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Tzenkethi Coalition
Average Male Height:
178 cm (5 ft. 10 in.) to 203 cm (6 ft. 8 in.)
Average Male Weight:
59 kg (130 lb.) to 106.6 kg (235 lb.)
Average Female Height:
173 cm (5 ft. 8 in.) to 198 cm (6 ft. 6 in.)
Average Female Weight:
45.4 kg (100 lb.) to 95.3 kg (210 lb.)
Minimum Academy Age:
Life Expectancy:
Distinctive Features:
PRC Rated:
NPC Rated:

The Tzenkethi are a spacefaring civilization native to the planet Ab-Tzenketh. They are led by a ruler known as the Autarch.


The Tzenkethi physiology is externally humanoid, but internally quite different. Their skeleton is made up of several fluid-filled sacs, which can be contracted and expanded at will. This allows an unusual flexibility for a humanoid body. Their customary sitting position involves wrapping the legs around the main body, giving them the appearance of having been cut in half.

Tzenkethi skin tones range from pale green, through yellow and orange, to bright red. In addition, they give off a faint glow, thought to be a natural phosphorescent effect of the skin. They have ovoid-shaped eyes, voices that sound like bells, and are described as being very tall and visually attractive to most other races, even non-humanoid ones. Their skin carries a slight electric charge, giving other individuals a tingling sensation upon physical contact. This charge can be intensified at will to painful levels for the receiver. They are also capable of carrying and transmitting diseases to others while remaining unaffected themselves.

Society and Culture

Tzenkethi culture is based on strict classifications for all individuals. They balk at the characterization of being a caste-based society, seeing that as implying unjustified discrimination. Rather, all Tzenkethi individuals are genetically tested while still in utero, and then assigned to an "echelon" based upon their genetic disposition. For example, individuals best suited to work in the sciences are raised in that discipline, and those best suited for diplomatic work likewise. Citizens are constantly re-tested in the course of their everyday activities. They do not see this as invasive, but rather as an opportunity to prove themselves. Movement between the echelons is possible if a citizen's regular test results suggest it would be appropriate, although the initial tests are accurate enough that it rarely happens.

Tzenkethi also have an innate discomfort with open spaces, preferring to work in small, enclosed rooms. They use artificial gravity envelopes to make use of all surfaces within a room. It is a frequent practise for people to live and work on what humans would consider the ceiling of a room, referred to as the "superior deck," as compared to the inferior and anterior decks (the floor and walls, respectively). Using only the floor of a room is considered wasteful and uncomfortably vulnerable.

The Tzenkethi homeworld is called Ab-Tzenketh, the capital planet of the Tzenkethi Coalition. The world has two moons.


The Tzenkethi language is Tzikaan, which includes dialects for different castes.

Tzenkethi naming conventions involve four segments - a given name, the individual's job, their echelon, and their level of accomplishment within that echelon. The Coalition's ambassador to the Typhon Pact was named Alizome Tor Fel-A, with "tor" indicating a position as special agent to the Autarch, "fel" being her membership in the "problem-solver" echelon, and A indicating the highest proficiency in that role.

These names are changeable in a given situation - for example, when Alizome dealt with the Typhon Pact she was known as Alizome Vik Tov-A, indicating a speaker of the government echelon. When she went undercover on Romulus as a trade representative, she became Alizome Nim Gar-A. She suggested to her Romulan counterpart that Tzenkethi naming conventions were a matter of privacy and mild embarrassment, although it was implied that this was a lie to cover her multiple identities.

The full name of the Tzenkethi Autarch in 2381 was Korzenten Rej Tov-AA - "rej" being a very small category of individuals suitable to serve as Autarch, and AA indicating the best possible proficiency in that role.


The Tzenkethi are technologically advanced; Klingon Ambassador Kage considered them capable of building metaweapons as early as 2311, also demonstrating that the Coalition was known to the Klingons and the Federation by at least this date.

Tzenkethi warships are teardrop-shaped, presenting seemingly unbroken, featureless surfaces that then iris open to reveal weapons, sensors and other devices. Their planet-bound architecture uses similar principles. The Autarch's residence actually changes shape from time to time, challenging visitors each time to track down the new entrance, thus proving their worthiness to enter.


The seat of the coalition's government is Tzenketh, possibly an orbiting moon. This would make sense given the strict class hierarchy among Tzenkethi; the ruling caste literally looking down upon the populace on the planet below.

The government is headed by the Autarch of the Tzenkethi Coalition, under whom serve a number of appointed ministers, or Tzelnira. The Tzenkethi government considers the Federation's method of government dangerously chaotic - to allow all citizens of the state, however uneducated or uninformed, an equal vote in electing someone to the leadership position is unthinkable to them. On Ab-Tzenketh, only those genetically most suited to the role even have a chance to rise to such a position.

The Coalition appears to spend a great deal of its time making a scapegoat out of the United Federation of Planets, twisting all intergalactic news to make the Federation appear ruthless, dangerous and immoral.


Tzenkethi were known to raid other nation's space, and were engaged in acts of piracy in Cardassian territory as early as the 2310s. In the mid-2320s, Skrain Dukat arranged an elaborate conspiracy to fake a Tzenkethi attack on Bajor, in order to encourage the Bajorans to accept Cardassian aid.

In the 24th century, the Tzenkethi fought a war with the United Federation of Planets. Amongst the starships involved was the USS Okinawa, under the command of Captain Leyton, who had fought against a number of Tzenkethi raiders.

In late 2371, a Founder posing as Federation Ambassador Krajensky informed Captain Benjamin Sisko that the current Tzenkethi Autarch had been deposed. He ordered the USS Defiant to the Federation-Tzenkethi border to reinforce the Federation presence to the new leading faction. However, the entire mission was actually engineered by the Dominion to incite another war between the two powers; there never was a ‘’’coup d'etat’’’. After his identity was exposed, the changeling commandeered the Defiant and attempted to attack the Tzenkethi settlement on M'kemas III, though he was stopped before the Defiant reached the planet.

This information taken from Memory Alpha