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Isel Steel
Career Occupation
USS Copernicus, GSC-9035
Time on Site:
Longevity Medal 4
Biographical Attributes
1/2 Human, 1/2 Betazoid
183 cm (6 ft. 0 in.)
70.3 kg (155 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Spiked forward
Tall, lean, fit
Lightly tanned
Facial Hair:
Sultry, distracted, and medium-pitched
United Federation of Planets
Paris, France, Earth
Familial Relationships
Philippe d’Acier
Marie d’Acier
Status of Parents:
Currently moving between their holdings on Betazed, Bajor, and Earth.
Marital Status:
Single and looking

Personal History

Born in Paris, Isel spent much of his life travelling from Betazed, Bajor, and Earth, joining his parents on their work travels. His parents worked in holoprograms, publishing holonovels and programming new systems and technology for holodecks and holosuites. They traveled between their publishing companies on Earth, Holoprojector manufactures on Bajor as part of a new foreign investment initiative of Bajor, and their QA facility on Betazed. While most of their meetings were over subspace communications, Isel’s parents believed in in-person management and so often dragged Isel from planet to planet ever since he was old enough to survive without his mother’s milk.

Isel never had much interest in the technology, but found himself very interested in the personalities of the characters his parents published. He took an interest in Psychology, which his tutors took notice of and encouraged. He spent many hours studying sociology, psychology, and alien ethics. He studied multiple cultures and their multiple theories on the workings of the mind. He even began a tutelage under one of Betazed’s preeminent psychologists. The tutelage only lasted a few months, but it was extremely productive to Isel’s education.

While rock climbing with his friend T’Rerra on Earth, his friend’s arm was completely shattered and bloodied by a tragic fall. Her bones and muscles were exposed to the air and her mind and voice screamed out in agony, flooding Isel’s telepathic mind with horror and pain. Over time, Isel would recover from the trauma of the event, resolving himself to prevent and cure such pain ever again. Isel’s focus would be on larger, more complex surgical operations, not ‘minor triage’ as he called it. Not to delay pain, but to stop it.

Much to the chagrin of his friend, particularly of the more complex and foreign species of the galaxy. Along with his studies of the mind, Isel began studies of the body, his parents arranging for Isel to observe surgeries at Starfleet Medical. His relationship with T’Rerra vanished as she did not approve of his morbid fascination in her trauma, both physical and mental, and how her pain had brought curiosity to Isel, not sorrow as it did her other friends. Her accusations of his immorality would stick and Isel would become more conscious of his words and actions.

The tutelage finally ended at the age of 15. Isel began a more traditional schooling program at a Bajoran Academy in preparation for his entrance to the Academy the next year. During that time, Isel learned more about the Bajoran religion, having mostly ignored it during his temporary visits with his parents. Isel kept mainly to himself while at the Academy, spending most of his time giving counsel, at the shooting galleries, or studying for his classes.

After a mostly solitary year, making his money by playing Tongo with the Ferengi on Deep Space Nine, Isel eventually graduated with top marks, though he doesn’t take much pride in it due to the lower standards of the Bajoran Academy compared to Starfleet.

Once admitted to Starfleet Academy, Isel began the Psych Exam. During the examination, his proctor made a poor decision, reading that Isel had been traumatized by the injury of T’Rerra, but not understanding why, assuming the Betazoid to have hemophobia or similar. Instead, Isel was entirely unphased by the trial as he focused on healing and consoling the injured simulation. He was unphased as the simulation became more and more gorey, attempting to overwhelm the Betazoid. However, this only made him more and more determined to save his patient and to end her suffering, Isel would pass with flying colors.

During his time in the Academy, Isel would spend most of his time as he had on Bajor: keeping to himself, practicing his psychological, surgical, and marksman skills, and playing games with small groups. He would eventually build up a small Tongo Club just outside of the Academy, playing rounds with friends for small bets, even getting the occasional instructor to join in. The bets were kept small, as ordered by the Academy as a compromise for letting the games continue, but Isel made quite the tidy pension off of his winnings. That was, until he met a particularly skilled Andorian, Otehlahr. The two would play for hours on some weekends, talking of biology and physiology. Otehlahr was a Exobiology Major as well, but was focusing on being a pure Science Officer whereas Isel hoped to help with medical officer aboard a station or starship, particularly his surgical skills.

Eventually, the two would begin to date, spending time studying together and Isel sharing his knowledge of psychology in exchange for biology tutoring. Isel always learned better in one-on-one sessions. The two became very intimate during their time together, becoming inseparable.

Suddenly, after one of the spring holidays, the two would begin refusing to see one another. Shortly after, Otehlahr began pestering his superior officers to give him a tour of duty aboard one of the Deep Space vessels. The two never saw each other again and Isel became much more melancholy afterwards, temporarily handing over control of the Tongo Club to Cadet Johnson.

Isel eventually recovered from the apparent break up, but was unwilling to discuss it during the rest of his time in the Academy. He retook control of the Tongo Club and returned to his normal routine eventually, but his friends would often say his jokes became a bit drier than usual and he would spend more time in surgical and medical classes rather than the purely scientific portions of his courses. Though Isel remained touchy about the break-up, he mostly returned to his old self in a manner of only two weeks.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Counseling and Exobiology
Academy Minor(s): General Surgery, Xenopsychology
Hobbies and Pastimes: Long Range Weaponry, Piano, Kadis-kot, Tongo, Dabo, Hiking
Short-Term Goals: Overcome timidness towards superior officers.
Long-Term Goals: Operate on and/or give therapy to over 100 different species
Personality: Introverted, primarily keeping to himself, despite his smiling, outgoing veneer. Compassionate and well-mannered, Isel attempts to give out wisdom and advice to all who need it, primarily through anecdotes and storytelling. He has quite a few old habits and frequently gets distracted by old memories. Is often introspectively melancholy when alone or tired for too long.
Sense of Humor: Dry and, he hopes, witty. Very ‘British’.
Phobias: Scopophobia. Has a fear of being noticed by large crowds of people and tries to maintain a level of distance from people outside his circle.
Likes: Tea, wine, flowers, landscapes, distance, games of strategy, preferably with some chance thrown in
Dislikes: Synthohol, coffee, meats, and racism.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Demands personal space fairly typically.
Bad Habits or Vices: Tends to repeat old habit such as adjusting a hat he is not currently wearing, playing with his hair, and general fidgeting, especially when nervous. Is a bit of a gambler, but demands some strategy in his risk and is more likely to fold than to go all-in, avoiding truly high stakes competitions.
Achievements: Managed to pass his Marksman class as the highest non-Tactical officer in the class and passed Xenopsychology and Exobiology with a very high grade, though did not approach Valedictorian.
Disappointments: His own nervous tics and stand-offish nature hurts him in his goal to meet every race he can. He is working to become more ‘normal’ as he sees it.
Illnesses: Tends to have bad reactions to meats due to an acute allergy. Is particularly vulnerable to Zanthi Fever and has to take regular vaccines annually in case of accidental exposure.
Strengths: When not made nervous, he can be a very compassionate, wise, and sympathetic man, eager to help and to learn. His experience in surgery and therapy allows him a rather extensive biological and psychological knowledge of his patients and his friends.
Weaknesses: Overthinking, Caring too much
Fears: Superior Officers, Being the Center of Attention, The Dominion, and Meat.
Prejudices: Doesn’t have the best opinion of the Breen, has been told stories of the Betazed Occupation that made him excessively distrusting of Dominion species, and had a particularly bad break up with an Andorian, causing him a bit of mistrust towards them.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Tanktops, Betazed and French-Made Necklaces, and 20th Century Jeans. Will occasionally wear an old French WW2 Kepi when alone. Wears gloves when doing physical labour or surgery due to a lack of confidence in his natural grip.
Distinguishing Features: Lips naturally curve into a bit of a smirk which he has to consciously uncurve during therapy sessions or during settings where it is inappropriate.
Pets: Several cats in his family’s villa.
Friends: Lost most of his old contacts while at the Academy and didn’t make any particularly close connections while in the Academy outside of his study group and Tongo Club, but no one particularly close enough to call his 'best friend’.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: At the age of 10, Isel’s childhood friend, T’Rerra, fell and broke her arm while the two were climbing a cliff face together. The arm split open, revealing bone and blood. Isel was scarred for life from the horrors of both the sight and the onslaught of screams both from T’Rerra’s voice and her mind. The usually calm and centered Vulcan girl suddenly letting loose all her pain and suffering in one, terrified shriek that lasted until the medics arrived. Isel vowed to prevent such pain ever again. It also gave him a slight morbid fascination with his friend’s wounds. The green blood in particular began his interest in her biology.
Best Time: A calm evening spent on the tip of one of the cliffs of Étretat with Otehlahr during one of their breaks. It was one week before the two would suddenly start distancing from each other.

Most Crucial Experience: During T’Rerra’s recovery, Isel became insistent upon reading every single medical update the doctors gave out. He asked questions and pestered for answers, much to the annoyance of the doctors and to the approval of his tutors. This would put Isel on his path to becoming a surgeon and increase his fascination with alien life.
Most Crucial Experience: During T’Rerra’s recovery, Isel became insistent upon reading every single medical update the doctors gave out. He asked questions and pestered for answers, much to the annoyance of the doctors and to the approval of his tutors. This would put Isel on his path to becoming a surgeon and increase his fascination with alien life.
Role Model: Mary Seacole. One of the first young adult holonovels he’d ever finished to the end was ‘Mother Mary’, a holonovel about Mary Seacole and involved having Isel take on the role of Mary’s assistant during the Crimean War. Her hatred of pain and her unfeathering support of her ‘sons’ inspired Isel at a young age and would later blossom after he took a serious interest in surgery.

Career History

Cadet Star Fleet Academy 21702.05 – 21003.12 Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Medical Officer USS Copernicus, GSC-9035 21703.12 Midshipman Midshipman
Medals Tally:
Service Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 1

Contact Information


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