Starship Defense Patterns

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The following is a list of evasive maneuvers a vessel's Helm Officer may attempt in order to evade incoming attacks or escape pursuing vessels. These can be used in conjunction with Special Maneuvers for added effect.

Evasive Maneuvers

Alpha-series Maneuvers

  • Alpha-1: The ship jinks to one side and dives.
  • Alpha-2: The ship climbs steeply out of harm's way.

Beta-series Maneuvers

  • Beta: The ship climbs slightly, then dives down.
  • Beta 1: A quick complex maneuver involving several rapid turns.
  • Beta-2: The ship climbs slightly, then jinks hard to port or starboard.
  • Beta-3: The ship climbs slightly, then jinks slightly to port or starboard and lunges forward.
  • Beta-4: The ship climbs steeply, then jinks to port or starboard and climbs slightly.
  • Beta 9-3: A short, rapid dive followed by a quick series of jinks and turns designed to throw off the aim of any opponent.

Delta-series Maneuvers

  • Delta: As it flies along a relatively straight vector, the ship jinks slightly from one side to the other.
  • Delta-2: The ship does a barrel rollto go from being in front of its pursuer to above and behind it.
  • Delta-3: The ship jinks hard to port or starboard and then drops back.
  • Delta-4: The ship jinks hard to port or starboard and then slides downward in a shallow dive.
  • Delta-5: The ship jinks hard to port or starboard and then climbs in a shallow, climbs in a shallow, curving arc.

Gamma-series Maneuvers

  • Gamma: The ship veers to port or starboard in a broad arc, then suddenly jinks in the opposite direction.
  • Gamma-2: The ship jinks downward in a slight dive to port or starboard, then climbs steeply.
  • Gamma-3: The ship jinks upward in a slight climb to port or starboard, then dives steeply.
  • Gamma-4: The ship turns up its side, then falls away in a steep drop to port or starboard.
  • Gamma-5: The ship dives steeply, turning on its side towards the bottom of the dive and then climbing steeply and levelling out at the end of the climb.

Epsilon-series Maneuvers

  • Epsilon-1: A full starboard roll.
  • Epsilon-2: The ship makes a half-roll and then drops down.

Omega-series Maneuvers

  • Omega: The ship engages in a complex, stomach-turning series of rapid turns which makes it difficult to track of follow.
  • Omega-1: The ship jinks to the right, upward, and to the right again.
  • Omega-2: The ship dives or climbs to port or starboard, executing a long S-turn as it does so.
  • Omega-3: The ship climbs in an arc, but before reaching the expected top of the arc, it darts quickly forward.
  • Omega-4: The ship peels off to port or starboard, then executes a turn designed to bring him underneath an enemy ship (perhaps one that was pursuing).
  • Omega-5: The ship arcs upward to port, then peels down swiftly to the side from the apex of the turn.

Theta-series Maneuvers

  • Theta: The ship jinks to the side and dives slightly, back to the other side and dives steeply, then climbs about one ship length.
  • Theta-1: The ship arcs to port around its opponent, then peels downward and to starboard.
  • Theta-2: The ship peels off to the side, climbing as it does so, then dives straight down.
  • Theta-3: The ship jinks to starboard, then jinks to port and dives slightly, then jinks back to starboard in a steep dive.