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Nali Tanris
Career Occupation
Science Officer
USS Drake, CL-2509
Biographical Attributes
Trill (Joined)
180 cm (5 ft. 11 in.)
59.4 kg (131 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Platinum blonde
Short, in a bob just framing her face and no more
Lithe and slight
Facial Hair:
United Federation of Planets
Familial Relationships
Estrin Marnas
Talia Marnas
Status of Parents:
Estrin and Talia are still together after 27 years of marriage, both are still active and live in the family home, near the Kyaan wetlands on Trill. Estrin is quite famous as a grandmaster in three dimensional chess, his own opening being named the Marnas gambit in his honor. He also teaches Mathematics in a local school, and as a hobby he builds electronic gadgets. He and his daughter are both lithe and lightly built, and share the same complexion and hair colour, in habits they are also very alike, Estrin treats mathematics like an artist, and his chess like an impresario, hes a boisterous and well known man, well liked. His relationship with his daughter was as much a competitor as a teacher, she has always been sure that he sees her as his greatest success.
Talia is first and foremost a mother for now, her hands are full with the overzealous antics of Agis. She paints and writes in her spare time; before her family this was her career; she still sells a painting now and then. Her pride in Nali is clear, her daughter has always excelled, in school, in the symbiosis testing, and now at Star Fleet academy.
Her brother Agis aged 10 and sister Tala aged 18.

Agis is a bright young prospect, he may not have inherited his father's brains, but his aptitude for sports is most promising, he's a little athlete, and full of energy. The age gap gives Nali problems relating to him, but she tries her best.

Tala is her mother's little clone, quiet and reserved, a short girl with dark hair, up until her joining Nali and Tala got on very well, Nali looked after her sister, taught her to enjoy herself and even tried to include her in her own social circles as children. Since the Joining, Tala seems oddly withdrawn from Nali, despite the honor of hosting. She feels that her sister has not gained new insight, but instead has changed into someone else. Nali hopes that in time Tala will understand.
Marital Status:
She is single. There have been many suitors during her time in the academy, and a few sweethearts, but most of the men she found where intimidated by her other lifetimes of experiences

Personal History

A history in three parts.

The Tanris symbiont: Tanris has had 4 previous hosts. The first was Kelen Tanris;

Kelen was an architect of some repute, a visionary with clear goals of making a name for himself, and leaving his mark on the Trill homeworld. He grew up looking at the world and seeing only what was to be sketched, but his calm exterior and clear brilliance was seen as the perfect first host for the young Tanris Symbiont, at 20 Kelen Tanris was joined. During his long life he married twice, once to his childhood sweetheart Emiz, which lasted all of a year before they realised their folly. The second marriage was to Col, she was also an architect, they seemed to suit one another from the word go, there marriage lasted until Kelens death late into his 70s. During his life he had 3 children, Calo, Atzia and Tomaz. Several of his buildings stand in the verdant Trill capital, the most famous is a healing temple called Tianosis.

Then came Imra Tanris. Imra was a change in direction for the symbiont, the consensus being that the creature needed to see more than just Trill. She was a traveller and a writer, a strong and well built young woman with a joy of exploration and a personal love of cooking and culture. She travelled the alpha quadrant for 3 decades, never stopping long, writing bits and pieces on the various planets she had visited. Imra had been a loner, Imra Tanris was surprised to find herself longing for companionship more often, Kelens memories of a long and happy relationship with his wife now one of her own memories. She finally settled down with a group of colonists on the planet Karez III, where she found herself falling for a human named Donald Crossan, a chef, and they stayed as a couple unmarried until he died at age 56 in a shuttle accident. Tanris returned to Trill, again alone, and settled in a small village by Trill's great purple ocean. her last years where spent wandering Trill, the planet she had neglected to explore before.

Maldan Tanris was a runner, his selection as host 3 was after a long period of testing, there where still some doubts over the host compatibility even on the day of the joining. To the relief of all involved the process was a success, and the new Tanris was immediately back on the tracks training within a few weeks. The newest host appeared to be very willful, driven, he was focussed and at first the feelings of Kelen where more of a distraction to him than a privilege. The host was a distance runner, with such stamina and in comparison Kelen had been lazy, and stout. Maldan ran well for 2 years, then on a cross country run he suffered a fall from a cliffside. Maldan was paralyzed from the waist down, and the work to repair his spine was deemed too dangerous to undergo with the symbiont. The choice was clear, either Maldan Tanris lived on like this, or the symbiont was moved. Tanris argued that he would live like this, that he could live and learn from this, finally he was able to understand Kelens patience, and Imra's passion for writing.

Maldan Tanris lived for another 42 years longer and died of related problems at age 64, in that time he learned much about himself, and about others, and he learned a great patience that he had not been able to grasp as a younger man. He learned to play the flute, and a little piano. He was a poet and an author, he even found love with Mava, a woman he met on a trip to the hot springs on Trill and then married 2 years later at age 41.

Beva Tanris awoke from the joining filled with a new sense of wonder at the world as she used to know it, she could walk, and she knew love, and loss, and she could write. The joining was one of great joy for both symbiont and host, Beva was a singer with a lust for parties and a ruthless habit of getting everything she wanted. She was a beauty to, something unknown to the previous hosts, all who where considered "average". Beva was a sly and cunning creature, unafraid to use her looks to get her way. She lived to only 55 when she was diagnosed as suffering the rare Crimons Syndrome, a condition that first shuts down the sensory organs, then the liver and kidneys and finally the heart. Her many gentleman friends (and a few ferengi) mourned the grand ladies passing in a great banquet.

Nali Marnas.

Nali was born in the town of Mis'aran in the Kyaan wetlands of Trill. She was the first daughter of Estrin Marnas and his wife Talia Marnas, she was a clever child, her grasp of words and numbers came quickly and it was clear she would share her fathers academic gifts. By the age of 4 she had learned many of the intricacies of 3d chess and spoke with a deal of confidence, sometimes a little too much. Her interest in childrens toys never really happened at that stage, she played with other children but her favourite memories where of tinkering with circuitry with her father.

Her Parents saw the aptitudes of there daughter and enrolled her in school a year early; her father hoped that she would follow his career, maybe be a mathematician; Her mother was just happy to see Nali do well with her life. She received the customary teasing for being a brainy little blonde swat from her classmates, but soon they realised that she didn't care about there taunts. Eventually they even realised that she had plenty to offer them in friendship and in aid, knowing the smart kid was useful.

At 8 she was no longer an only child, her younger sister Tala Marnas was born on a warm spring evening. Nali was progressing a little more slowly, as if her childhood had caught up with her. She spent alot of time with a group of children her own age, leading there little gang in experiments with batteries, pulleys and odd liquids or taking them for adventures in the strange ecology of Trills wetlands. She payed very little attention to her new sister and her parents had a little less time for Nali at that moment.

From the age of 13 Nali was tested by the Trill Science Ministry as arranged by her father. A professor Coris Manel ( a joined Trill of many symbiosis) offered to tutor the child in sciences privately until she was old enough to study at the ministry. However the 15 year old Nali was thinking about her future already, and she knew within a month of meeting Manel that she wanted to be a symbiont host some day. Manel spoke of the joining like a great mystery and such a privilege. Thoughts of becoming something new, learning things she couldn't dream of and even improving herself just seemed to entice the young Trill further.

Nali revealed her wishes to her parents and the professor one evening at dinner, much to her parents surprise. Coris knew already from his many discussions on symbiont nature that she had been taken by the idea. So Coris and Estrin conspired from that moment to help Nali achieve her goal, at 17 she was enrolled for symbiosis testing and had begun her study at the Trill Science Ministry studying subspace theory, at 20 Nali was chosen to be the 5th host to the Tanris symbiont.

Nali Tanris.

Nali Tanris awoke from the joining, filled with a warmth and comfort she had never thought possible, she remembered opening her new building the Tianosis near a 200 years before, and she knew now of the patience of the crippled man, the wonder of sight she took for granted before. From Imra she knew she needed to travel, Maldan and Kelen where urges for excellence and focus. Beva she felt also, a trapped soul who felt like she had wasted her chance, only to pass on blind and deaf.

Tanris studied a year longer on Trill. She found herself to be a more social creature now, Kelen and Beva had lived the lives of socialites, even Imra had found a love of people towards the end. Her father was astounded in her capacities now, her mother shone with pride when Nali appeared at home and with Coris, to make her next announcement, she would leave Trill and join Star Fleet (the passion of travel learned from Imra) and explore the Galaxy, maybe some day even captain a ship of her own (the symbiont's new confidence knowing few bounds).

The academy exam was not easy, and she even doubted herself afterwards, but the results showed that her fears where unfounded. She continued her studies of Science and Engineering, focusing particular interest in subspace phenomena as she had on Trill. At the academy she found herself hanging around with 2 other cadets, Ashlyn Carring and Cohen Black, all three studied in the science faculty, and Ashlyn even played the flute. At first many of the cadets where wary, like school all over again, word had gotten put somehow that she was a joined Trill and that she was "like 500". Ashlyn and Cohen didnt seem to care to much about rumors, Cohen just needed someone to lead him around, and Ashlyn was a kid genius herself, she too had suffered the taunting, and grown up with few close friends.

Her time in the Academy had been a rollercoaster of highs and lows; She had real friends, who supported her when she needed it, and she achieved several honors for Academic brilliance. Still she managed to add a few blemishes to her record also; Two separate counts of disorderliness due to Ashlyn and herself and a few bottles of real spirits, one of which caused them both to miss a 2nd year examination. Only much pleading and there academic abilities got them off as lightly as they did.

As graduation came closer the cadets tensions rose dramatically, Nali was of course excelling in her chosen field, but still she was as worried as much as the rest of her peers. Only time would tell who received there assignments...

Personality Profile

Hobbies and Pastimes: Her many experiences have left her with an ecclectic mix of hobbies. She runs for Maldan, every day, to appreciate what she has. She socialises often even drinking too much sometimes. She still plays 3d chess, and her fathers skills are within her reach. She cooks when she can, and entertains guests
Short-Term Goals: To excel in her new role on whatever ship she is assigned to and to gain promotion. To study subspace phenomena in first hand in real life, not just simulations. To make some new friends, and make somewhere home
Long-Term Goals: To complete a doctorate in subspace theory. To become a consultant in her field, perhaps in some day to run a science vessel
Personality: Often perceived as quite cold at first, but that impression often drops within 10 minutes of talking with her, shes well spoken and suffers from her fathers flamboyance. She likes to be seen to be exceptional, and is hard on herself in failure, with others, shes gentler, but it can sometimes come across as patronising. She tolerant of others, but very self confident
Sense of Humor: She enjoys a very wide sense of humor as you may well expect, often surprisingly dry, sometimes even riske depending on her mood
Likes: A challenge, her favourite thing is a problem to solve. she also loves to run, and talking to intelligent people. She likes praise and raising the performance of others
Dislikes: People who take what they have for granted. Insects, their toxins are dangerous for the symbionts fragile chemistry. feeling useless or as if she has failed
Distinguishing Features: Distinct leopard-like markings running from her temples down both sides of her face and continuing down both sides of her body. Her skin is also very pale, with a lily white complexion and almost porcelain features The markings are a far darker chocolate brown
Pets: None

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Cadet Star Fleet Academy 20707.11 Received Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Science Officer USS Drake, CL-2509 20707.11 Promoted to Midshipman
Reassigned to Science Officer
Assigned to USS Drake, CL-2509
Medals Tally:
Service Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 1

Contact Information

E-Mail: CallousFiction@hotmail.co.uk

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