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Roana Taelor
Career Occupation
Chief Security Officer
USS Dauntless, CA-1553
Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander
Biographical Attributes
173 cm (5 ft. 8 in.)
65.8 kg (145 lb.)
Eye Color:
Steely grey.
Hair Color:
Raven black - she did dye her hair a scarlet red for a long time but eventually grew it out.
Kept in a short bob.
Athletic and toned, whilst maintaining some eye-catching curves.
Very pale Caucasian.
Naturally Roana’s voice will boom across crowded rooms without the slightest trouble, so as a result she normally speaks very softly to compensate for this. She has a faint Bandaran accent (it can sound German or Russian to anyone familiar with Terran dialects) which gets more pronounced if she gets angry.
Bandar City, Bandar IV.
Familial Relationships
Koke Taelor.
Violetta Alarial.
Status of Parents:
Roana’s father was a gang member from one of the worst parts of downtown Bandar City, and her mother was from a noble family. The moment Roana was born she was handed

to her father by her mother’s family and immediately disowned. Koke Taelor and Roana co-own a

bar in central Bandar City – he lives there and she keeps a room for when she gets enough leave to go home.
Marital Status:

Personal History

Roana hailed from the sprawling metropolis of Bandar City, a place which manages to encompass just about every social class from the elite all the way down to the sewer workers. Her mother was a high-born aristocrat who had an affair with a gang member from the ‘Underhive’, a derogatory term for a cluster of neighbourhoods that were little better than slums on the edge of the city. As a result of the scandal Roana was handed to her father Koke Taelor a few hours after she was born, and all contact was immediately severed between her parents.

For the most part Roana managed to stay fairly clear of gang violence as she grew up. Her father raised her as best he could, shedding his gang connections as much as he dared to look after her. He didn’t try to shield her from the harsh environment, instead showing her the consequences of making the wrong decisions so she would make the right ones.

It was clear very early on that Roana was something special compared to her peers – she was highly intelligent and years ahead of them at school, and was very capable with a wide variety of musical instruments. Those weren’t qualities that were overly valued in the Underhive, but those who picked on her soon learned just how bad a mistake that was. At age 8 she broke her first guitar by smashing it into the ribs of a boy who was teasing her – she was more than capable of standing up for herself, and it wasn’t long before she started to get herself into trouble by using her sharp tongue as a weapon that was just as effective as the fists used by others.

Trouble really started when she hit her teenage years. She became obsessed with finding out about her mother, and that was information Koke didn’t want her to have. He tried everything to keep what had happened from Roana but eventually had to admit defeat, sit her down and tell his 15-year-old daughter the sorry tale.

The rejection after spending so long looking sent the young woman into a tailspin. She clashed with her father, picked fights all day every day in school and ended up running with one of the gangs she had rejected for so long, carving herself out a reputation as a fighter to be feared and a natural crack shot with any weapon that came to hand.

A long overdue wakeup call came courtesy of Koke Taelor. He gave up trying to reach Roana by normal means and in sheer desperation gave the location of the gang’s hideout to the security forces that policed the area. The resultant crackdown from the callous enforcers on his daughter’s gang left 5 dead, 11 seriously injured and most of the gang looking at extended sentences on a penal colony. Roana escaped the one-sided fight, running the moment she saw one of the heavy armoured personnel carriers skid round the corner towards the hideout, but Koke caught her and dragged her back. She had to watch as the bodies of her former friends, some moving and some not, were pulled from the wreckage, and others were loaded into the back of security transports and taken away. Those, her father hissed at her, were the consequences of her actions.

Koke managed to get Roana’s focus back to her studies, and to his amazement she started to show an empathy for law enforcement. She saw the damage the gangs were doing to their own communities and felt a real need to atone for what she had done herself. She started to get the tattoos and piercings that now covered her skin removed, and stood up against casual violence whenever she could.

Her mind turned to Starfleet when she aced her final exams, comfortably beating the scores required to get into the Academy. She had a chance to join the elite, and protect others across the galaxy. Koke couldn’t have been prouder of Roana as he waved her goodbye at Bandar IV’s spaceport, as she left to take her place at the Academy as a Security cadet.

The period of adjustment was hard. Life in Bandar City was often chaotic at best and usually bordered on anarchy. At Starfleet Academy Roana had to learn to reign in her temper, suppress the barbed comments and wicked insults that she was used to throwing around, and above all else accept that if she wanted to graduate she had to conform.

To her great credit she did what she had to do. Roana slipped sometimes – she broke another cadet’s arm in 3 places after he said the wrong thing about her parentage, and the stream of expletives and biting insults delivered to a drill sergeant earned her a week’s punishment detail – but for the most part she taught herself the willpower she needed not just to survive but thrive.

Midshipman Taelor graduated with honours despite her disciplinary record and she learned the ropes keeping order on Starbases. She turned out to be an outstanding Security officer. On duty she could stay calm and in control regardless of the situation, whether that was dispersing hostile crowds surrounding talks with the Romulans or hunting down and arresting murderers.

With superiors though, things were different. Her sharp tongue continually got her in trouble as she refused point blank to respect any officer that she didn’t feel deserved that respect, and she had no issue whatsoever with telling someone, heedless of their rank and position, when they were wrong.

As fast as the promotions and medals came for her bravery and skill, transfers followed for her behind-the-scenes attitude and uncanny ability to upset senior officers as the inner ganger she had inside refused to lie down.

In the battle of Tellar against the Krynar, Roana fought in the ground engagements. She stepped up time and again, taking command of teams and leading raids with the kind of tactical acumen normally equated with very senior commanders.

Whilst her ship was destroyed by the fearsome Shard vessels, Roana survived the fiercest fighting, and in the aftermath it was impossible for Starfleet Command not to recognise what they had. A glowing recommendation from the Marine CO alongside the reports of those that had fought alongside her saw Lt Taelor become LCdr Taelor, and she was identified as a clear candidate for a Chief of Security position.

Roana was posted to Starbase Bravo as a section leader awaiting an assignment when a position on board the USS Dauntless came up. She was ready, she was extremely keen and from Starfleet’s perspective, she was in the right place at the right time when she put her application in.

When that application was accepted and Taelor was appointed the Dauntless’ Chief of Security she vowed to rise to the occasion and end the almost nomadic lifestyle her caustic manner had caused. She was under no illusions about the size of the step up required of her – being the chief brought with it a whole new set of challenges – but she was determined to be everything she could be and more.

Roana’s service on board the Dauntless was, on paper, exemplary. On duty, she was an absolute terror. Her Security department was exceptionally well trained and drilled. Just her presence was enough to quell any misbehaviour amongst the crew – there wasn’t anyone on the ship that could live with her in a fight and she used that to her advantage. Her dogged investigation cracked open a conspiracy on Celes II, and on a deep cover mission with Captain Torgh and the USS Apparition, she cut a bloody swathe through the KDF deep in Klingon territory. She saved his life and was made an honorary member of his house.

Unfortunately for her, she failed completely to form any meaningful personal relationships. When Admiral Grayson made his breakaway with 4th Fleet, a sphere of influence that included her homeworld, Roana refused to renounce the man, and allowed his message to be spread within the Dauntless, confident that the officers would make the right call.

That decision cost her her career. She was severely injured in the conclusion of the Apparition mission, losing an eye and suffering extensive lung and kidney damage. When the Dauntless was forced to leave her behind to recuperate, she was a victim of a political purge and ‘cashiered’ out of Star Fleet.

With nowhere else to go, Taelor returned to her homeworld of Bandar IV with a plan to bring down the planetary government. The world was an industrial hellhole, ruled by a handful of noble families who kept most of the planet’s 2 billion citizens as little better than indentured servants. Gang culture was endemic and many of the poorer districts were simply left to rot.

It took her nearly 3 years but by sheer strength of will, Roana forged a coalition of gangs strong enough to take control of a significant area of Bandar City. She consolidated her hold by showing the people of Bandar that there was a better way, bringing Federation ideals and justice to a population that was desperate for them. The incompetent planetary government tried everything to stop her but they were completely outmanoeuvred. She forced a Presidential election, and via a masterfully planned campaign and surge of popular support, won by a landslide.

President-Elect Taelor drafted a series of reforms that took effect the moment she swore her oath of office. Wealth was redistributed from the powerful, the first workplace safety regulations Bandar had ever seen came into force, and the foundations were set for Federation membership.

Tragically, Roana was assassinated in the aftermath of her inauguration. Whilst her loss was felt across Bandar, the wave of disgust at her death swept away any remaining resistance to her reforms. Her legacy was a new, just Bandaran society that took its place in the Federation. Whilst she was no angel, Roana Taelor’s sacrifice will never be forgotten on Bandar IV.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Special weapons and tactics, crowd control and dispersal, starship combat.
Academy Minor(s): Space flight, field engineering.
Hobbies and Pastimes: Weaponry, alcohol and rock music.
Short-Term Goals: Settle in on the Dauntless and try not to alienate the Command crew in her normal style.
Long-Term Goals: Get accepted as a senior officer, both by her crew and in her own mind.
Personality: Naturally Roana is a very outgoing, garrulous personality but she has had to learn to reign herself in. She’s still used to shooting from the lip, and although she’s mostly got that side of herself under control, there are times that a stubborn streak a mile long will surface.
Sense of Humor: Sharp and waspish with an eye for practical jokes and set-ups.
Phobias: None.
Likes: Being in the thick of the action.
Dislikes: Long periods of boredom, hot weather and humid atmospheres.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: The ‘strong silent’ type of person, anyone who won’t help themselves.
Bad Habits or Vices: Speaks her mind at all times, and can have a colourful turn of phrase to put it mildly.
Achievements: Working her way up from the roughest parts of Bandar City to being a Chief of

Security on board a Starfleet vessel.
Disappointments: Not being able to stop herself talking her way off ships, despite a fierce desire to be able to lay down some roots somewhere.
Illnesses: The usual childhood bugs and some aches from ill-advised fights.
Strengths: Intelligence, tenacity and ability to improvise tactically. A natural crack shot and has a close affinity for firearms.
Weaknesses: If left to her own devices can slip into a rut. She needs to be kept busy.
Fears: Has a recurring nightmare about being left to slowly die alone.
Prejudices: Roana has a massive chip on her shoulder about any kind of class or caste system. She firmly believes that birth should not dictate a person’s station or role in life, and isn’t shy about giving that opinion regardless of how many people would rather she didn’t.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Off-duty normally found in ripped camo trousers and a tank top, but if required to dress up will turn out in a civilian suit. She really has no concept of ‘smart casual’.
Distinguishing Features: There were assorted tattoos and piercings that she’s had removed in the intervening years, but she’s kept one over her heart that her father did for her before she set off for Starfleet Academy – in ornate Chinese, it translates simply as ‘strength’.
Pets: None.
Friends: A few from home, but not much since. Her force-of-nature personality has a habit of wearing down COs after a while, and so she’s been kept moving around whilst in Starfleet.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Learning how her mother and her mother’s family rejected her was absolutely devastating for a young Roana. It hit her so hard she refuses to let herself even consider the idea of trying to make contact.
Best Time: Returning to Bandar IV having just made Lieutenant, with enough savings to make her father’s dream come true when they bought a bar together for him to run in central Bandar City. She felt like a returning hero, and being able to do something like that for the man who raised her made her feel so much better about herself.
Most Crucial Experience: A teenage Roana could have gone two ways after the law enforcement agencies smashed her gang. She could have gone completely off the rails, or learnt the harsh lesson and gone on to make something of herself. Fortunately for all concerned she was strong enough to make the latter choice.
Role Model: Roana has never wanted or needed a role model. She doesn’t want to be anyone else and doesn’t dream to be like someone in particular. She just wants to make the most of her own life.

Career History

As Alanna Treborn:
Stardate 20206.01 - Graduated Starfleet Academy, Science Division, Starfleet Academy
Stardate 20305.01 - Promoted to Ensign, USS Republic, CV-02
Stardate 20305.01 - Awarded RPG’er of the Month, USS Republic, CV-02
Stardate 20306.01 - Awarded RPG’er of the Month, USS Republic, CV-02
Stardate 20310.01 - Awarded SFAM, USS Republic, CV-02
Stardate 20401.01 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, USS Republic, CV-02
Stardate 20401.01 - Assigned to USS Gettysburg, BC-1863, USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Stardate 20401.15 - Awarded SFAM, USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Stardate 20404.26 - Assigned to USS Drake, CL-2509, USS Drake, CL-2509
Stardate 20404.26 - Promoted to Lieutenant, USS Drake, CL-2509
Stardate 20408.01 - Awarded RPG’er of the Month, USS Drake, CL-2509
Stardate 20412.01 - Awarded SFCM, USS Drake, CL-2509
Stardate 20501.01 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander, USS Drake, CL-2509
Stardate 20501.01 - Assigned Chief Science Officer, USS Drake, CL-2509
Stardate 20503.01 - Awarded RPG’er of the Month, USS Drake, CL-2509
Stardate 20510.01 - Awarded Diamond Star, USS Drake, CL-2509
Stardate 20511.01 - Awarded RPG’er of the Month, USS Drake, CL-2509
Stardate 20512.01 - Promoted to Commander, USS Drake, CL-2509
Stardate 20512.01 - Assigned First Officer, USS Drake, CL-2509
Stardate 20602.20 - Assigned First Officer, USS Dauntless, BC-1553, USS Dauntless, BC-1553
Stardate 20607.01 - Awarded Diamond Star, USS Dauntless, BC-1553
Stardate 20611.01 - Awarded Distinguished Service Globe, USS Dauntless, BC-1553
Stardate 20611.01 - Promoted to Captain, Assigned Commanding Officer, USS Drake, CL-2509
Stardate 20612.01 - Awarded Federation Space Post of the Month,
Stardate 20707.01 - Awarded SFCM, USS Drake, CL-2509
Stardate 20707.01 - Awarded Distinguished Service Globe, USS Drake, CL-2509
Stardate 20801.01 - Awarded Gold Star, USS Drake, CL-2509
Stardate 20809.01 - Awarded SFCM, USS Drake, CL-2509
Stardate 20811.09 - Promoted to Commodore, USS Drake, CL-2509
Stardate 20811.09 - Assigned Group Commander, 3rd Exploration Group
Stardate 20904.15 - Retired from Active Duty,
Stardate 21007.07 - Returned to active duty as Mission Specialist with reduction in rank to Captain, USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
Stardate 21012.01 - Awarded Gold Star, USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
Stardate 21012.01 - Reassigned to SFIC, SFIC

As Cristina Fiore:
Stardate 21012.01 - Assigned as Chief Tactical Officer, USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
Stardate 21104.15 - Participated—2011 Short Story Contest, USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
Stardate 21104.15 - Awarded SFCM, USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
Stardate 21105.01 - Awarded Diamond Star, USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
Stardate 21105.01 - Assigned as Chief Tactical Officer, USS Sheridan, DD-4086
Stardate 21106.01 - Assigned as Strategic Operations Officer, USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
Stardate 21110.01 - Awarded RPG’er of the Month, USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
Stardate 21201.11 - Assigned as Chief Tactical Officer, USS Chin'toka, CA-1375
Stardate 21206.01 - Awarded Starfleet Commendation Medal, USS Chin'toka, CA-1375
Stardate 21206.01 - Awarded RPGer of the Month, USS Chin'toka, CA-1375
Stardate 21212.01 - Awarded RPGer of the Month, USS Chin'toka, CA-1375
Stardate 21302.01 - Awarded RPGer of the Month, USS Chin'toka, CA-1375
Stardate 21303.01 - Awarded Starfleet Commendation Medal, USS Chin'toka, CA-1375
Stardate 21308.01 - Awarded Starfleet Achievement Medal, USS Chin'toka, CA-1375
Stardate 21309.01 - Awarded RPG'er of the Month, USS Chin'toka, CA-1375
Stardate 21401.15 - Retired from active duty.,

As Anne Wozcienski:
Stardate 21402.17 - Promoted to Chief of Security, USS Chin'toka, CA-1375
Stardate 21402.17 - Awarded SFCM, USS Chin'toka, CA-1375

As Roana Taelor:
Stardate 21408.01 - Assigned as Chief of Security, USS Dauntless, CA-1553
Stardate 21501.03 - Awarded SFCM, USS Dauntless, CA-1553
Stardate 21505.01 - Awarded DSG, USS Dauntless, CA-1553

Contact Information

E-Mail: dieselharris84@gmail.com

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