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Jeremiah Seymour
Career Occupation
Science Officer
USS Darwin, GEC-9000
Biographical Attributes
180 cm (5 ft. 11 in.)
77.1 kg (170 lb.)
Eye Color:
Cerulean Blue
Hair Color:
Dirty Blonde
Short/Medium length, there is enough length for his hair to be styled, but he could get away with just a quick brush if he is in a hurry
Toned. Jeremiah is in good shape, he isn’t overly muscular but there is a faint outline of a six-pack on his torso. However, he works hard to keep his body in shape
Fair, freckles adorn his face and arms
Deep but soft, there is a calming effect brought upon by listening to his voice, which he uses when working with his patients
United Federation of Planets
Aboard the USS Deacon
Familial Relationships
Harold Seymour (65)
Hermione Seymour (62)
Status of Parents:
Mother is still alive and living on Earth, retired Star Fleet Commander, she now writes holonovels. Father was CO of the USS Chariot, but died in a Romulan attack 9 years ago
Marital Status:

Personal History

Jeremiah was born aboard the USS Deacon on Stardate 19701.25 to Hermione and Harold Seymour. He was greeted with great joy, not just by his parents but by a good number of the crew as well as he was the first baby to be born on the vessel. His parents had been trying to get pregnant for seven years prior to Jeremiah’s birth. His childhood was normal, though there was a lack of children for him to play with, one other baby was born a year after Jeremiah and the other children were a lot older than him, but he grew up as a Star Fleet brat; seeing majority of the Alpha Quadrant.When Jeremiah was eight years old, his father got a promotion to First Officer of the USS Chariot, assigned to patrol the Neutral Zone. His mother decided that it would be too dangerous for Jeremiah so she relocated back to Earth, taking a leave of absence to raise Jeremiah. Back on Earth, Jeremiah and his mother moved into her parent’s house in London, until she could find their own place. He excelled when he went to school, gaining top marks in sciences and history, but when it came to the artistic subjects such as Drama and Art he didn’t do as well as his other subjects. He gained a close circle of friends at school, who he spent every waking moment with. He met his first girlfriend at that School, Julia Dubois, however after graduation they drifted apart as she went to University to study music and Jeremiah entered Star Fleet.Following his love of science, especially biology he decided to become a Doctor.

At this time, his mother returned to active duty on the USS Billings as CSO, his father had been promoted to CO of the USS Chariot. He loved being at the Academy, it pushed him to his limits, mentally and physically which just spurred him to do even more. He graduated second in his class at 22 years old. However his jubilation was cut short as the day after he graduated his mother told him that his father had been killed in a Romulan attack on his vessel. Jeremiah was given a few weeks off active duty for bereavement, but in that time he knew that he should be on his vessel. His father would not have wanted him to sit around feeling sorry. A week early he returned to active duty and was posted aboard the USS Locarno as a medical officer. He rose through the ranks quite quickly, gaining Lieutenant [JG] within 4 years of service. He stayed at that rank for 3 years, until the Locarno was destroyed in another Romulan attack. When he returned back to Starbase he was offered a position there, which he accepted. The next two years went slowly for Jeremiah, though he was promoted to full Lieutenant, he longed to back out on a ship, so when he learned of the new exploration ship being commissioned, USS Darwin, he immediately put in an application. He was given a position on the Darwin which he accepted, though Starbase 47 offered him a research position, one which he couldn’t turn down.

Leaving the Darwin he returned to the Starbase and begun his new position as a researcher. He was given a good range of freedom, though he was pushed to do more scientific not medical research and it sparked a new curiosity in him. He spoke to his superior and he went through a three month science officer training course to bring him to speed as a science officer. His new department was interesting; however still being a trained doctor he no longer practiced medicine, but still focused his scientific work on biology and medicine.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Surgery and Xenobiology
Academy Minor(s): Biochemistry and Genetics
Hobbies and Pastimes: Reading any type of literature that he can lay his hands on, whether it be Emily Bronte’s “Wuthering Heights” or the latest medical research paper on the Tyrelian Plague
Short-Term Goals: Be promoted to a CMO position
Long-Term Goals: Settle down with a partner and have a family
Personality: Jeremiah is a happy, go lucky type of guy, always looking for the best in people. He will give people a second chance if they mess up their third, but he doesn’t give handouts, if people want his trust they have to work for it.He will offer his medical services to anyone, even a Romulan who he holds a lot of hatred against for the death of his father and crewmates, and he will give help even if it is not asked for, giving him a certain busybody, nosey persona
Sense of Humor: Jeremiah loves to have a laugh with his friends; he can usually be seen in ten forward when off duty immersed with his friends, chatting about anything
Phobias: Heights and Claustrophobia
Likes: Reading, running, swimming and his friend’s company
Dislikes: Isolation and Romulans
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Uptight do-gooders, he has never understood the need for one person to appease another so much
Achievements: Graduating second in his class at the Academy
Disappointments: Never accessing his creativity to its full potential
Illnesses: Usual Terran Illnesses, Appendicitis
Strengths: His ability to cope in high-tense situations where his knowledge is primary
Weaknesses: Inability to cope in situations where he must make decisions that aren’t medically based, such as Bridge Command
Fears: See phobias
Prejudices: Jeremiah tries to live a life free of any prejudices, but he has a slight inclination to stereotype Romulans as barbaric due to the death he has seen them caused
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Jeremiah will try any type of clothes so it is almost impossible to ascertain his off-duty clothing taste, one day he could be seen wearing beach shorts with flip flops and the other he could be seen dressed in full black
Distinguishing Features: Scar where his appendix was removed
Pets: None

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Learning of his father’s death the day after his graduation. It dealt a hard blow on him; it was as if everything was just wrong
Best Time: Life at the academy. It was the time where he shone both socially and academically, he enjoyed the student life so to speak
Most Crucial Experience: Returning to duty a week early from his medical leave after his father died, it was a outward expression of his commitment to Star Fleet and his father’s memory
Role Model: Many people influence Jeremiah, notably his father and mother for their support during his childhood, his supervisor at the Academy, Lt Okara, who he trusted deeply allowing them to become good friends

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