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Patrick Sexton
Career Occupation
USS Enterprise, CV-07
Biographical Attributes
191 cm (6 ft. 3 in.)
72.6 kg (160 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Dark-Light Brown
Short cut - regulation length
United Federation of Planets
Dublin, Ireland - Earth
Familial Relationships
(See Personal History)
(See Personal History)

Personal History

Born November 17th, raised in a small family home in Dublin with one brother. Went through normal schooling channels. At the age of 16 Sexton’s father (Admiral John Sexton) was involved in a conflict on the frontier, which lead to his untimely death. Sexton suffered dearly because of the distances involved when his father died and his inability to have done anything. The emotional backlash meant that, as a child, he was appointed a councilor but soon after this he ran away and ended up in England, where he began work with a small local business. In his spare time, via books, he began to educate himself as best he could - Taking an interest military history, weapons tactics...Texts that would lead him to pick up tutorage again and, eventually, allow him entry to Star Fleet and the Marine Corps. At the start of his academy day's he remained much in the shadows, preferring to isolate himself and rely on texts for his enjoyment and learning. Although socially this isolation lead to a somewhat repressed course through his early years in the academy, It did have one advantage. The extra curricular reading involved lead Sexton to gain an intricate knowledge of military tactics, strategies and theories. His tutors, noting the strength he had demonstrated as an officer candidate, fast tracked him into officer corps training. He went on to graduate his first year with honors. Throughout the course of his second year he began to open up a little, letting in the smallest of light into his real self. A child at heart but very untrusting, he found stability in a young Vulcan woman who, logical like himself, provided a way for him to rationalize his emotions a little and begin to trust people a little more easily. They began to build a solid bond which would last quite a while. This is what was to be his first step towards gaining more courage around new people. As with time the two became more distance, separate career choices leading them in different directions until eventually she would disappear, probably somewhere in the Intel. Corps. Luckily, the small amount of time he had had with her had developed in him some personal skills he would later come to rely on, leading him into a strong friendship with two other cadets. The trio, who would later become pretty well known for daring tactics in simulations, and hours spent in the bar, were as follows: Liam O'Connor, Caitlin Ryan and Sexton himself. The latter of the two being a great emotional pillar, and Liam - “a great mate to get drunk with.” The three became a great team and went on to excel at all that was thrown at them and, as with most people their age drink their mistakes away, learning from them as was necessary. ‘The trio,’ again with time, were forced in different directions but remained in contact where possible throughout there careers.

Personality Profile

Hobbies and Pastimes: Sexton has a strong interest in military historical texts. Also play’s clarinet with a passion for almost any music. Sexton is also a great lover of the holodeck and, Of course, Drinking games. - Which he uses as a way to distract people from the reality of himself
Short-Term Goals: MarCo perhaps? - To serve The Corps as best he can
Long-Term Goals: Sexton’s ultimate goal: To gain command of his own Starship
Personality: Very good honorable friend would readily die for anyone he considered to be a real friend and is willing to put his life on the line for other people less able to look after them. He is also pretty good at cheering people up, seeing the silver lining in every cloud, even if he himself has trouble believing it to be true
Likes: Sexton has always, from childhood, had strong feelings for Dogs: A friend in whom you can trust to be 100% loyal with yourself, someone who would give their life for you without question. Something he would look for in all friends in later life. Also, although he has little time to further this interest, Sexton has always had a passion for flying
Dislikes: Helplessness - Something going back to the situation he was in as a child when his father died. The inability to do anything. Also, although he would not allow others to see it, Sexton hates emotional weakness in people, something he clearly has himself- and duly hates
Achievements: Graduated 1st in Tactical classes + displayed relatively good Engineering/Piloting Skills
Strengths: Possesses great tactical knowledge and is a very fast learner
Weaknesses: Patrick has a great emotional weakness dating back to his fathers death, something he has never come to terms with and never fought off. This leads to complex emotional reactions to situation’s, that he tends to suppress. He has never really learned how to understand and accept loss of life and the reasoning behind it and as such closes himself off to his real feelings. If he himself cannot come to terms with his own feelings it always means that he has trouble understanding other people as-well. Patrick feels particularly vulnerable around women, although he tends to shield this and his other feelings with a hard marine like shell nothing short of a pickaxe can break through. As a man he is constantly trying to find some definition to life, why ‘one must constantly struggle against unbeatable odds and losses’ just to continue to live, when others more deserving must die. This quest, linking back to the death of his father, is something with which he must compete with until the end of his days
Distinguishing Features: Battle scars. A scar running from his left shoulder across the lung, a medical scar with a history, which he chose not to remove

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Cadet Star Fleet Academy 20206.24 Received Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Marine USS Philadelphia, FF-6053 20206.24 Promoted to Second Lieutenant
Reassigned to Marine
Assigned to USS Philadelphia, FF-6053
Second Lieutenant
Marine USS Dauntless, CA-1553 20307.01 Transferred to USS Dauntless, CA-1553
Marine USS Dauntless, CA-1553 20507.01 Promoted to Major Major
Marine USS Dauntless, CA-1553 20512.01 Awarded Star Fleet Commendation Medal Star Fleet Commendation Medal
Medals Tally:
Service Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 1
Star Fleet Commendation Medal Star Fleet Commendation Medal 1

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