Temporal compensator

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A temporal compensator.

The temporal compensator is a system developed by the native people on Kelemane's planet that shielded them from the time differential which would otherwise make space travel impossible.

Their planet's tachyon core causes a time differential between the surface of the planet and surrounding normal space. The surface of the planet experiences one day for every 1.03 seconds of normal time.

When the first space mission in the development of the species was launched (Orbital 1), the commander was killed when her body could not cope with the difference in time frames. The other astronaut on the mission nearly died, but was able to adjust to the new time frame. A side effect of this journey was that when the astronaut returned to the planet, several hundred years had passed since his departure. This problem would make space travel for the species impractical.

As a solution to the time differential problem, the temporal compensator was developed during their advanced spaceflight era. The device created a mini force field which allowed the astronaut to exist in the "normal" time-frame, while not leaving the time-frame of the planet's surface, if only for a few minutes.