Shackleton Expanse

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The Shackleton Expanse is a region of space in the Beta Quadrant, beyond the far side of the Klingon and Romulan Empires.


Named after Earth's Antarctic explorer, Ernest Shackleton, the Shackleton Expanse is located well away from the heart of Federation space and beyond the far borders of both the Klingon and Romulan Empires. The Shackleton Expanse is an area shrouded in mystery and even legend. It is largely uncharted, save for the efforts of automated survey probes. Many of those probes have recorded onboard system issues when traversing the region, originally explained by various stellar phenomena that emit peculiar forms of electromagnetic and gravimetric distortions deemed hazardous to navigation. For this reason in particular, Star Fleet’s efforts to push into the area have been limited, though many stories have been passed around thanks to decades of independent merchants and prospectors skirting the region.

Star Fleet and the Klingon Defence Force commissioned Narendra Station to serve as a way station for excursions out into this frontier of space in the early 2400s, however Star Fleet suspended its plans for manned exploration in this area due to the Romulan and Borg invasion. Exploratory operations finally commenced in 2420.