Star Fleet Academy Table of Organization

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Superintendent of Star Fleet Academy

Sup-capt.jpg Captain William Bodash
The Academy Superintendent oversees Academy administration, recruiting administrators and instructors, answering any questions and acts as a resource for questions about cannon Federation Space information. Also works with the Dean of Evaluations on graduate placement. Responsible for creating new content for Star Fleet Academy. Ensures all Instructors are performing their duties in a timely and accurate manner. Is the final authority on all Academy decisions.

Dean of Star Fleet Evaluations

Sup-cdr.jpg Commander Carrs Jasal
The Dean of Evaluations gives final approval to all Cadet BIOs. Works with the Superintendent to ensure standards are maintained in all BIOs and assists Evaluation Representatives with any difficulties they may encounter. The Dean of Evaluations also reviews and evaluates the Cadet's final examination. He/she makes a recommendation to the Superintendent for or against assignment to the fleet.

Dean of Star Fleet Admissions

Sup-cdr.jpg Commander Maddie Allen
The Dean of Admissions greets all new cadets and assigns cadet to a Division. Welcomes cadets in Auditorium and assigns them to a holodeck. Ensures all cadets have read Constitution and Cadet Code of Conduct. Begins the evaluation process by posting the BIO form in the holodeck. Works with the Superintendent to keep all holodeck records up to date.


Instructors are responsible for running training scenarios with new cadets. They teach formatting and guidelines, so that cadets are prepared for joining the site-proper. Senior Instructors also assist with bio evaluations to ensure cadet bios meet FedSpace standards, including grammar, spelling, and content.

Sup-cdr.jpg Commander James Esperenson
Sup-cdr.jpg Commander John Halpert
Sup-lcdr.jpg Lieutenant Commander Androcles Leonatos
Sup-ltjg.jpg Lieutenant Junior Grade Yeager Atranth
Sup-ltjg.jpg Lieutenant Junior Grade Tokk Sota
Sup-ltjg.jpg Lieutenant Junior Grade Ruby Fox
Sup-ltjg.jpg Lieutenant Junior Grade Jack Riscoe