Lawry (Human male) Science Enlisted
Sci-cma.gif Anders (human male) Science Enlisted
Sci-cma.gif Yumie (Menk female) Science Enlisted
Sci-cma.gif Miriam Hawke (Female Human Science Enlisted
Sci-cmr.gif Kopec (Efrosian male) Science Enlisted
Sci-cmr.gif Jessie Romberger (Human female) Science Enlisted
Sci-cmr.gif Alistair Theron(Human male) Science Enlisted
Sci-cmr.gif Sabrina Zellen(Human female) Science Enlisted
Sci-cmr.gif Dena Di Albera (Human female) Science Enlisted
Medical Department
Med-ltjg.jpg Harry Langston (Human male) Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Med-ltjg.jpg Kate Fletcher {Brooks} Medical Officer E-Mail
Med-ltjg.jpg Bary Harper (Human male) Medical Officer
Med-ltjg.jpg Aanil O’Shea {Kurasa} Medical Officer Human/Vulcan Email
Med-ens.jpg Aurora Pond {Pond} Medical Officer Human E-mail
Med-ens.jpg Tracey Bridger (Human female) Medical Officer
Med-ens.jpg Conmara (Benzite female) Medical Officer
Med-ens.jpg Ethan Hardy (Human male) Medical Officer
Med-ens.jpg Nibogg (Ferengi male) Medical Officer
Med-mid.jpg Helen Eastman (Human female Medical Officer
Med-mid.jpg Trish Walker (Human female) Medical Officer
Med-mid.jpg Rob Sinclair (Human male) Medical Officer
Med-mid.jpg Adele Crawford (Human female) Medical Officer
Med-cpo.gif Thelma Barrett (Human female) Medical Enlisted
Med-po1.gif Christina Heep (Human female) Medical Enlisted
Med-po1.gif Alice Bell (Human female) Medical Enlisted
Med-po1.gif Laura Kidson (Human female) Medical Enlisted
Med-po1.gif Gloris Perryman (Human female) Medical Enlisted
Med-po1.gif Ignacio Beasley (Bajorian female) Medical Enlisted
Med-po2.gif Elliot Hawley (Human male) Medical Enlisted
Med-po2.gif Tohlo Tharstan (Klingon female) Medical Enlisted
Med-po2.gif Bessus Tahn (Trill female) Medical Enlisted
Med-po2.gif Gejin (Benzite female) Medical Enlisted
Med-po2.gif Steven Hammond (Human male) Medical Enlisted
Med-po3.gif Rachel Hathaway (Human female) Medical Enlisted
Med-po3.gif Jhyshia Zh'chyvarh (Andorian female) Medical Enlisted
Med-po3.gif Ashley Barnes (Human female) Medical Enlisted
Med-po3.gif Invu (Vulcan female) Medical Enlisted
Med-po3.gif Jason Harker (Human male Medical Enlisted
Med-cm.gif T'shir ( Vulcan female) Medical Enlisted
Med-cm.gif Adrienne Coe (Human female) Medical Enlisted
Med-cm.gif Albert Haven (Human male) Medical Enlisted
Med-cm.gif Hannah New (Human female) Medical Enlisted
Med-cm.gif Susan King (Human female) Medical Enlisted
Med-cm.gif ch'Vovol Olt (Andorian male) Medical Enlisted
Med-cm.gif Paul Carter (Human male) Medical Enlisted
Med-cm.gif Sandra O'Leary (Human female) Medical Enlisted
Med-cm.gif Semis Belahino (Bolian female) Medical Enlisted
Med-cm.gif Jimmy Reed (Human male) Medical Enlisted
Med-cm.gif T'Shel (Vulcan female) Medical Enlisted
Med-cm.gif Shannon McGriffth (Human female) Medical Enlisted
Med-cm.gif Lim Tana (Bolian female) Medical Enlisted
Med-cm.gif Derek Conway (Human male) Medical Enlisted
Med-cm.gif Polly Wilson (Human female) Medical Enlisted
Med-cm.gif Boron Th'eqelris (Andorian male) Medical Enlisted
Med-cm.gif Frank Deakon (Human male) Medical Enlisted
Med-cm.gif Sophie Hallet (Human female) Medical Enlisted
Med-cmr.jpg Syperk (Vulcan male) Medical Enlisted
Med-cmr.jpg Lisa O'Brian (Human female) Medical Enlisted
Med-cmr.jpg Hivnihnaa (Orion female ) Medical Enlisted
Med-cmr.jpg Thela Sh'zihloth (Andorian female) Medical Enlisted
Med-cmr.jpg Maria Calder (Human female) Medical Enlisted
Med-cmr.jpg Duncan Smith (Human male) Medical Enlisted
Med-cmr.jpg Leebo Glaipa (Bajoran female) Medical Enlisted
Med-cmr.jpg Sarah Green (Human female) Medical Enlisted
Med-cmr.jpg Fran Willow (Human female) Medical Enlisted
Med-cmr.jpg Pam Parker (Human female ) Medical Enlisted
Med-cmr.jpg Josh Lymn (Human male) Medical Enlisted
Support Department
Sup-lt.jpg Matthew Daniels Chief Support Officer Human E-mail
Sup-ltjg.jpg Ramon Soldado (Human male) Assistant Chief Support Officer
Sup-ltjg.jpg Isabella Bellardo (Human female) Support Officer
Sup-ltjg.jpg Maya Bielski (Human female) Support Officer
Sup-ltjg.jpg Tom Cain (Human male) Support Officer
Sup-ltjg.jpg Horatio Jones (Human male) Support Officer
Sup-ltjg.jpg Rinix (Denobulan male) Chief of Recreation
Sup-ens.jpg Miko Amezaga (Human male) Support Officer
Sup-ens.jpg Moses Amorin (Human male) Support Officer
Sup-ens.jpg Annette Bowles (Human female) Support Officer
Sup-ens.jpg Kristina Kuznevski (Human female) Support Officer
Sup-ens.jpg Evan Wylde (Human male) Support Officer
Sup-ens.jpg Barry Van Dyk (Human male) Support Officer
Sup-ens.jpg David Adams (Human male) Support Officer
Sup-ens.jpg T'pri (Vulcan female) Supprt Officer
Sup-mid.jpg Marco Avery (Human male) Support Officer
Sup-mid.jpg Robin Barraclough (Human male) Support Officer
Sup-mid.jpg Christine Cameron (Human female) Support Officer
Sup-mid.jpg Jayna Caris (Bajoran female) Support Officer
Sup-mid.jpg Morgan Green (Human male) Support Officer
Sup-scpo.gif Gerrard Franklin (Human male) Support Enlisted
Sup-cpo.gif Darryl Mattis (Human male) Support Enlisted
Sup-po1.gif Eric Bannister (Human male) Support Enlisted
Sup-po1.gif Ed Bega (Human male) Support Enlisted
Sup-po1.gif Armand Beto (Risan male) Support Enlisted
Sup-po1.gif Kira Difalco (Human female) Support Enlisted
Sup-po1.gif Jaymie Duffie (Human female) Support Enlisted
Sup-po2.gif Irina Dupree (Human female) Support Enlisted
Sup-po2.gif Gerardo Biscarti (Human male) Support Enlisted
Sup-po2.gif Alicia Gaultney (Human female) Support Enlisted
Sup-po2.gif Felipe Bommanto (Human male) Support Enlisted
Sup-po2.gif Valentina Gomowski (Human female) Support Enlisted
Sup-po3.gif Lanta Gurnett (Human female) Support Enlisted
Sup-po3.gif Boze (Bolian male) Support Enlisted
Sup-po3.gif Joan Hossfeld (Human female) Support Enlisted
Sup-po3.gif Marlin Conell (Risan male) Support Enlisted
Sup-po3.gif Harry 'Hal' Cartwright (Human male) Support Enlisted
Sup-cm.gif Quinton Derenzo (Human male) Support Enlisted
Sup-cm.gif William Dobbin (Human male) Support Enlisted
Sup-cm.gif Annette Fielding (Human female) Support Enlisted
Sup-cm.gif Eleanor Kastanes (Human female) Support Enlisted
Sup-cm.gif Gabrielle Trelawny (Human female) Support Enlisted
Sup-cm.gif Orrais (Vulcan female) Support Enlisted
Sup-cm.gif George Gibb (Human male) Support Enlisted
Sup-cm.gif Roy Kinner (Human male) Support Enlisted
Sup-cm.gif Seloss Zh'zaaqis (Andorian female) Support Enlisted
Sup-cm.gif Anglea Gregoray (Human female) Support Enlisted
Sup-cm.gif Murgeck (Benzite male) Support Enlisted
Sup-cm.gif Kathy Robson (Human female Support Enlisted
Sup-cm.gif Rihr Th'chahlarh (Andorian male) Support Enlisted
Sup-cm.gif George Hamton (Human male) Support Enlisted
Sup-cm.gif Alan Trevelean (Human male) Support Enlisted
Sup-cma.gif Liane Potter (Human female) Support Enlisted
Sup-cma.gif Dawn Dewight (Human female) Support Enlisted
Sup-cma.gif Veken Alkire (Bajoran female) Support Enlisted
Sup-cma.gif Shannah Holland (Human female) Support Enlisted
Sup-cma.gif Gary Brownlow (Human male) Support Enlisted
Sup-cma.gif Arsosh Jesha (Bajoran female) Support Enlisted
Sup-cma.gif Tytao Zh'raokron (Andorian female) Support Enlisted
Sup-cma.gif Gahr (Tellerite male) Support Enlisted
Sup-cma.gif Brian Ladejo (Human male) Support Enlisted
Sup-cma.gif Zoe Leota (Human female) Support Enlisted
Sup-cma.gif Kia Luttrill (Human female) Support Enlisted
Sup-cma.gif Darius MacLarney (Human male) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Rita Bass (Human female) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Jodi Baxter (Human female) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Kara Boyle (Human female) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Oliver Buckley (Human male) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Nicole Chavez (Human female) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Brice Davidson (Human male) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Kirsten Delaney (Human female) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Christian Dodson (Human male) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Bernadette Gaines (Human female) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Vivienne Gonzales (Human female) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Javier Henderson (Human male) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Katie Hewitt (Human female) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Morgan Hill (Human male) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Darren Lancaster (Human male) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Audra Landy (Human female) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Tony Lucas (Human male) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Rod Luzania (Human male) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Linda McCray (Human female) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Adeline Melba (Human female) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Heather Menousek (Human female) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Patrick Moran (Human male) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Sonja Nash (Human female) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Celina Navarro (Human female) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Tom Neill (Human male) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Jeffrey Newland (Human male) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Madelaine Okuhara (Human female) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Andy Olsen (Human male) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Ramon Pacheco (Human male) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Kai Penza (Risan male) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Thaddeus Raetz (Betazoid male) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Leota Raval (Risan female) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Loretta Riggs (Human female) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Stewart Rowe (Human male) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Sarkis (Vulcan male) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Jonathan Schumann (Human male) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Emilio Sherman (Human male) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Roger Sims (Human male) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Austin Sloane (Human male) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Matilda Standing (Human female) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Samantha Steenbergen (Human female) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Yvette Sutton (Human female) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Carey Tilman (Human male) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Preston Timms (Human male) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Clayton Todd (Human male) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Mickey Torres (Human male) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Hans Tyson (Human male) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Tamsin Vitolo (Risan female) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Kendrick Weal (Alpha Centauran male) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Odell Whittaker (Human male) Support Enlisted
Sup-cmr.gif Lewis Woods (Human male) Support Enlisted