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Seria Ija
Career Occupation
Tactical Officer
USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Biographical Attributes
168 cm (5 ft. 6 in.)
62.1 kg (137 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Hangs just past her shoulder blades, she pins it up, ties it back, braids it, just rarely wears it down.
Well conditioned, lean but strong.
Light, burns easily in sunlight, most of the time looks like she never sees the light of day.
Facial Hair:
A bit deeper, but unmistakably female. Tends to talk really fast when excited or upset.
United Federation of Planets
Recantha Province, Bajor
Familial Relationships
Marys Halarrah
Status of Parents:
Divorced, mother runs a night club on Risa, father still lives on Bajor and is pretty much retired.
Loret (38, working as a civilian engineer on Earth), Saiya (33, serving in the Bajoran Militia). Half-sibling on her mother's side: Alisse (22, mostly just a 'party girl')
Marital Status:

Personal History

She was born the middle child of three to struggling farmer parents, born into the aftermath of a war-torn quadrant. Not that Bajor was as touched as other worlds had been, but she grew up listening to the news feeds, curious about all the people and places that were always talked about. Not that she really had much chance of ever visiting any of them though, she was often reminded. When she was eight her mother left, tired of having nothing in her life. She had tried to convince her husband to come, but he was a stubborn man and refused to leave his home, or raise his children elsewhere. Her mother promised she'd come back when she had something better to offer them all. Ija waited patiently for this, even as her father grew more quiet with each day, and her brother cautioned her not to honestly expect their mother to return. Two years went by, then came the news that their mother was on Risa, and getting remarried. Ija was furious and hurt over this, she's never really forgiven her mother for not returning, and starting another family instead of them.

She stayed on Bajor until she was 13, at which point she decided she needed to do something to help her family out. She decided to get a job, while most would have gotten work in a shop or something, she went down to the ship yards, and managed to talk her way into a job on a freighter, mostly because she agreed to work for about half the average wages for such a job. Her first experience off-world was hardly steller however. She had never worked so hard or been so tired in her life, but still the captain of the ship was hardly pleased with her. When he reached his destination he left her there, saying she was hardly worth the space or food she'd take up to take her back, and to find something else to do with herself because she had no future working like this. She tried for weeks to get someone to take her home, but with no luck. Finally, with her money running out, she cautiously approached a woman she'd been watching for a few days. Ija was in luck, the half-Klingon captain, Che'Rega, proved to be a far more amiable person then she at first appeared, and agreed to take Ija at least part of the way home. When she heard how the girl had gotten here in the first place, she offered her one more chance to work, on her own ship. This run was far more of a success, and Ija stayed on board with her for the next several years. Che'Rega, and those on her crew taught Ija all she needed to know in this lifestyle, and she finally felt she'd found something she was good at.

When Ija was 17 Che'Rega decided to retire, leaving another of her crew in charge of the ship and business. Ija had fully intended to stay on, but her and the new captain clashed on pretty much everything, she only lasted through one more run before moving on to find work elsewhere. This is when she met Teryl Marston and Sam Brooks, she ran a few trips with them, and the three became close friends, managing to run into each other often even when not working together. Not to mention that Teryl was forever coming up with other runs or side jobs for them, most of which were not entirely legal, but paid very well. She even convinced Ija to work for a while as a bodyguard, but it didn't take her long to come back to what she'd been doing before. Sam meanwhile was falling in love with her, Ija would never admit it, but she was starting to feel the same way. She kept him at arm’s length though, wanting to keep things strictly professional, afraid it would mess up the friendship they already had. This continued for several years, until the next time she met him, he introduced her to his fiancée. She Confronted him on this, he just as angrily reminded her she hadn't wanted him in the first place, and he wasn't going to spend his life waiting around where he wasn't wanted. After this she threw herself into whatever jobs she landed with even more dedication. This was her life, this is what she enjoyed, this is what she wanted to focus on entirely.

When she was about 25 things hadn't changed that much for her. What started as a typical conversation with her father ended with him reminding her of how much her siblings were accomplishing, and if this was really all she wanted out of her life. He didn't think Ija could possibly be happy like this, even though she hotly assured him she was. Talking about this later with Teryl, her friend made the offhand comment that what did her father want from her, for her to join up with Star Fleet or something? She laughed off the idea at the time, but later on started to give it more serious consideration. Not thinking she'd actually get in, but just to see what would happen, she took the entrance exams, and to her surprise, passed them. She didn't plan on actually finishing off the Academy or growing to like service with Star Fleet, she went mainly just to prove she could do it, but the more she stayed, the more she found they had to offer. She stayed with the Academy through graduation, then was moved onto her first posting.

It didn't last that long or go that well, doing things in theory or in the classroom was totally different then doing them in real life, on a real ship, and most officers did not appreciate someone who second guessed decisions, or tried to offer alternate ideas to what orders had been given. Ija repeatedly clashed with her new Captain, most of these incidents noted in her permanent record. She requested a transfer and got one, but not the one she'd asked for. She was sent out on a multi-year mission into the far stretches of deep space, where she'd be out of the way. If her behavior continued, she was warned, she'd be discharged. Her behavior improved enough to stay in service, and she's recently returned from deep space, and been reassigned to the Gettysburg. She is still by no means a kiss-up sort of officer, and she's hoping this posting will go smoother then her others have.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Starship Combat, Advanced Piloting, Tactical Operations.
Academy Minor(s): Starship Weaponry and Weapons Systems, beginning courses in Command Training.
Hobbies and Pastimes: Ija is a gambler, and plays any sort of chance games any time she can, be it dabo, poker or others, and also enjoys 'nights out on the town' including drinking, dancing and everything that goes with it. She likes all machines that go fast, be they on land, in the air, on water or in space. She's a good cook, but rarely does unless she has someone else to cook for. She's just as good at relaxing though, kicking back with a book in a hot tub or mud bath, but more times than not she likes things fast-paced.
Short-Term Goals: To finish mastering the Klingon language which she's studied off and on for years. To get promoted to the next highest rank, sort of a given amid Star Fleet officers. To blend in well with her new crew, and hopefully get her record a bit cleaner, she has no interest in being posted back out to deep space again.
Long-Term Goals: For most of her life she didn't have many long-term goals, living just for the day, and figuring people with lifestyles like hers didn't live to be that old. Now she wants to live to old age and end up retiring someplace lush. In the meantime, she's also turned her attention towards the possibilites of command, and not just that of a starship either.
Personality: Ija is all confidence at first meeting, this doesn't change as one gets to know her better, it just softens. She's usually sure of herself, the few times she isn't, she doesn't let it show, preferring to bluff her way through instead of admit that. She's a 'tell it as it is' sort of person, she prefers to be given the blunt truth herself, and tends to take that approach with others. Despite this she's actually very caring, and tends to fight for those that no one else gives a chance. She looks after her friends, and is the sort to randomly give gifts and such just because she can. She tends to get a bit skittish if someone gets too close though, holding them at arm's length as though afraid of letting them get too close, of letting them get a real good look at her. People come, people go, things happen, it's better to only let a select few in really close.
Sense of Humor: Dry and a touch darker. Pretty much everything and everyone around her, including herself, can easily become the source of the joke. While sometimes biting, her humor is not mean-spirited, she doesn't find other's misfortunes amusing. If the incident is brought about by a sheer stupidity or similar though it's another story. When she's very drunk or very tired everything becomes funny to her.
Phobias: Being around the seriously ill, especially if she could become exposed as well. She also can't stand being in total darkness.
Likes: Sweets, something's wrong if she passes up a chance for dessert. She likes being kept busy, either through her actual work, or things she finds for herself to do. It's even better when she finds a like-minded friend to drag along with her.
Dislikes: Bland foods, coffee, the color pink. People with no sense of humor or 'spirit of adventure'. Being left out of the loop during serious situations, feeling out of control of any situation she's in.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: People that change her computer console or work station settings on her once she gets them how she wants. Those weird, obsessed sort of people that memorize all the rules and procedures, then can recite them back from memory down to page, chapter and section.
Bad Habits or Vices: Her gambling nature, a tendency to say whatever is on her mind without always thinking about it. She tends to overeat when stressed, nervous or upset.
Achievements: She's the first person on either side of her family to attend or graduate the Academy.
Disappointments: Finding out that not everyone in the Federation was as open to unusual thinking as she was.
Illnesses: Nothing serious, her vision was poor as a child, but it was discovered and corrected at an early age.
Strengths: Ambitious, most often than not she gets what she wants, sometimes through charm, on occasion through a bit of force. She has excellent manners - when she chooses to use them. Under it all, she's got a good heart, and once she starts fighting for something she doesn't give up until she's pleased with the outcome.
Weaknesses: Sweets of any kind never last long around her. She can be a bit too stubborn once her mind is set on something. She thinks rules are not so much made to be broken, but that they can definitely be bent to whatever direction suits the situation. She tends to 'knee-jerk' emotionally react to most situations. She's a bit reckless and a risk taker, even when it's not needed.
Fears: Like many with personalities like hers, she fears failure. She fears rejection, both on personal and professional levels, and hates the idea of growing old with nothing to show for it.
Prejudices: Years of experience has lead her to strongly dislike Ferengi, she doesn't like Cardassians on principle, but would be the first to admit she's met a few that can be reasonable under the right circumstances.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Simple but well made and expensive, usually form-fitting clothing in black, blues, greens and reds. She's also fond of jewelry, and usually has some kind on, even on duty.
Distinguishing Features: She's square-jawed and strong featured, but doesn't look completely hardened and rough. When allowed she wears a traditional earring in her right ear, and has three piercings in the cartiledge of her left ear.
Pets: none
Friends: Teryl Marston - From her days of working freighters. They still stay in frequent communication, despite Ija 'going respectable' on her.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: When she realized her mother really wasn't coming home again and has probably never actually intended to despite her assurances that she would. Also when Sam moved on and found someone else after years of pursing Ija with no success. She'd loved him as well, but had never let him get close. It was only when she lost him that she realized it didn't have to end like that if she hadn't acted as she did.
Best Time: Her favorite memories often involve her and Teryl getting themselves into something crazy, then having to find some way back out of it. That to her was a near perfect definition of living life to it's fullest. Also her father's pride in her at her Academy graduation, she'd finally done something that had made him really, honestly proud of her.
Most Crucial Experience: After her first failed freighter flight when she was told she had no future working on ships. It made her all the more determined to make it in this field of choice, she had a taste for space and didn't want to give it up.

Also the discussion with her father that ended with Teryl's flippant remarks about joining Star Fleet, which actually led up to her taking the idea seriously, and joining Star Fleet.
Role Model: Former Freighter Captain Che'Rega - Ija gives her pretty much full credit for making her what she is today.

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Cadet Star Fleet Academy 20810.18 Awarded Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Tactical Officer USS Gettysburg, BC-1863 20810.18 Promoted to Ensign
Assigned to USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Tactical Officer USS Gettysburg, BC-1863 a. 20810.18 Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade Lieutenant Junior Grade
Medals Tally:
Service Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 1

Contact Information


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