Starship Specifications

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Click on the Class Name to see the specifications for that starship class.


Class Name Type Registry Naming Convention
Beckett-class Star Cruiser CS Named for Star Fleet legends.
Avenger-class Heavy Cruiser CA Named for Battle sites and Qualities of Humanity.
Zeus-class Light Cruiser CL Named for Mythological Beings.
Science Vessels
Einstein-class Science Cruiser GSC Named for Famous Explorers and Scientists.
Yeager-class Scout FSC Named for Famous Explorers and Scientists.
Escort Craft
Sun-Tzu-class Destroyer DD Named for Famous Military Leaders.
Berlin-class Frigate FF Named for Large Cities.

Support Vessels

Class Name Type Naming Convention
Support Craft
Cicero-class Support Vessel Named for Famous Authors and Philosophers.
Lanthanum-class Science Support Vessel Named for Rare Earth Elements.
Seleya-class Captain's Yacht Named for Geographical landmarks.
Apparition-class[1] Infiltrator
Type 1 Runabout CO discretion.
Marine Combat Dropship Dropship CO discretion.
Type 7 Shuttlecraft CO discretion.
Type 8 Shuttlecraft CO discretion.
Type 9 Shuttlecraft CO discretion.
Type 9A Shuttlecraft CO discretion.
Type 9X[2] Shuttlecraft CO discretion.
Attack Craft
Type-1F Light Attack Craft CO discretion.
XF-2[3] Strike Fighter CO discretion.
Work Bee Work Bee

Miscellaneous Vessels

Class Name Type Registry Naming Convention
Fleet Supply and Support Vessels
Hippocrates-class Hospital Ship HOS Named for Famous Doctors and Nurses.
Caravan-class Fleet Auxiliary FAX


  1. Operated by SFSIS only.
  2. USS Columbia only.
  3. Special Operations