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Below you will find the winners and entries from the past Short Story Contests.


Winner: VolkAstrum, Gamma Quadrant by LCdr Acenvar Crystillin, USS Pegasus
Second Place: Straxid, Gamma Quadrant by Mid Thike Ch’ezhyrraq, USS Columbia
Third Place: Frawali, Gamma Quardrant by Mid Koga Rinzlo, USS Columbia
Honorable: The Ohm, Delta Quadrant by LCdr Zephyr Praise, USS Pegasus
Honorable: TeRunn Discovery by Lt Sallea T'Prell, USS Copernicus


Winner: Failure to Return by Capt Braggins, USS Ticonderoga
2nd Place: Shorebreak by Capt Nielson, USS Yeager
3rd Place: The Unlikeliest of Influences by Cdr Crawford, USS Pegasus
Honourable Mention: Footsteps in the Rain by Mid Aldren, Space Station Sierra-18
Honourable Mention: Life Starts Now by Minister Gage
Honourable Mention: Sex, Drugs & Rock'n'Roll by LCdr Fiore, USS Ticonderoga

Listed in order of submission.

Runner Up: Untitled by LCdr Gadling, USS Sheridan
Runner Up: Rin's First by LCdr Azernal, USS Pegasus
Runner Up: The Spider and the Sibling by Lt Codey, USS Philadelphia
Runner Up: Losing Someone You Love by Mid Kenmore, USS Dauntless
Runner Up: Untitled by Lt[JG] Murphy, USS Ticonderoga
Runner Up: Metamorphosis by Lt[JG] Dys, USS Copernicus
Runner Up: New Beginnings by Cmdr Wong, USS Dauntless
Runner Up: The Ultimate Gift by Cdr Archer, Space Station Sierra-18
Runner Up: Untitled by Ens West, USS Columbia
Runner Up: Untitled by Lt DeWitt, USS Pegasus
Runner Up: Legendary by Lt Hauser, USS Philadelphia
Runner Up: Untitled by LCdr Hawkens, USS Dauntless
Runner Up: Untitled by Lt[JG] Meels, USS Columbia
Runner Up: Among the Stars by LCdr Tokat, USS Ticonderoga
Runner Up: The Great Surrey Street Massacre by Lt Scott, USS Pegasus
Runner Up: Fateful Night by Ens Giraath, USS Columbia
Runner Up: The Journey is the Worthier Part by Lt[JG] Cooper, USS Yeager
Runner Up: Chasing Rabbits by Lt[JG] Dega, USS Yeager
Runner Up: Sacrifices by Cdr Hawk, USS Copernicus
Runner Up: Walking Shadow by Cdr Fields, USS Copernicus
Runner Up: Untitled by Lt Donovan, USS Ticonderoga
Runner Up: Untitled by LCdr Tucker, USS Pegasus


Winner: Untitled by Erein Neral, RIS Shadowhawk
1st Runner Up: Into Benjiro by Ensign Tiguaq, USS Nova
2nd Runner Up: Casualties of War by Lt Tokat, USS Ticonderoga
Runner Up: Blue Moon by LCdr Macleod, USS Nova
Runner Up: Breath of Light by Lt [JG] Roland, USS Pulsar
Runner Up: Fleeting by LCdr Hawk, Space Station Sierra-18
Runner Up: Misjudgement by LCdr Katzenjammer, USS Sheridan
Runner Up: My Morning Jog by Lt Fairen, Space Station Sierra-18
Runner Up: Newton's Last Stand by LCdr Komoscov, USS Dauntless
Runner Up: Unnamed by Ens Gylanna, USS Copernicus
Runner Up: Working Security by Lt Ptaka, USS Gettysburg


1st Place: A Fistful of Latinum by Valeria Lorien
2nd Place: Deception by Melanie Bradford
3rd Place: Duty and Desire by Jackson
Runner Up: A Ship for Heroes by S'Renn Kapetanaki
Runner Up: A Story by Phoenix Carter
Runner Up: Another Story by Stormer Phillips
Runner Up: Assignment Nausicaan by Lee Ander
Runner Up: Crisis by Emmalynne Dehnel
Runner Up: Dying in the Name of Science by Tek Jansen
Runner Up: Introspection by Jaden Hawk
Runner Up: The Last Hour by Aon Anduezan


First Place Winner Stardate 20501.26
Second Place Winner Stardate 20501.26
Third Place Winner Stardate 20501.26
Runner Up 1 20501.26
Runner Up 2 20501.26
Runner Up 3 20501.26
Runner Up 4 20501.26
Runner Up 5 20501.26
Runner Up 6 20501.26
Runner Up 7 20501.26
Runner Up 8 20501.26


First Place Winner Stardate 20403.14
Second Place Winner Stardate 20403.14
Third Place Winner Stardate 20403.14
Runner Up 1 20403.14
Runner Up 2 20403.14
Runner Up 3 20403.14
Runner Up 4 20403.14
Runner Up 5 20403.14
Runner Up 6 20403.14


First Place Winner Stardate 20306.22
Second Place Winner Stardate 20306.22
Third Place Winner Stardate 20306.22
Runner Up 1 20306.22
Runner Up 2 20306.22


First Place Winner Stardate 20209.14
Second Place Winner Stardate 20209.14
Third Place Winner Stardate 20209.14
Runner Up 1 20209.14
Runner Up 2 20209.14
Runner Up 3 20209.14
Runner Up 4 20209.14