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Larys Talur
Career Occupation
Science Officer
USS Titan, CL-2007
Biographical Attributes
1/2 Betazoid, 1/2 Bajoran
168 cm (5 ft. 6 in.)
61.2 kg (135 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Short, just covering her ears
Stocky and Athletic
Medium-tone, blunt and taciturn
United Federation of Planets
Familial Relationships
Lon Talur Hagen - Deceased
Talur Nerys
Bennaya Talur, 24
Talur Reven, 21 - Deceased
Marital Status:

Personal History

Like many interspecies couples, Lon Hagen and Talur Nerys met in Star Fleet. He was a science officer, an avid xeno-anthropologist. She was a support officer assigned to help the science department. Though at first they stumbled over cultural differences, they fell in love, and were married by their Commanding Officer.

After marriage, they served another two years in the fleet. When they wanted to start a family, Nerys retired, and Lon arranged to be stationed on Star Base Charlie, where he could continue his studies. The children were born on Bajor, so Nerys could be with her family during her pregnancies. First born were two twin girls, Larys and Bennaya. Their brother Reven was born a little over a year later.

The children spent their early life on Bajor, with visits to their father’s family on Betazed. As their empathic abilities began to develop though, Lon began to emphasize the importance of them learning their Betazed heritage, and being educated in their powers. Though she loved Bajor, Nerys was able to see that their empathic abilities needed to be controlled, so the family packed up, and moved to Betazed when Larys and Bennaya were nine.

There was a constant negotiation between Nerys and Lon as to how the children would be raised culturally. They were taught about both the Prophets and the Four Deities, celebrated Bajoran and Betazed holidays, and spent a lot of time on both homeworlds. Ultimately, they let their children decide which culture they wanted to embrace. Bennaya, the strongest empath, fell in love with her father’s culture, and decided to remain on Betazed. Reven found himself in Bajoran culture, and moved back to attend school on Bajor when he was fourteen. Despite the distance, the siblings were all very close.

For Larys, it wasn’t so easy to choose one or the other. She loved the tradition and ritualism of Bajor, the community and family, but she also loved the openness of Betazed, and the understanding of the middle ground. She remained on Betazed with Bennaya for school, but spent most of her vacations on Bajor. One of her favorite things though was visiting her father on Star Base Charlie. There, she realized that the place for her wasn’t Bajor or Betazed, it was in the place that had brought her parents together: Star Fleet.

At age eighteen, Larys was accepted into the Academy. Though she knew she wanted to go into the sciences, like her dad, she spent her first year struggling to decide what she wanted to focus on. Every specialty seemed to have so much potential, and she couldn’t decide where to invest her time. In her second year, she settled into cybernetics. She did minor studies in astrophysics, because it was the best way to get stationed on a ship, and forensics because she she found it fascinating

At the beginning of her last year at the academy, war with the Krynar began. Star Base Charlie and Bajor were destroyed; her father, brother, and maternal extended family were all killed. Her mother survived, because she was on Betazed caring for Bennaya, who was ill. Larys took an emergency shuttle to Betazed to be with her family, though she had to delay longer than she liked due to security concerns.

The immense grief of her mother and sister, and by extension the entire Federation, was overwhelming. Larys had to learn to block out her empathic abilities in order to cope. She has yet to unblock them entirely. She helped her mother move in with Bennaya on Betazed then, on her sister’s urging, returned to the Academy despite her guilty desire to stay.

When she returned to the Academy, Larys got Dee, a cybernetic feline modelled after an animal formerly native to Bajor. She originally got the cyber-pet just to keep her company, but it turned into a constant project to keep herself busy. The current Dee is a much-modified version of the original model.

Following graduation, Larys served her cadet cruise on the police frigate USS Ozaki. Though she was cited once for snapping at an officer, she proved herself to be a competent science officer. She was promoted to ensign and transferred over to the head ship in the flotilla, the USS Titan.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Computer Science (emphasis in cybernetics)
Academy Minor(s): Astrophysics, Forensic Investigation
Hobbies and Pastimes: playing with Dee, reading, playing racquetball (badly)
Short-Term Goals: To find her place on her new ship
Long-Term Goals: To see that her mother and sister are taken care of, and to construct a cyber-feline completely from scratch
Personality: Larys is generally friendly, though she has been withdrawn as of late. She enjoys doing well at her job, and takes pride in her work. Though she often become frustrated when things don’t go her way, she is persistent, and always looks for another solution.
Sense of Humor: Gets most jokes, but doesn’t laugh much
Phobias: subspace calls at odd times
Likes: animals, robots, discovering new things
Dislikes: people taking their families for granted, having to touch slimy things
Pet Peeves or Gripes: people not treating people or situations with respect
Bad Habits or Vices: workaholic, especially when emotionally distressed
Achievements: First prize at a Star Fleet Academy Robotics Seminar
Disappointments: not having her family at her graduation
Strengths: intelligent, detail-oriented, can see multiple sides of an issue
Weaknesses: easily frustrated, can be overly blunt, has difficulty making decisions
Fears: dying, losing the rest of her family
Prejudices: doesn’t understand pacifism in the face of threats to the Federation
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Whatever seem comfortable at the time, usually casual work clothes
Distinguishing Features: Bajoran nose ridges (less distinct than on a full Bajoran), largely Bajoran physiology.
Pets: Dee, a cybernetic feline (Tawny with black spots, and black tufts on ears and tail)
Friends: Her sister, Bennaya

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: The destruction of Bajor, and the death of her father and brother
Best Time: visiting her father in the lab on Star Base Charlie
Most Crucial Experience: Her sister encouraging her to return to the Academy
Role Model: Her father. He is her model for what an officer and a scientist should be, and she hopes he would be proud of her.

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event

Contact Information

E-Mail: catluv492@gmail.com

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