Sigma Draconis VI

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Sigma Draconis VI is the sixth planet in the Sigma Draconis system, and one of the system's three M-class planets.

In 2268, planet was several thousand years into a glacial age, with a maximum high temperature of 40°F. Only a small tropic zone existed on the planet that remained ice-free.

Sentient life was plentiful on the planet, but on a most primitive level. According to probes, the planet had no signs of industrial development or organized civilization. The planet's primitive humanoids were picked up at irregular intervals.

Overall, however, Sigma Draconis VI was a remarkable example of a retrograde civilization. At the peak, it was advanced beyond 23rd century Federation capabilities, but had de-evolved to primitive level, beginning 10,000 years ago when a glacial age reoccurred. An underground complex was developed for the women, while the men remained above, causing a male-female schism. This ultimately caused a cultural development which was last seen on old Earth when the Romans were warring with barbarians.

The foundations for a dead and buried city were later found near a elevator built into a cave. Several hundred meters below the surface, there was a highly complex civilization, built around the high energy generation source, based on ion power.
This civilization was controlled by a computer the people called "the Controller," which was responsible for keeping the people alive for a period of 10,000 years, and for whom they lived to serve.

Known civilizations: Morgs, Eymorgs

  • The status of these rejoined civilizations is currently unknown