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Imina i-Rhehiv'je ei-Sevala t'Varius
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Career Occupation
Commanding Officer
RIS Black Dawn
Riov (Commander)
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
Adaran 225
170 cm (5 ft. 7 in.)
56.7 kg (125 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Dark brown
Shoulder length. Wavy. On duty, she typically wears it loose and tucked behind her ears.
Slender, attractive, toned but not muscular.
Slightly tanned
Facial Hair:
Mid-range and open when casual. She typically lowers her pitch when being formal.
Romulan Star Empire
Rhehiv'je, Romulus
Familial Relationships
Lai e-Sevala tr'Varius
Mallera i-Ihhliae t'Varius
Status of Parents:
Deceased. Her father was an Enriov in the Romulan Imperial Navy who chose the wrong side in a power dispute. Both he and her mother were executed in a purge.
Komar i-Rhehiv'je tr'Varius, brother, 37, a colonel in the Tal'Shiar and commanding officer of the RIS Meterex. V'nara i-Rhehiv'je t'Varius, sister, 30, a former lawyer now living in exile on Earth with her husband and son.
Marital Status:

Note: Imina Sevala was duplicated in a transporter accident on Stardate 20905.06.
This bio is for the Sevala in command of the
RIS Black Dawn.
A separate bio exists for the Imina Sevala serving in Star Fleet.

Personal History

Early Life

Born in the city of Rhehiv'je on Romulus to an upper class family, Imina Sevala received the best of everything as a child. Her father was a well-connected officer in the Imperial Navy who had quickly risen in the ranks to become an admiral. Her mother never had to work a day in her life and spent a great deal of time providing her children with a liberal education, as opposed to the more conventional education of the state school system. Sevala's older brother, Komar, was somewhat of a bully as a child and never got along with Sevala and their younger sister, V'nara. The two younger girls became close friends and spent much of their time together, leaving Komar to his own devices. Komar began to increasingly distance himself from his family, and by the time he'd applied to the Imperial Military Academy, he'd estranged himself from them completely.

Sevala also decided to follow in her father's footsteps and join the Navy. Having been educated in some of the best schools on Romulus, she was easily accepted into the Academy, where she took up the study of medicine. Soon after beginning her first year, she learned that Komar had been recruited by the Tal'Shiar, and she became concerned for her family's safety. Her family held a rather liberal view compared to those in power, and having a brother whose loyalty lay with the intelligence agency was disturbing. She was surprised though to see her sister shun the military and take up the study of law.

Imperial Military Service and Exile

Graduating the Academy near the top of her class, Sevala was assigned to the medical department of the RIS Nervix, where she spent several years, earning her way through the ranks to Arrain. She was later given the position of Chief of Sciences on the RIS Lothara, a vessel assigned to patrol the outlying regions of the Empire, where the Romulan reformist movement had set up its own government on the planet Ecurai. Not long after being handed her new assignment, she received word through a family friend that her parents had been arrested during a purge of liberal elements in the government and military. She was also told that her brother had been present at their arrest, and that her sister had gone into hiding. She was advised to do the same.

During a layover on a colony planet near the border with the Democratic Romulan Republic, she tried to contact her sister through elements of the underground but was unsuccessful. Her attempts, though, raised the suspicion of the authorities, and she was forced to flee. Smuggled onto a Rigellian freighter inside a packing crate, a week later, she found herself on Ecurai, applying for asylum. She soon learned that her parents had been executed.

The Republic's military offered her the chance to resume her rank and duties in their service, and she accepted, having no other opportunities available to her. She was assigned as Chief of Sciences to the DRW Valon, which in her second month of duty became engaged with the Lothara in a border skirmish. Both the commanding officer and the first officer of the Valon were killed in the midst of the battle, and Sevala found herself the ranking officer. Despite the fact that many of the Lothara crew had once been her friends, she did her duty for the Republic and led the Valon in the destruction of the Imperial vessel, using her intimate knowledge of her former ship to defeat it.

Her actions in the battle earned her a commendation and a promotion to erei'Riov. She was also rewarded with the position of first officer. She served in that capacity for a year-and-a-half until an incident forced her to take a leave of absence in order to avoid an investigation into her actions. While attempting to rescue civilian passengers on a freighter that had been attacked by the Tal'Shiar, Sevala shot three Tal'Shiar officers that they had taken prisoner in a fit of anger as she attempted to discover the location of a bomb onboard the vessel. Having seen another of them assassinate a defector and brutally attack a pregnant woman, and having grown tired of all the loss the Tal'Shiar had caused her over the years, she'd taken matters into her own hands in an effort to save the freighter.

In return for having the incident removed from her official record, she requested an assignment to a new medical exchange program with Star Fleet. She'd grown frustrated with the Republic, finding it weak and afraid to confront the realities of war. She felt the need to take time away from Ecurai and the reformists. She also wished to return to practicing medicine, where she only had to worry about saving lives, not taking them. Having made close friends with a high-ranking military official, Enriov Tomal, who had taken a strong liking to her and considered her like a daughter, she asked him to use his influence in getting her a slot in the program. She was quickly accepted as one of the candidates and granted a leave of absence from the Republic's Navy. After receiving training on Star Fleet equipment and protocol, she was assigned to Starbase Alpha before being recruited by then Captain Derrick Grant to the USS Gettysburg, where she accepted the temporary assignment of Acting Chief Medical Officer.

Star Fleet Years

Attracted to Grant and finding the opportunity to ally herself with someone of importance in Star Fleet, she made a successful attempt to seduce him, and she ended up falling in love with him as a result. Their relationship quickly blossomed, and at Derrick's urging and arrangement, she decided not to return to the Republic and instead accept a full commission in Star Fleet as well as Federation citizenship. She didn't choose to stay solely because of Grant though. She also came to discover that she could do more good for her people working within Star Fleet than she could in the Republic. Her status as a Star Fleet senior officer and as Derrick's lover also made her a target of interest for the Romulan Underground. Reluctantly striking a deal with an agent named Lern, whom she had known during her days in the Imperial Fleet, she agreed to provide classified information she learned from Derrick in exchange for locating her sister. The Underground found V'nara, and Sevala was forced to uphold her part of the bargain. Though she didn't completely trust Lern, she did come to feel that the Underground was probably the best hope for her people. Change should come from within, and she could do her part by helping them. Though she had committed herself to Star Fleet, her first priority still was working to improve the lives of Romulans.

Though Sevala's value to the Underground was increased by her presence in Star Fleet, her move to the Federation was seen as even more traitorous by the Empire. Knowledge of her whereabouts quickly leaked, and during the opening salvo of war between the Federation and the Empire, in the battle for Sector 228, her brother sent one of his subordinates on a boarding party to capture or kill her. The Tal'Shiar agent initially succeeded in killing her, though an unexplained reversal of time returned her to a point before her death, and she was able to avoid losing her life the second time, and instead she terminated the agent's life. This incident confirmed for her that Fate was guiding her towards a destiny and that she was where she needed to be in life at that moment. It also gave her a sense of invulnerability and purpose that strengthened her commitment to help her people.

The Gettysburg's next mission took it to a science facility where Star Fleet believed a rogue scientist was conducting research into biological weapons to be used against the Romulans. Derrick was away at a meeting when the ship was called to investigate, and the Gettysburg left without him. Sevala soon learned that the ship's Chief Science Officer, Judith Tucker, had not destroyed, as ordered, previous research that her department had conducted, at Derrick's prompting, into developing a virus that would wipe out the Romulan species. Fearing that Tucker's failure to follow orders had led to the virus being discovered by the scientist, she arranged for the destruction of the research, though in reality she tricked Tucker into believing that it had been destroyed. She kept a copy for herself, to work on finding a cure, and secretly sent a copy to Tomal, so that scientists in the Republic would also have access to it. In addition, she informed both Tomal and Lern about the rogue scientist, so that they might be ready should something come of her research.

The virus that the scientist was working on, however, did not turn out as they had suspected. It affected more than just Romulans, turning people into gigantic bees, and the Gettysburg crew soon found itself in the midst of an epidemic. Though infected herself, Sevala was instrumental in finding a cure. Unfortunately though, she could not cure those in advanced stages of the disease, as their genetic code had been altered beyond the point of being able to resequence it back to its original state. Many of the crew had to be euthanized to prevent their turning into bees and endangering non-infected personnel. Almost a third of the crew, in all, was lost.

As the ship made its way back to Starbase Alpha, Sevala learned that her messages to Tomal and Lern had been discovered by Star Fleet Security. Derrick had been implicated in her crime by default of his association with her, and he had been reassigned to Earth as part of a promotion designed to keep him under observation. He was extremely unhappy at her actions and sent her a message that effectively ended their relationship. Knowing that she would likely be brought up on charges of treason, and fearing that she had lost Derrick forever, she decided to resign from Star Fleet. She contacted Tomal and asked for his interdiction, to take her back to the Republic. Upon arriving at Starbase Alpha though, she learned that Derrick had managed to prevent charges from being filed against her, and that he was willing to forgive her if she promised to stay with him and to go to him first when any issues arose where she felt it necessary to pass information to her people. She agreed and made the commitment he requested. The two of them moved in together, and she applied for a position as Chief of Surgery on the Starbase, to stay close to him.

Derrick also had her arrange a meeting with Lern, and he promised to help the Underground if they smuggled Sevala's sister out of the Empire. Lern followed through with his end of the bargain, and V'nara and her family were put on a Ferengi freighter and taken to Ferenginar. Soon after, Derrick was shot in an assassination attempt, and he ended up in the hospital. Needing to disappear for a while, at the advice of time traveler Peter O'Malley, Derrick colluded with Sevala and Commander New to help him leave the hospital and steal a Romulan shuttle from the Gettysburg in order to make the journey to pick up Sevala's family. The trip was successful, and soon V'nara, Triy and their son were safe on Earth. The incident though provoked a backlash against Derrick, who had officially gone AWOL. Both he and Sevala earned bad reputations as rule-breakers, and Derrick was again assigned to the Gettysburg as commanding officer in the manner of a demotion. Sevala's application for the position on Starbase Alpha was rescinded, and she joined him back on the ship.

Final Gettysburg Mission

Before the Gettysburg left on its next assignment, Sevala was contacted by Lern a further time. His Underground faction had kidnapped a Romulan Senator, Llhweiir, who needed medical attention. She agreed to help him, and she learned that Llhweiir was involved in a plot to create telepathic adepts to help the Romulans win the war. Realizing the implications of this, she firmly sided with Lern. When the Underground agent, though, brought out Llhweiir's daughter, Dhiov, and threatened to torture her to make her father speak, she put her foot down, not wishing to see another innocent person injured or killed. She staged an impromptu rescue of Dhiov and hid the girl on the Gettysburg.

Derrick was initially unhappy at having Dhiov aboard and living in their quarters. The teenage Romulan girl was disruptive at first, but she eventually settled down, realizing that she had to make the best of the situation. Sevala couldn't return the girl to Romulus, as she would most likely either be kidnapped again by the Underground or killed by the Tal'Shiar. Dhiov also knew too much of Sevala's involvement with Lern, and that posed a risk to their operations. Sevala grew close to Dhiov though as the Gettysburg went on its next mission, and she came to accept her as part of her current family.

The Gettysburg's assignment took it deep into Romulan space to retrieve a lost intelligence-gathering probe. As it neared the probe, the ship came under attack by three Romulan vessels and took heavy damage. Sevala was trapped in her quarters, attempting to rescue Dhiov, when the saucer section separated and was pulled into a nearby black nebula. A retrieval attempt by a shuttle resulted in the deaths of Dhiov and the pilot. An accident had apparently occurred during the transport, and Sevala found herself the only survivor in a shuttle out of control and spinning away from the Gettysburg. Helpless, she watched the Gettysburg disappear into the nebula, presumably destroyed, and suddenly everything she had recently gained had been lost. Both Derrick and Dhiov were dead. The stress of her loss proved too much for her, and she passed out. Upon awakening, she discovered that the shuttle had been intercepted by a Tal'Shiar warbird, and she was soon taken captive. Beaten and tortured, she awaited her eventual execution when they reached Romulus, hoping to die quickly so that she could join Derrick in death.

Return to the Empire

Before the warbird arrived though, Sevala was rescued by members of Lern's Underground faction, the Anna'eri Nuar. They took care of her wounds and nursed her back to health and took her to meet with Lern on the Neutral Zone planet Nevas IV. He attempted to persuade her to remain in the Empire and help him track down and defeat the telepathic adepts. With Derrick dead and her career prospects in Star Fleet limited, she accepted, retaking her rank in the Romulan military.

Following Lern to Remus, Sevala joined his mission to eliminate an adept who was being held in an abandoned dilithium mine. Protected by Reman soldiers and joined by another senator, Khev, the adept used her powers in an attempt to trick and defeat Sevala's party. While in the mines, she met another group of soldiers from the RIS Shadowhawk who had been sent on a mission to rescue Khev. Together they fought the adept, finally defeating her. Once they returned to the surface, they learned that civil war had begun in the Empire. All parties were eager to fight against Tei's faction, but neither party's ships were able to taken into battle. They devised a plan to steal the Shadowhawk from spacedock. By the time they had successfully completed it though, the battle was ending, and they instead took off in pursuit of Tei's retreating warbird, a pursuit which led them to an encounter with the Gettysburg, which Sevala discovered had not actually been destroyed but thrown into an alternate universe. Though reunited with Derrick, she was forced to confront the fact that there was a duplicate of her on the Federation vessel.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Sevala studied General Medicine and Surgery at the Romulan Imperial Military Academy. She received orientation to Star Fleet medical practices on the hospital ship, USS Christiaan Barnard, during her journey from Ecurai to Earth and received certification to practice medicine in the Federation after attending specialized classes at Star Fleet Medical Academy.
Academy Minor(s): Sevala minored in Chemistry and Xenobiology at the Romulan Imperial Military Academy.
Hobbies and Pastimes: Reading, listening to Romulan classical music, weapons training.
Short-Term Goals: To help the Romulan Underground bring about the downfall of the ruling s'Tei faction.
Long-Term Goals: Undecided.
Personality: Sevala attempts to get along with everyone, though she finds unnecessary drama distasteful. She picks her close friends carefully and is extremely loyal to those she trusts, shying away from people whom she perceives as trouble or capable of bringing chaos into her life. That often gives her the aura of being aloof. She tries to respect everyone's right to do or think as they wish, though she might seem to look down her nose at those whom she feels are beneath her. She'd be rather surprised to have that fact pointed out to her however. She considers herself rather liberal and enlightened. She was raised, though, in a xenophobic, class-conscious society, and most of her thinking is still unknowingly shaped by her upbringing. She can seem rather abrupt and rude at times, though she has no intention of being that way. She also doesn't like to be challenged. She has a strong belief in duty, at all costs.
Sense of Humor: Sevala has a rather sophisticated sense of humor. She appreciates intellectual witticism, double entendres and irony, but frowns upon low brow humor and crude jokes. After her time as a prisoner of the Tal'Shiar, she developed a darker sense of humor than she previously had.
Phobias: No known phobias.
Likes: Romulan wine, haute cuisine.
Dislikes: Her brother, disorganization, the Tal'Shiar.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Being used by others.
Bad Habits or Vices: Gambling, talking to herself, being overly-suspicious of people, having expensive tastes.
Achievements: Making the rank of erei'Riov and being assigned as first officer of the Valon, and making the rank of Commander in Star Fleet during her service there.
Disappointments: Having lost Derrick and Dhiov when the Gettysburg was destroyed in the black nebula.
Illnesses: Prone to nightmares about her experiences during the Gettysburg's destruction and her captivity by the Tal'Shiar.
Strengths: Sevala is a very persuasive person. She has the ability to easily gain someone's confidence while at the same time exploiting their weaknesses, and even if a person knows they're being exploited, she can make them feel as if they're the one actually coming out on top in the experience. She's a very charming woman, and very beautiful, and she's used this combination, along with her inherited social status, to gain influence with top governmental and military officials in the Empire as well as the Republic. She's well connected, and she's aggressive. She also isn't afraid to take a situation into her own hands if she feels it necessary. This makes her either a valuable ally or a feared enemy.
Weaknesses: Can be easily goaded into doing something by challenging her sense of honor or her skills. She also still holds some loyalty to the Federation and its value system, which can make her think twice about challenging it.
Fears: Her nightmares, not being able to fulfill her mnhei'sahe.
Prejudices: Though she considers herself liberal and open-minded, Sevala harbors many of the same prejudices as others of her species do. As a child, she was taught to think of Romulans as superior, and that races such as the Klingons and the Gorn were barbaric, and that humans were deceptive and without honor. As an adult, she's come to reject the overtly racist dogma of the Empire, but it's hard for her to escape the mode of thinking in which she was raised. It's ingrained within her.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Sevala tends to wear black and dark shades of color. She likes skirts and dresses when the occasion allows.
Distinguishing Features: Romulan features. Her brow ridge is less pronounced than most of her species though, and she appears less severe looking than the typical Romulan. She has a very pleasant smile. By Romulan standards, she's quite beautiful.
Pets: None
Friends: Tomal, an Enriov in the Democratic Romulan Republic fleet who befriended her and helped her get established after she defected. She thinks of him almost as a second father.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Having learned that her parents had been executed in an Imperial purge and that her brother had been involved with their arrest. Also, seeing Dhiov's mangled body on the transporter pad next to her and watching Derrick and the Gettysburg disappear into the black nebula.
Best Time: Her last few weeks with Derrick. The two of them had been getting along well, and they'd settled into a happy routine with Dhiov.
Most Crucial Experience: Having to assume command of the DRW Valon after its commanding officer and first officer were killed during a battle with an Imperial vessel. Though she didn't have command experience, she managed to lead her ship to victory. It helped propel her career forward, and she knew her father would have been proud had he still been alive to see it.
Role Model: Her father.

Career History

In Star Fleet Service
Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Chief Medical Officer USS Gettysburg, BC-1863 20803.19 Designated Lieutenant
Appointed Chief Medical Officer
Assigned to USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Chief Medical Officer USS Gettysburg, BC-1863 20804.01 Awarded Star Fleet Commendation Medal Star Fleet Commendation Medal
Chief Medical Officer USS Gettysburg, BC-1863 20804.01 Granted Command School Graduate Ribbon Command School Graduate Ribbon
Chief Medical Officer USS Gettysburg, BC-1863 20807.01 Received Purple Heart Purple Heart
Chief Medical Officer USS Gettysburg, BC-1863 20808.01 Awarded Star Fleet Commendation Medal Star Fleet Commendation Medal
Chief Medical Officer USS Gettysburg, BC-1863 20808.02 Promoted to Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Commander
Chief Medical Officer USS Gettysburg, BC-1863 20901.04 Promoted to Commander Commander
Chief Medical Officer USS Gettysburg, BC-1863 20901.15 Awarded Gold Star Gold Star
Chief Medical Officer USS Gettysburg, BC-1863 20904.01 Awarded Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Chief Medical Officer USS Gettysburg, BC-1863 20905.26 Duplicated in transporter accident
In Service to the Galae s'Shiar
Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Commanding Officer RIS Shadowhawk 20905.24 Designated erei'Riov (Sub-Commander)
Appointed Commanding Officer
Assigned to RIS Shadowhawk
erei'Riov (Sub-Commander)
Commanding Officer RIS Shadowhawk 20907.01 Awarded Legion of Merit Legion of Merit
Commanding Officer RIS Shadowhawk 21002.01 Promoted to Riov (Commander) Riov (Commander)
Commanding Officer RIS Black Dawn 21109.07 Transferred to RIS Black Dawn
Medals Tally:
Service Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Command School Graduate Ribbon Command School Graduate Ribbon 1
Star Fleet Commendation Medal Star Fleet Commendation Medal 2
Gold Star Gold Star 1
Legion of Merit Legion of Merit 1
Purple Heart Purple Heart 1
Achievement Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month 1

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