USS Aquila, NCC-76853

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United Federation of Planets logo.pngUSS Aquila, NCC-76853United Federation of Planets logo.png
Ross-class Explorer
United Federation of Planets
Commanding Officer
Posting Area
Posting Area
Type: Exploration Cruiser (EC)
Length: 663.2 Meters
Beam: 398.9 Meters
Height: 146.8 Meters
Mass: 4,409,556.7 Metric Tons
Decks: 42 Deck Plans
Crew Compliment: Standard: 250 Officers, 600 Enlisted plus civilian specialists and families.
Emergency: 6,000
Warp Speed: Type: Thrawn-class Warp Core Reactor with
2 Type 7A Warp Nacelles (Secondary Hull)
Cruise Speed: 7.0
Sustainable Speed: 9.0
Emergency Speed: 9.2 (12 hour automatic shutdown)

Secondary Warp Core with 2 Type 1B Warp Nacelles (Saucer)
Cruise Speed: 1.5
Sustainable Speed: 3.0
Emergency Speed: 5.0 (6 hour automatic shutdown)

Impulse Engines: Type: 3 Class 8 Main Impulse Engines (MIE)
Speed: .85 C
Defensive Systems: Type-1A Shield generator
Other Defensive Systems: 30cm Ablative Armour
Armament: Phasers: Dorsal 1x 270-degree Type-I Array(Saucer);
Ventral 1x 270-degree Type-I Array (Saucer);
Lateral 2x 60-degree Type-I Arrays, one starboard, one port(Pylons);
Ventral 1x 60-degree Type-I Array (Secondary Hull);
Torpedoes: 3x Rapid-Fire Quantum/Photon Torpedo Tubes (2F/1A)
Payload: 150 Quantum, 500 Photon on board.
Computer System: Yori-Moto D4D019
Tractor/Repulsor: 2 Main Tractor/Repulsor Beams,
7 Shuttle-Docking Tractors
6 Docking Tractors
Shuttlecraft: 1 Bay (A), 16 Shuttles (8 Type 18, 8 Type 14),
4 Runabouts (Delta Class)
Sensors: SS Sierra 1a8 Deep Space Scientific Sensors
Daystrom Industries HSCS-3SC-A Starship Sensors

The USS Aquila, NCC-76853 is a Ross-class Explorer.


The Aquila was launched in 2395 from McKinley Station in Earth Orbit, one of the first "Flight III" models with refinements to several systems deemed lacking in the previous flights. Assigned to catalogue gaseous anomalies under the command of a relatively new Captain, the Aquila served faithfully if not with any distinction until late 2401. Lured into a nebula by a fraudulent distress call, the lack of tactically-minded officers in key senior positions led to the ship being ambushed and heavily damaged by a pack of Pakled Clumpships. The Bridge module was totally destroyed at the cost of most of the senior staff, and only the actions of a few heroic Ensigns managed to save the ship and the rest of the crew.

After nearly a year undergoing repairs at McKinley, the ship was relaunched in late 2402 under the command of Serran Zann with a different mission profile, better suited to her areas of expertise. Zan's command did not last long, as she was replaced by Captain Braggins prior to a mission through the Bajoran Wormhole to retrieve some Ferengi merchants who had gone missing. The mission tested the Aquila when it was faced with Dominion War-era craft controlled by Romulan telepresence devices, but ultimately proved successful; survivors of the Dominion War were located and the Ferengi were retrieved.

Following this mission, the Aquila passed to another Commanding Officer as Braggins was required elsewhere.


The USS Aquila was named for the Latin and Romance languages word for "eagle."
Specifically, it may refer to:
Aquila (constellation), the astronomical constellation, the Eagle
Aquila (bird), a genus of birds including some eagles

The following vessels have been named Aquila:

  • USS Aquila (AK-47) was a cargo transport in service from 1941 to 1945.
  • USS Aquila (PHM-4) was a Pegasus-class hydrofoil launched in 1981.
  • USS Aquila (NCC-623) was a Federation Hermes-class (Cygnus-subclass) scout starship in service in the late 23rd century.
  • USS Aquila (NCC-2028) was an Excelsior-class battleship in service to Starfleet in the 23rd and 24th centuries.

Current: USS Aquila, NCC-76853
Vessel Class: Ross Class Explorer

Dedication Quote

"Walk with wolves. Run with lions. Soar with eagles."
- Matshona Dhliwayo

Player Crew Manifest

Rank Name Position Species Email
Command Staff
Com-capt.jpg Jennifer Braggins Commanding Officer Augment E-Mail
Com-lcdr.jpg Peter Jensen First Officer Human E-Mail
Tactical Department
Tac-lt.jpg Theresa Black Tactical Officer Human E-Mail
Security Department
Sec-lcdr.jpg Shione Kurasa Chief of Security Vulcan/Betazoid E-Mail
Sec-ltjg.jpg Artemis d'Tor'an Bravo Team Leader Klingon/Human E-Mail
Engineering Department
Eng-lt.jpg Altairi Hydish Chief Engineer Ktarian/Human E-Mail
Science Department
Sci-lt.jpg K'ehley Chief Science Officer Klingon E-Mail
Medical Department
Med-lt.jpg Raven Hurst Chief Medical Officer Human/Vulcan E-Mail
Med-ens.jpg Elyzabeth Samara Medical Officer Betazoid E-Mail

Mission Logs

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