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Sharn Thren
Career Occupation
Medical Officer
USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Biographical Attributes
179 cm (5 ft. 10 in.)
82 kg (181 lb.)
Eye Color:
Light brown.
Hair Color:
Standard white with a light silvery glow.
Short but full, neatly kempt to the front and sides.
A slightly colder tan of blue, average to Andorians.
Deep and secure, with subtle flowing undertone.
United Federation of Planets
Familial Relationships
Relne zh’Thren, Occupation: Tile-decoration teacher on the Andorian Academy of Art.
Linaii ch’Ronlaash, Occupation: Seismologist.
Status of Parents:
Shared living environment on Andor.
Sister: Vihlaa ch’Ronlaash, 29. Occupation: Student in the Andorian Academy of Art; brothers: Vraazh zh’Thren. Occupation: Andorian Imperial Guard, Cadet 3rd Grade. Deceased on age 26, during a training assignment; brother, Uhshrim Zh’Thren, 32. Occupation: Musician.
Marital Status:
Not yet officially engaged. Awaiting parents’ approval for a suitable mate.

Personal History

Sharn was born in an artistic family on earth, where he lived most his conscious life in Norway on Earth, where his parents moved to with their eldest 1 year old son Uhshrim, because his mother was recalled to help with some seismic activity in the region, as an expert with frosted caverns. After her job was complete, they decided to stay for another while because of the comfortable, cold environment. In the meantime giving his father the chance to promote his decorative works on Earth, and even started a workshops later on.

Being born with a minor defect on his Antennae, that seemed not to have any negative effect on his functioning, Sharn was mostly made fun of by his younger brothers, who nicknamed him ‘one-eye’. Over time it became acceptable as fooling around. but only with his siblings. Often resulted in friendly brawling and playing.

Growing up in a larger family with two brothers and one sister, things were always fun, playing and fooling around commonly, although under the loyal authority of his parents and eldest brother. His parents found that a creative aspect in their children’s lives might be beneficial, and made them study an element of art, of their own choice, at early age. He proved most interest in the art of sculpting.

In school Sharn turned out to be an excellent student, with his willingness to learn. He was one of the top of his class, only to be outwitted by the Vulcan students. One day, an passive opinion from a Vulcan child named Serik about the peculiar asymmetric length of his antennae, resulted in the assault of the boy, his first aggressive act. This time it was nothing serious. He seriously thought of the option to have his antenna extended, but that seemed a too dangerous procedure, and might damage the nerves too much. Sohe didn’t go on with that.

At age 24 after graduation, his father was offered a career as teacher in the Andorian Academy of art, it was decided to move back to their home world. Sharn’s oldest brother Uhshrim stayed on earth to chase a career in music. And sister Vihlaa would finish her school on Andor. Without any doubt, on their father’s wishes, Sharn and his younger brother Vraazh agreed to join the Andorian Imperial guard, and picked up basic skill in melee combat during the course.

In the second year, the trainees were sent to an Andorian training moon to finish the training course. Team 1 was dropped of in a facility, Team 2, including Sharn and his brother, was dropped in a rocky scape a few miles removed. Their object was to assault the complex. With training particle rifles they moved out after the short briefing from the team leader. He and his brother decided to stick together, and try Uhshrim’s own strategy. After an hour or so, Team 1 had spotted them, and the fire fight started, Sharn and his brother stuck to the plan and went for the left flank, without being noticed. They entered a cavern complex which should lead them right and close to the facility, and behind the enemy. Sharn followed his brother and they kept moving. Still hearing the fight and shouting going on outside, Sharn became a little nervous. A few minutes in the cave, he heard sounds also from inside the cave. Apparently there was another group trying the same strategy. Thinking he saw something, Sharn fired at nothing and hit the unstable cave wall. The shot caused a supporting part to give way and caused a crack in the ice. Giving a shout the cave was about to come down, Uhshrim dragged Sharn with him, to flee out the cave. While pushing Sharn to safety, Uhshrim was hit on the head by the collapsing. The exercise turned into a horror. He picked his brother from the ground, and held him in his arms motionless. He dragged his brother toward the exit but could barely find it. When he got out he called for the emergency trauma team, but by the time they teleported him away, it was already too late. To this day, Sharn still blames himself for not being able to do anything to save his brother.

After the accident, Sharn resigned from the imperial guard, and tried to seek acceptance by way of his hobbies. And took responsibility to take care after his brother’s dangerous pet Fehzil Moth. Thinking long and hard about his future career, on age 27 he finally made his decision to join Star Fleet. Keeping in mind what happened in ‘the training accident’, he thought he owed it to his brother to being able to prevent such event from happening again, and moved back to earth.

His willingness to learn helped him greatly with his medical course over the years. To help hide his past and physical defect more, Sharn became known as the class ‘funny guy’ as he often pulled smart pranks on his fellow students. Until the day in the canteen, a large Klingon named Kotahr didn’t think it was funny at all, and claimed his honour was tainted. They started to argue and an insult on the ‘whereabouts’ of Sharn’s ancestors came up, he lunged himself at the burly Klingon and started to fight. By the time the academy authorities came along, the klingon had suffered a broken nose, 4 bruised ribs and a punctured lung.

For this act Sharn was almost expelled, if it wasn’t for the interference of his parents. A long debate followed, and it was agreed he could continue a demoted training, if he spent three days in a cell, took some counselling sessions, and treat the student he had assaulted as punishment. Along with full right to revoke his Star Fleet service should a similar event happen again.

After Kotahr came to, he complemented Sharn of his spirited battle skills. The two were closest friends ever since. Because he had an interest in Klingon culture, Kotahr was all too happy to show him some Klingon cuisine, teach Drinking songs, and even the basics of Bat’leth combat.

After graduation, he was assigned to the USS.Exodar, as a Medical Technician. After serving on the Exodar for a year, Sharn was promoted to full time medical officer, with Star Fleet Command’s permission, for remarkable behaviour in a combat situation, for which he was not commended a medal. He Transferred to the USS Ticonderoga 2 months later.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Emergency Field Medicine, Basic engineering – Medical equipment.
Academy Minor(s): Advanced combat training, Diseases/afflictions.
Hobbies and Pastimes: Sculpting, collecting and keeping alien plants and insects, various kinds of martial arts including: Taekwondo, Tai Chi, and Klingon melee combat.
Short-Term Goals: Honour deceased brother with his achievements, learn about other people’s cultures and habits, and make many good friends in the process.
Long-Term Goals: Follow in the footsteps of famous doctors in the Federation. Have many adventurous experiences to tell stories about to family and friends.
Personality: Intelligent, friendly, serious but can take a well put joke. Extremely curious. Hard to anger, but enraged when provoked.
Sense of Humor: Intelligently planned practical jokes (preferably with discrete lesson or message), personal remarks with no disrespect.
Likes: Holonovels, alien artwork, iced raktajino and bahgol.
Dislikes: Slimy substances, unthankful and unsatisfied people.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Small goodbye ritual to his pets whenever he leaves his quarters.
Bad Habits or Vices: Sometimes obsessive questioning from mere curiosity. Calling Klingon drinking songs a form of exquisite art.
Achievements: Promotion to doctor.
Disappointments: Brother’s death; Losing temper in the Academy, spending 3 days in confinement and demoted to Med-tech in the process.
Illnesses: Minor psychic trauma.
Strengths: Creative, high concentration ability. Determined to get a job done once he’s started it.
Weaknesses: Extremely sensitive of remarks on his antennae or family honour. Remarkably obsessive behaviour.
Fears: Dishonour family with unjust actions, having mental breakdown when faced with losing a family member or friend. Be reminded of previous events when engaged in personal battle, or loss of friend in similar circumstances. Unstable Caves.
Prejudices: That commonly large-built species are generally intelligence-deficient.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Either any Kind of comfortable very loose fitting wardrobe, or extremely tight clothing. In a rainbow variety of colours and designs as long as it fits with the newest fashion.
Distinguishing Features: Antennae sprout from the forehead bone. Right Antenna is 0.3 inches shorter than the left, however it’s barely noticeable. The Klingon symbols for ‘Prosperity on the Battlefield’ tattooed on right shoulder, and the Andorian Imperial Guard emblem on his upper back.
Pets: A small collection of various intriguing small sized insect creatures, all herbivorous and non-flying. Including a colony of typical Andorian ants and a Takarian dragon beetle. None of them are named. He does have one special insect, the only dangerous one in the collection, a winged, blood sucking and poisonous Andorian Fehzil Moth, named Bram (named after Bram Stoker, creator of Dracula), which requires special synthesised blood once per week. For safety, a special holder with a class 1 force field which contains the creature. The device has it’s own individual power source.
Friends: Kotahr ‘Ice Pick’, Klingon, 29; Same Graduating class, but failed final exam once. Assigned to the USS Demeter as Engineering officer.

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