Star Base Bravo: "Station Logs 1"

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Star Base Bravo Station Logs from Stardate 21010.01 to Stardate 21101.06.

Crew Logs

Cmdr Samantha Trenth and Cdr Quinn Mynx

Stardate 21101.06

Commodore Samantha Trent and Commander Quinn Mynx reporting.

Recent activity on Star Base Bravo has been marked by two significant turns of events. The first is the substantial change of hands in regards to crew transfers. The senior staff is almost completely composed of recently assigned officers, save for the Chief Engineer, Lieutenant Commander Z'nan Ralan, and a few others. As a baptism by fire, the second significant happenstance is the evident bombing attack on the Romulan Star Empire's Chief Liaison Officer in the Base Commander's office. erei'Riov Ir'Elehu survived the attack with minor injuries, however his aide and a crewman from base security suffered from fatal wounds. Another security officer was also injured. New arrivals aside, each member of the senior staff was quick to react to the situation. Criminal Investigation Divsion's Lieutenant Commander James Richardson is currently leading the effort to determine the specifics of the explosion.

Because life on Bravo is never calm, the popular promenade establishment Spanky McPasternack's has been cyber-attacked by a Ferengi businessman who is attempting to blackmail the establishment's owner. Restaurant manager Chiana Kn'aks and her staff are trapped inside with customers and McPasternak himself, while base security have responded to the situation. Commander Gregory Sherman, Bravo's Chief Medical Officer, is also inside, having responded to an emergency call shortly before the restaurant was sealed off by the attackers.

Elsewhere, Bravo's Chief Tactical Officer Lieutenant Grint and Marine Commanding Officer Colonel William Winters have been assigned to look into and come up with solutions from dramatically increasing reports of pirate and other nefarious criminal activity in the local shipping lanes around the starbase. Lieutenant Kiros Jalan will be spending several shifts on duty in the Command Center.

Aside from the bombing of the Base Commander's Office, security has also been involved in an ongoing investigation by Lieutenant Junior Grade Reelan into the freighter and crew of civilian Captain Kara Alexander as well as keeping watch over a demonstration held on the Promenade by an Earth based group of humans representing an isolationist, anti-alien, and anti-Star Fleet position. Thus far there have been no major incidents involving the demonstrators, but tensions are high.

Amid the constant action, the crew of the USS Ticonderoga spent shore leave and held a promotion and holiday party on the base before they were recalled and ordered to depart for Star Base Delta for a Regional Strategy Conference. Also, a new starship, the USS Columbia, a special operations vessel, has been commissioned and is awaiting its initial launch from Bravo's space dock.

Lieutenant Grint

Stardate 21012.14

Have now been the CTO on the Starbase for a few days now. There doesn't yet seem any animosity towards me being the CTO on this fine station however it is still early days.

Arrived safely on my shuttle yet as soon as I made an appearance there were two junior officers arguing over Ferengi as a race. The two men have since been spoken to and dealt with by myself.

Not long after I had arrived but there was an incident which is currently a classified matter. Needless to say everyone went straight to work to find out the cause and discover whom the culprit was.

Have found my own quarters to be rather adequate and the neighbours friendly. I have decided to keep the fish I recently bought in the fish tank on my coffee table for now. They seem to help me relax somehow.

There has also recently been a crew from the USS Ticonderoga visit Bravo on shore leave after a rather grueling mission. Unfortunately one of their officers was lost during the mission.

I am unable to understand how one of their crew was able to lose control of their pet dog. I immediately asked Support to handle the situation.

I have yet to visit the numerous restaurants and shops on the Promenade although seeing the barbers shop did make me smile.

The sheer size of Bravo means there is so much to see that I have yet to see everything there is.

End Log