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A transwarp conduit was an artificial construct that could be used to achieve faster-than-light travel, in a similar fashion to a wormhole. Vessels traveling in such conduits can traverse vast distances in a matter of hours. The Borg used this technology extensively.

A Borg transwarp conduit was first observed in the 2350s by the USS Raven. The opening of a conduit was characterized by triquantum waves, subspace disruptions with a field magnitude exceeding 2.9 teracochranes, and a symmetric power utilization curve. Inside the matter stream of the conduit, ships were accelerated to move forward.

The second time a transwarp conduit was observed occurred in 2369, by the USS Enterprise-D, during the pursuit of a rogue Borg ship. It was discovered that a conduit could be re-opened with a high-energy tachyon pulse emission on a specific tachyon frequency matrix that alternated between the low and secondary bandwidth frequencies. A closed mouth of a transwarp conduit was discovered to exhibit net external subspace transwarp distortions that fluctuated between 30 and 288 millicochranes.

Later discoveries by the USS Voyager during its journey in the Delta Quadrant revealed that the Borg maintained a vast network of transwarp conduits, allowing the Collective to reach any region in the galaxy. One such conduit opened within a light year of Earth. This conduit brought Voyager back to the Alpha Quadrant after its disabling of the transwarp hub.