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Yala Takehiko (O'Hara)
Career Occupation
Science Officer
Star Base Bravo
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
Kathrine Rossi
50 Human, 50 Orion
168 cm (5 ft. 6 in.)
61.2 kg (135 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Dirty Blonde
Long; worn back in a pony tail; bangs cut above her eyebrows. Two long sideburns that fall along the sides of her face.
Slight Athletic Build and Curvaceous
Light Green
Familial Relationships
Athdar, Orion, Unknown Age; Stepfather: Charles O'Hara (Irish-American), 42, years old.
Hanako Takehiko O'Hara, Human (Japanese), 39 years old
Status of Parents:
Her Mother and Step-Father currently reside on Earth. Neither Her mother or herself knows the whereabouts of her birth father.
Adar O'Hara, 10 years old, Human, Half-Brother
Marital Status:

Personal History

When Yala's mother, Hanako, was 18 years of age, her father was on shore leave and decided to take his daughter with him to Risa. There Hanako meet a Orion Male, Athdar, who befriended her quickly. They spent the next week being together, but suddenly, on her last day there Athdar was no where to be found. Unable to find him, Hanako left with a heavy heart. Two months after the events on Risa, Hanako found herself pregnant, much her to father's dismay.

On the 14th of April of the following year, Yala was born. Her mother instantly knew that it was Athdar's because Yala was born with light green skin, opposed to dark green as normal Orion's do. Yala was much like other children and was accepted with love by Hanako's boyfriend, Charles, who married her 6 months later.

When Yala turned 1 year old, her mother took her to see Yala's grandfather, Isamu. It was then that Hanako realized that Yala had come down with a severe rash on her skin, most of it was on the parts that were not covered by clothing. After having a medical check up, it was announced that Yala's skin was allergic to the Earth's Sun, but that all her mother had to do was have her take a medicine and use a special lotion and it would not effect any other aspects of Yala's life. Her mother wondered for a long time if it was due to the Orion pigments or if it was just something that happened at birth. It was also noticed that the outline of Yala's skin from her fact to her torso and along her arms, contained spots that were darker then her skin. The doctor asked if anyone in Hanako's family had been in a Trill, since that was the closest thing he could guess, but upon checking everything was negative and Hanako asked simply if it might be something from Yala's father's side that she was aware of. Not knowing much about the Orion's the doctor left it at that. Hanako was not pleased with that, but did not know anything about the Orion's herself and decided that she would see if her father knew anyone that would be able to help.

At age 3, Yala's Mother, Hanako, began to suddenly get migraines whenever Yala would become excited about something or would be outside playing. After a few play dates and daily visits from other parents, it was conceived that Yala possessed some of the Orion Female Hormones, although she did not seem to use them on purpose, her mother and the other doctors began figuring out a way to prevent her from doing so, because if she was too young to control it then it might possess a problem. Her mother quickly decided that something had to be done about this, she had heard stories from her Father about how the Orion hormones effect males.

At age 5, Yala entered grade school, her mother and the family doctor had come up with a necklace that turned off the Orion hormones that seemed to radiate from Yala. They did not want it to be something noticeable, so they made it onto what looked like a choker. It seemed to work and her mother was happy that she was getting along with the other kids. Some of them asked questions that Yala did not know the answer to, and when it came time for a parent-teacher meeting, her teacher was shocked to find that Yala's "parents" were both human. Of course it was explained to her about Yala's father. She asked them if Yala knew about her father not being human because Yala had told the other children that it was just a mistake about her skin color. Her parents sadly told the teacher that they did not know how to tell her about all of this, because she was so young.

When Yala was 7 years old, she became upset when she overheard her mother and her grandfather talking about her, about how she was not Charles's daughter and that she was not even human nor did she had a skin element that made her skin turn that color. After realizing that everything they had told her was a lie, she ran into town by herself, looking around for anyone that would speak with her. She ran into a female Orion, Araya, that had escaped from Orion and came to Earth. They talked for awhile, Yala having so many questions and Araya happy to answer them. When Araya asked about the choker that Yala wears, she answer that her parents made it to prevent what they referred to as 'hormones' from getting out. Araya was quiet surprised to hear that Yala possessed the hormones but realized that because of her human side she could not control it. Araya did not, however, give Yala all the details of her home world, she felt that Yala was too young at the time to understand it all and told Yala that when she turned 'of age' that she would make sure to tell her the complete history of her people. Also at that time, Araya told Yala that she would try to see if she could teach Yala how to control her hormones.

Yala wanted to stay overnight with Araya, but the woman knew that it was late and that Yala's parents would be looking for her. Araya also said that she could come back anytime she wanted, if she had any questions or if anything was bothering her. Yala returned home, not wanting to tell her parents about her new friend, she made up a story about going to a nearby river and following it for hours.

Age 10, Yala's parents sat her down and asked if she would be opposed to a little brother or sister. Yala said that she would not, but quickly realized that her bother would not look like her. He would have the pale skin tone, compared to her light green. She did not know what to do, so after being tucked into bed, Yala snuck out to see Araya. As she approached the house, she could hear voices. Peaking in a window, Yala's eye grew wide as she saw Araya being yelled at by what she knew as a Klingon Male. Yala watched as they argued for along time, not knowing what she should do. Then the male became suddenly angry, knocking Araya to the floor. Unknown to the male, Araya had hit a table and gashed her head pretty deep. The male walked out, leaving Araya on the floor. Yala jumped into the window, going over to Araya, trying to wake her.

Araya was barely able to speak but pointed to a leather bound book that was placed upon a shelf. Yala grabbed it and opened it, only to realize that it was written in a script that she could not understand. Araya told her to keep the book, telling her that she had written it in hopes of giving it to her when she was able to teach her to read it. Araya also told Yala to leave, that if she was here any longer, someone might think that she did it or had a part in it. Yala ran from the house, book in hand, and managed to sneak back into her own room with any fault. She kept the book with her that night. The very next day, she was able to bore a hole in her bed room wall and hide the book from being found by her parents. It was within a week that Yala began to refuse to wear the choker that kept her hormones in check, despite her mothers pleading, Yala stated that she was old enough to make her own choices and that she needed to learn how to control them if she was ever going to live a happy life. Her mother could not complete with that and only asked that Yala keep it with her, incase things ever got out of hand.

A month before Yala's 12th birthday, her mother gave birth to her little brother, Adar. At first, she hated the idea of another child in the family because it seemed that her parents were always fussing over the new baby, and she no longer had Araya to talk to and she flat out refused to talk to her mother or her step-father. It was only when her grandfather, Isamu, showed up to see the baby that she finally lost it. She stayed locked in her room for days, her mother bring her food up to her room.

That night, there was a light tapping on her window, she sat up in bed quickly, looking at the window. She saw, Toby, a boy from her school, standing at her window, motioning for her to come outside. She did not know Toby very well, nor did she even understand why he was there, but none the less, she figured that it would be good to have someone to talk to that would not constantly ask her about how she felt about that new baby. Sneaking out of her house, she walked with Toby until they reached a river, to which they promptly sat down. Toby began to ask her if something was wrong, she seemed detached at school and not all the Social Butterfly that he knew she was. Yala explained to him that her mother just had another child, one that would be completely human, unlike her. Toby was very confused, asking what that meant. Toby and Yala had been in all the same classes since they both started school, and Toby always heard that her skin was due to a element that was unexplainable. Yala shook her head, saying that all of that was a lie told her to by her parents, and that she actually Half-Orion. Toby did not know what an Orion was, but quickly learned that Yala did not know much either, which confused him, but she told him to go and ask his parents and they would probably be able to explain it better then him.

A week or so after her 13th Birthday, Yala began to think about what she wanted to do with her life. She knew that she wanted to learn as much as could but was not sure what she wanted to do with the knowledge. Toby suggested that she see about joining Star Fleet, which was something Toby was going to do when he was able to. Yala talked in length over the next few months with her Grandfather, who was not sure if it was the right choice for her, but after hearing that Yala would feel better if she could get out in the world instead of staying on Earth thinking about all the 'what ifs', he said he would look into it for her.

Yala's 15 birthday was suppose to be a big turning point for her, it was when she could really start thinking about going into Star Fleet and doing something with her life. The happy day was cut short when Toby called her later that day and said that he would be leaving for the Academy next week. (He was a year older then her and his birthday only two days after hers). This upset Yala very much, who did not really want to see him go, but he promised that when she got there he would find her and they could catch up.

The after Yala's 16th birthday, she submitted her application to join the Academy. She enclosed a letter of recommendation from her Grandfather. It was his idea because he was worried about the fact that because of her unknown background they would not accept her. Two months later, she received a letter that she had been accepted into the Academy and quickly had to find out what she wanted to be. She had picked Science because not only could she spend hours doing the smallest tasks, she knew that she could not do anything else for various personal reasons.

Upon entering the Academy, Yala had no trouble making friends. She excelled in all of her classes, save for a few, and exceeded all of the instructors expectations. She met up with Toby, who was not at all surprised at her choice. Toby graduated one year prior to Yala, which upset her, but she had hoped that they would meet on the same ship, once it came time for Yala to graduate.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Molecular Biology, Genetics, and Social Sciences
Academy Minor(s): Civil/Mechanical Engineering (Anything that has to do with taking something Mechanical apart)
Hobbies and Pastimes: She likes to spend her time trying to research anything she can find on Orion's. If she isn't doing her research then she becomes a social butterly and loves to mingle with people.
Short-Term Goals: To Prove to Everyone that she can do anything just as well as anyone else and does not need to rely on her skin color.
Long-Term Goals: To Find Her Birth Father/Translate the book from Araya.
Personality: She keeps to herself, not allowing anyone inside at first, but when she does, she is very loving and caring for anyone that she calls a friend, and would be willing to give her life for them.
Sense of Humor: Mostly Internalized, like a Vulcan, although she will giggle if something happens to strike her as overly funny
Phobias: Catagelophobia- Fear of being ridiculed. Yala fears that her skin color will cause people to make fun of her family and herself.
Likes: loves talking to people, doing research, dancing, singing and listening to music.
Dislikes: listening to people overly brag about something, being alone for long periods of time with nothing to do, and complete silence.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: The thing that irritates her the most would be people who start drama purposely so that they have something to complain about. These people she refers to as "Unhappy People."
Bad Habits or Vices: She has the worst habit of dancing if she hears a song that she loves, this poses a problem because since she does not know much about Orion Slave Girls, and it causes quiet a stir with any male around.
Achievements: Yala prides herself on her scholastic record, being nearly perfect in every class that she took. She also prides herself in knowing that she achieved something that her parents figured she could no do.
Disappointments: Yala is disappointed by the fact that she probably could have not gotten into Starfleet by herself and the fact that she did not learn more from Araya then she did.
Illnesses: Photosensitivity, aka Allergy to the Earth's Yellow Sun. She developed this early on in her childhood. If she knows she is going to be in the sun for a very long time she rubs a special compound on her skin to prevent any blisters or hives from forming.
Strengths: She has great patience and can spend long hours doing the smallest thing.
Weaknesses: She often times hides her emotions, masking her anger or sadness. It will backfire after a few months when she can no longer hold it inside of herself.
Fears: She fears that people see her for her skin and not her intelligence and hard work.
Prejudices: Even though she knows that not all Klingons act the same way, Yala does not trust them as much as she does other races, this could be attributed to Araya's death.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Yala prefers to wear light cloth or barely any at all. Oddly, she finds mostly all cloth causes her to itch.
Distinguishing Features: Her Green Skin
Pets: None
Friends: Toby Flenderson, Human. He went to school with Yala and only grew close to her after the birth of Adar, Yala's brother. It is rumored that since then, Toby has had a crush on Yala, but Yala refuses to acknowledge it, saying to herself that it is only because of her skin/background.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: When Yala was 10 and she watched the only person that she knew, Araya, that could connect her Orion side to something meaningful, get murdered by a Klingon Male. It hurt her so much because not only was it her friend but she was opposed to violence of any kind. It was painful for her to leave Araya there, dying by herself, but she had to respect the woman's wishes.
Best Time: The day that Yala calls her "best time" or her "favorite day" would be the day she meet Araya, although the woman’s life was ended very quickly after they met, Yala feels that for that one day, all the stress of who she was and what she was going to do was lifted from her shoulders.
Most Crucial Experience: The time she spent with Toby when she was 12. His friendship and caring about her, helped her to understand not everything was about her, and that she just had to accept the fact that her parents had another child, but even if she felt like it, she should know that her brother would never replace her.
Role Model: She looks up to her Grandfather. Unlike her parents, she feels that her Grandfather is a little more open minded to her skin tone. She attributes this to the fact that he was in Starfleet and has more interaction with other races.

Career History

Stardate 21010.10 - Assigned, Star Base Bravo

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