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United Federation of Planets

The Star Fleet Special Response Force is an elite military task force consisting of Star Fleet vessels that is tasked with safeguarding the Federation against serious internal and external threats. Whenever there is a violation of the Federation Charter by a member, whenever there exists strife between Federation states, or whenever an aggressor species threatens hostile action; it is the SSRF that is called to deal with the situation.

Captains within the SSRF are known to be some of the best in the fleet. Each has a unique set of skills that makes them an excellent troubleshooter and problem-solver, able to resolve crises through a mixture of diplomacy, military force and intelligence gathering. Captains are hand-picked and sworn to secrecy, and Star Fleet personnel go their entire careers not knowing whether or not they served under one of the best of the best.

Its been noted that since the founding of the Special Response Force, there has been little dissension within the Federation and that captains of the SSRF have become almost indistinguishable from other Starfleet officers, except for the fact that members of the SSRF tend to read and file more reports. Despite this, selection by the SSTF is considered one of the highest honors available to a Starfleet officer. Times, however, are changing - following the Krynar War, faith in the Federation is not as strong as it once was, and the Captains of the Special Response Force will no doubt be called upon to serve their Federation in its darkest hours.



The concept of a Special Response Force predates the Federation, and was a direct result of the Xindi attack on Earth. The actions of the Enterprise and her crew, paired with an elite MACO team, proved that having specialists in tactics and diplomacy would be key in safeguarding Earth. The first Special Response Force was activated during the Earth-Romulan War; led by Captain Shumar of the SS Intrepid, it was instrumental in defeating the Romulan fleet during the Battle of Sol in late 2158. With the creation of the Federation, the concept was written into the Star Fleet Charter as an ad-hoc organisation comprised of the most skilled Captains, to be activated when required.

23rd Century

During the Four Years War, the 84th Special Response Force was comprised of Baton Rouge-class vessels, and was deployed against Klingon forces at Kesse. In a decisive victory for Star Fleet, they went behind enemy lines to ambush a Klingon supply convoy, turning the tide in that sector.

Captains from the Star Fleet Special Response Force were invited to participate in the testing of the M-5 Multitronic Unit. The unit was installed on Kirk's Enterprise. Four other members, the Constitution-class vessels Hood, Potemkin, Lexington, and Excalibur were to participate in wargames to test the M-5's tactical abilities. When M-5 went rogue, Lexington, and Excalibur were severely damaged with heavy casualties.

The Special Response Force was stood down following the Khitomer Accords, as it was decreed that a new era of peace with the Klingons meant a more stable Quadrant. Some Captains were kept quietly active, however, lest more copies of Chang's experimental Bird of Prey surface.

24th Century

25th Century

Though not officially activated during the first turbulent decades of the 25th Century, times of ongoing conflict requiring a more rigid and organised fleet structure, Captains who would have been members of the Special Response Force in peacetime saw the first action against the Krynar, and participated in the battle that concluded the Krynar War. Following the Parasite Crisis, the resurgence of the Borg in the form of the Borg Contingency, and acts of hostility against the Federation from multiple neighbouring empires, the Special Response Force was reactivated in 2422.

Current Strength

Star Fleet Special Response Force
Headquarters: Star Base AlphaUSS Typhon, NX-85808 (Mobile HQ)
Independent Starships: USS Artemis, EX-11000USS Charon, RSV-88003USS Crusader, CS-74702USS Geronimo, CR-75250USS Philadelphia, FSV-66053USS Ross, NX-76710USS Titania, RSV-88002
Support Units: USS Jupiter, FT-96100USS Scott, CRS-98600USS Phlox, HOS-60806Valkyrie Squadron

Historical Members