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Alanna Treborn
Career Occupation
Biographical Attributes
180 cm (5 ft. 11 in.)
74.8 kg (165 lb.)
Eye Color:
Ocean blue
Hair Color:
Golden blonde
Long enough to reach halfway down her back, and worn loose where possible or tied back into a ponytail where not
Slim and elegant, with a muscular edge to her figure
Fair skinned, due to her Northern European heritage
Light and melodic with a cultured edge
Malta, Earth. Her family comes from Denmark and Sweden originally, with branches claiming links to the former Royal families of these countries
Familial Relationships
Richard Treborn
Sara Treborn
Status of Parents:
Killed on Karain IX
Twin younger sisters, Natalie and Rachel, both serving Starfleet Security officers. One brother, Matthew, killed on Karain IX
Marital Status:

Personal History

When she left Starfleet, Alanna did so as one of the most decorated officers in the organisation. She held the rank of Captain by the age of 27 and reached Rear Admiral before she was 30. Her courage, resourcefulness and determination stood out like beacons, and she was an outstanding leader who inspired loyalty in the crews she served with. Her highly unorthodox methods meant she was rarely, if ever, predictable but her long list of accomplishments and unswerving dedication to the principles of the Federation stand up to the closest scrutiny.

Alanna was born into a family of explorers on Earth. Her parents had crossed the galaxy many times before settling down, and they indulged their daughter's keen curiosity. Alanna wanted to know how everything worked, from the plants that grew in the garden to the fuel cells in the hovercars. From an early age it was clear she had a desire to learn and work things out that only a Starfleet career would sate, and so she worked hard and cruised into the Academy with phenomenal academic scores. She looked like a model but her intellect was fearsome even then.

On graduation, Alanna didn't immediately take up the rank of Midshipman, instead joining a colony mission to the world of Karain IX with her parents and older brother. The frontier world was everything she had ever dreamed of - thousands of species to catalog and classify, and the total freedom to do so. Unfortunately the paradise was short-lived. An infamous band of privateers razed the colony during a raid and took Alanna prisoner. She was freed a year later by a Starfleet officer on his own missions in deep space, and eventually regained enough of herself to finally join a ship's crew herself.

She has never spoken to anyone about what happened to her after she was taken from Karain. Memories of that time have been ruthlessly suppressed and she has no intention of re-living them. The fate of her rescuer, Cdr Haren Mormel, was closely tied with hers. The clan of raiders that destroyed Karain was led by Mormel's father, and despite many attempts Mormel reverted to his mercenary ways. He died an enemy of Federation with her arm around his neck whilst raiding the USS Dauntless on a mission to kill Alanna, the ship's FO at the time, for thwarting a weapon smuggling ring hidden within a convoy mission.

When she rejoined the fleet after Karain Alanna served as a Science officer on the USS Republic, the USS Gettysburg and then the USS Drake, rising to Chief Science Officer. The Science path was a perfect fit. Her ability to solve the most complex of problems and find answers to questions was honed to a fine art, her razor-sharp mind a true asset. Alongside her duties she took a keen interest in martial arts and learned to fight, applying herself with the same zeal and dedication she had shown to get into Starfleet in the first place. It didn't take long before there were very few on board ship that could even come close to laying a finger on her.

Soon afterwards Alanna became Cdr Treborn, First Officer of the USS Drake under Captain Kinziri Jal. Under the tutelage of the Trill CO, also a former Science officer, Alanna learned to take a step back from a situation. Her inclination had always been to lead from the front and she never shied away from putting herself right on the front lines. Those tendencies nearly got her killed many times but somehow she always seemed to come through. It took Jal some time to get through to her stubborn new FO but she did, and Alanna finally realised that throwing her life away could put her whole crew in jeopardy.

When the Drake crew transferred to the Dauntless Alanna moved too, staying as FO and learning the ways of Command. It wasn't long before Starfleet decided to gamble on her potential and she returned to the Drake as Captain. Here she truly came into her own. Alanna's command style was very informal, putting trust in her senior staff and in turn the crew to do their jobs. She demanded high standards and she got them, putting in the hours all day every day and getting to know as many people as she could. She wasn't a distant figure exercising power from afar - to her crew she was right there with them, one of them that endured the same hardships they did. That ability to build relationships and ferment loyalty saw her take on a flag rank and leadership of the 3rd Exploration Group, becoming a Rear Admiral days before her 30th birthday.

Unfortunately her career wasn't 100% highlight reels. Alongside moments of incredible courage Alanna still had a rebellious side to her. She never shied away from confronting senior officers, and her refusal to play the political games eventually came back to bite her. Starfleet Command started to see her as a loose cannon as she openly denounced policies for not living up to the ideals the Federation was founded upon. The fact that she had such close bonds to so many COs was seen as potentially dangerous and eventually she was moved out of the fleet and returned to Earth.

Heading up the Starfleet Science Institute’s Research and Development section was a glorious opportunity, but Alanna soon grew bored of life in an office. She was desperate to return to the front line but time and again had her requests denied, the breakthroughs enjoyed by the teams under her supervision counting against her and the Starfleet Science Institute reluctant to part with one of their most valuable assets. Eventually Alanna got her wish 18 months later, having to take a reduction in rank back to Captain to act as a mission specialist on the USS Ticonderoga.

Once that mission, to recover control of a Ferengi theme park that had seemingly gone hostile, was complete, Alanna was actively recruited by Section 6, a highly elite arm of Starfleet Intelligence. Her career had stalled enough that she was no longer high profile, and could therefore undertake the kind of secretive missions SF:I asked of her. There was much in her they coveted - she was physically and mentally at the peak of her powers, courageous and highly resourceful. But above all else she was utterly incorruptible, dedicated to making the Federation a safer place. Alanna joined up knowing her work would now be 'behind the scenes', away from the limelight she had operated in before, but if anything what she was doing was even more vital.

Alanna saw things on SF:I duty that she never wanted to see. She soon realised that the clean-cut image the Federation put out was, in places, only skin deep. Assassinations played a big part in her missions and many of those were to remove corrupt figures. Despite her urgings she was never permitted to clear out the organisations that remained, and even now she believes she has unfinished business with a lot of these shadowy cabals.

Given her scientific background she was chosen to test the latest cybernetic implants developed by R&D. These boosted her muscle power, meaning she was able to punch through doors and leap clear across streets. Other abilities were conferred on her, such as generating forcefields for a split-second to deflect inbound shots or creating holographic copies of herself to confuse enemies. Sub-dermal phasers were implanted and much more besides - only Alanna knows everything she's capable of, and she is unwilling to share that information. Much to the chagrin of Starfleet she removed the remote kill-switches and trackers from the implants, the powers that be apparently forgetting much of the tech was developed under her watch in the first place.

Her final mission for Starfleet involved the infiltration and elimination of the xenophobic organisation SHADE. It was a long, arduous mission that took well over a year, and during that time Alanna was in deep cover the entire time. In order to root out the key leaders of the organisation she had to pit herself against Starfleet and commit terrorist-style outrages that killed innocent people. Even knowing what she knew, and that these relatively controlled deaths would prevent many thousands more, she struggled to come to terms with the innocent blood on her hands. It was noted that the deaths of the SHADE leadership at her hand were sufficiently gruesome to have bordered on torture. They suffered horribly for what she had been forced to do before being granted death.

It was a different Alanna that returned to base. The horrors she had witnessed and in turn been forced to carry out had changed her. A darker, colder personality than before, Alanna immediately resigned from Starfleet as she no longer felt the organisation had the stomach to do what was necessary to protect the Federation. SF:I were reluctant to let her leave but realised there was precious little they could do to stop her. Physically she was a match for an entire Security department thanks to the technology she was laden with, and she was privy to so many dark secrets that the potential for damage was huge.

Despite the best efforts of SF:I Alanna was almost impossible to track. There were reported sightings across the Alpha and Beta Quadrants but she was always one step ahead of those trying to find her. Then the trail suddenly went cold. For the better part of 2 years it was like she’d disappeared completely.

She had been following up rumours of a well-equipped Romulan terrorist cell. Alanna infiltrated the group under deep cover until they were ready to make their move, and a vessel with an advanced cloaking device set course for Vulcan. On board were chemical weapons containing a lethal virus, capable of scouring all life from the world.

When they were deep into Federation space, Alanna revealed herself and took control of the ship. But she was unable to stop the last act of vengeance from the crew’s leader – he detonated one of the bombs and wiped out the entire crew, infecting her in the process.

During the struggle, the ship’s cloaking device was disabled, and the USS Busan intercepted it. Her implants the only thing keeping her alive at this point, Alanna contacted the Star Fleet ship and identified herself, telling them everything that had happened.

A rescue was utterly impossible and destroying the ship would have risked contaminating anything travelling through the area for centuries. With no other choice Alanna set the Romulan ship on a course for the nearest star, steering it into the heart of the sun. The Busan tracked it the whole way, setting quarantine beacons and reporting her death to Star Fleet Command.

It took Alanna her entire life to find peace but she did in those final moments. Although she wasn’t a member of Star Fleet when she died, a service was held in her memory and a monument to her achievements stands near the site of her family home in Malta.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Survival, xenobiology, astrophysics and chemistry, genetics
Academy Minor(s): Languages (fluent in Romulan and Klingon, and also the old Earth languages of Italian and French), basic Command training
Hobbies and Pastimes: Alanna trains in martial arts and combat almost obsessively, and this takes up the majority of her spare time. On the rare occasions she indulges herself she is a talented musician and has a beautiful singing voice. She also has a keen interest in the restoration of 20th century cars, owning and running a 1996 Nissan Skyline GT-R and 2007 Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 Roadster amongst others. Something about the more visceral thrills they can provide and being a real part of the driving experience has always attracted her
Short-Term Goals: Finish what she started in SF:I, and cut out the cancers growing within the Federation
Long-Term Goals: To one day 'return to the light' and possibly even rejoin Starfleet. Deep down she still hopes one day to lead people again
Personality: An easy-going extrovert before joining SF:I, but now much more introverted. Alanna misses nothing and gives nothing away without a reason
Sense of Humor: Dry and ironic with a very sharp wit
Phobias: Claustrophobic, terrified of cold
Likes: Both playing and listening to music, sports, and good food. She’s pretty handy in the kitchen and likes to indulge every now and then
Dislikes: Loud people, liars, other people taking stupid risks (however hypocritical this may be)
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Being treated like an imbecile because of her looks and being underestimated because of her gender. Pedants who go over every single pointless detail again and again. Excessive formalities
Bad Habits or Vices: Obsession with training and martial arts. Can be very cold-hearted now and privately admits that life isn't as sacred as it used to be
Achievements: Graduated from the Academy with honours and overcame no end of personal traumas to reach the rank of Captain, in command of her own vessel
Disappointments: Her train-wreck of a personal life, and being moved out of the fleet when she was clearly a natural there
Illnesses: None, unless you count an inability to think straight first thing in the morning until she’s had coffee. She has however suffered a string of major injuries in the line of duty, from a broken neck to being run through with a bat’leth
Strengths: Well-organised, enthusiastic and intelligent. Strong personality and very determined in achieving set goals and completing missions.

Alanna is a phenomenally able fighter. The anticipation granted by her mental abilities gives her a huge advantage when combined with her incredible speed and reflexes, millimetre-perfect technique and cybernetically enhanced strength. There are very few beings in the galaxy that can stand up to her in combat.

Weaknesses: Can be prone to letting her heart rule her head. Exposes herself to too many stupid risks. Has a vindictive streak – if someone crosses her, they’d better be very careful in future
Fears: Sickbay, and medical staff in general, despite listing two Chief Medical Officers as amongst her closest friends. They are very much the exception to the rule
Prejudices: Hates Orions with a passion, to the point of being unable to stay in the same room. This is a direct result of what happened to her family and what the Orions put her through. She also harbors an intense dislike of gold-grubbing Ferengi
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Tends to dress to blend in nowadays, but when she wants to impress Alanna has a strong sense of style and dresses to accentuate her long legs and well-curved figure
Distinguishing Features: Alanna is known to have weak telepathic abilities, gifted by an energy being known as the Observer whilst on a mission with the USS Drake. She has also been 'fitted' with absolute cutting-edge cybernetic implants during her time with Starfleet Intelligence, and bone density and muscle tone were increased slightly to cope with the extra strength and abilities these confer. She looks like a female athlete, with a toned and muscular edge to an otherwise lithe build, but is heavier than she appears as a result of these alterations.
Pets: None
Friends: Alanna had won a great many friends whilst serving on ships. Kinziri Jal, Salene Tynan, Derrick Grant, Kathy Dega, Aaron Dayune and Mirianni Caer to name but a few. Unfortunately long-term deep cover missions for SF:I mean she has lost contact with near enough all of them, but her contacts list within Starfleet and beyond is still amazingly long.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: By far the most painful experience of Alanna’s life was the destruction of the Karain colony and her captivity shortly afterwards. She lost her parents, too many of her friends and her dream future. Everything she’d ever wanted and almost everyone she’d ever loved burned before her eyes. Alanna still can’t allow herself to think about that horrific night or what happened afterwards, and she has survived only by repressing the memories
Best Time: By far the happiest time of Alanna’s life came during the early days of the Karain colony. She was totally free to do what she loved doing, which was study the world around her and make it all make sense
Most Crucial Experience: Serving in Starfleet Intelligence served to open Alanna’s eyes to what really happens behind the scenes. Having the naiveté knocked out of her changed her outlook completely. She remains committed to making the Federation a better place, but now does what she believes has to be done to make this happen
Role Model: Alanna’s role model was always her mother. Sara Treborn taught her children to always stand up for themselves, be independent and to follow their hearts and dreams

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