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Lexi Solus
Career Occupation
Science Officer
USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
Scarlet Pickern
50% Human, 50% Betazoid
122 lbs
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Red - Bright almost firey
Shoulder length, in messy waves
Petite, looks as if she does just enough exercise to keep herself fit
Fair, not really much of a hint of ever spending much time outdoors
Quiet, subdued
Earth, Tacoma, Washington
Familial Relationships
Tallec Solus
Lauren Solus
Status of Parents:
Lauren Solus: Home in Washington; Tallec Solus: Deceased
Marital Status:

Personal History

Growing up, Lexi was constantly told how much she was like her father. This was both a comfort and a heartbreak often times for her mother who treated Lexi as if she were a doll that could be easily broken. And up until the surfacing of her telepathy, she had been just like any other kid, although one could point out that "any other kid" might not have had such an interest in science as she did.

Throughout grade school, Lexi kept up normal, childlike relationships with those around her as much as her overprotective mother would allow. After her fathers accidental death while on an expedition to some planet that at the time had been in the process of being excavated for an archaeolgical dig. He was there supposedly to reason why the previous civilization simply died out. His death occurred just a couple months after her first birthday, leaving her no true memories of him. Later she would find, what she believes, is remnants of his thoughts from when she was a baby but she's never let anyone close enough to her to find out whether these remnants are her imagination or not.

It was her third year in high school when her telepathy had begun to slowly present itself. She did not handle it all that well. For weeks, she had come home with headaches from all the noise even when a room was quiet. She tried as long as she could to not let her mother see, as she didn't want her poor mother to have one more reason to remember her long dead husband, whom she hadn't seemed to recover from after 15 years. She'd managed to live life as any normal human might, but had not ventured to try and remarried. But eventually, the noise became too much for Lexi to handle, and she was forced to confront her mother about it. Within the week of this information, she was packed off to Betazed to learn the skills needed to survive with those who had no thoughts to needing to control their own thoughts.

On Betazed, it was a completely different change from her home on Earth. There was always a dull chatter but nothing that gave her the migraines that the high school she came from had given her. Over the course of the next couple years, going to their schools, she worked with her own teacher on learning to defend her own mind.

It was never any misunderstanding to her mother where Lexi planned to go upon graduating grade school. Lexi wanted to explore as many planets as she could. Though her skills at mental defense were not the best, she managed to keep her headaches to a minimum. And she went off to the academy where she graduated among the top of her class. It granted her a decent posting, not her first choice but certainly not her last.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Botany
Academy Minor(s): Biochemistry, Geology, Astrology
Hobbies and Pastimes: creating new plants, singing (when alone), research
Short-Term Goals: Learn to live with others on the ship
Long-Term Goals: Be placed on a planetside base with a lab big enough to do the research she wants
Personality: Her red hair is her warning label. A quiet voice and an unobtrusive nature tends to hide the fact she has a temper to rival a Klingons. She has tried to control this to the best of her abilities by being distant from those around her.
Sense of Humor: Depends on her mood, can be a childish humor when happy or a very sadistic one when made angry.
Phobias: Complete Silence. Not to be confused with quiet.
Likes: Working on her research, reading, exploring
Dislikes: Coffee, Awkward silence
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Being interupted multiple times when she's asked people to stop
Achievements: Many science projects throughout her grade school years
Disappointments: Not knowing her father
Illnesses: Often gets headaches from all the mental chatter
Strengths: She's quite adept at defending herself physically
Weaknesses: Mental defenses tend to fray easily, leaving her prone to headaches
Fears: hurting someone when she's angry
Prejudices: None at the current time she knows of
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Long slacks (similar to uniform) with a tshirt.
Distinguishing Features: Her mess of red hair
Pets: None
Friends: Casey Smith

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Her highschool years on earth, not knowing how to defend herself from the thoughts of those around her
Best Time: On Betazed, it's simple as that, living there seemed to be the easiest times for her, though she did miss her mother.
Most Crucial Experience: Going through databases she was able to find her father's work. His own love seemed to have been instilled in her and she wanted to continue his research in tandem with her own.
Role Model: Her teacher. He spent so many years being patient with her even when she simply didn't deserve it

Career History

Stardate 21107.01 - Assigned as Science Officer, USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471

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