Shackleton Expedition

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The Shackleton Expedition was launched in the Spring of 2420 to explore the as-yet unexplored Shackleton Expanse beyond the farthest borders of the Klingon Empire. Based at Narendra Station, the Expedition is conducted hand-in-hand with the Klingon Defence Force. Although the partnership between the Federation and the Klingon Empire is welcomed, it has caused some friction; the Klingons refuse to allow what they consider to be "modern warships" to operate in the area - Star Fleet therefore remains strictly limited in the vessels they can deploy, often older vessels or more modern craft with limited firepower unlikely to survive a dedicated Klingon expansion into the area.

Despite the scientific and diplomatic potential of the region, following the Attack on the Borg Megasphere, resources directed towards the Shackleton Expedition were instead diverted to Home Defence or the Pathfinder Project, leaving Shackleton an under-funded, over-worked, and yet vital component of Star Fleet's long-term exploratory plan.

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