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The Soong android, Data. B-4 and Lore were identical to him.
Soong android Juliana Tainer. Her programming was so advanced that she herself didn't realize she was an android.
Lal, a Soong-type android created by Data. She was only alive for a short time before experiencing a cascade-failure in her neural net due to emotional overload.
Note: This is NOT a PC and NPC rated species.

A Soong-type android is type of android first created by the great cyberneticist Doctor Noonien Soong. All Soong-type androids are equipped with sophisticated positronic brains, granting them sentience. Soong created a total of six androids, although only the last three had fully functional positionic brains. The first five Soong-type androids were built as images of Dr. Soong, albeit with pale skin and yellow eyes. No other individual since has been able to replicate Soong's accomplishment, although Data came close with the creation of his daughter, Lal, in 2366.

Soong-type androids were incapable of alcohol intoxication, yet components in their processing systems were susceptible to disruption by polywater intoxication.


The Soong-type androids created, in chronological order:

  • Two unnamed prototypes
  • B-4
  • Lore
  • Data
  • Juliana Tainer
  • Lal