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Career Occupation
Tactical Officer
USS Chin’toka, CA-1375
Biographical Attributes
Full Name:
Seh'prinna, Daughter of Mindra, House of Krohl
1.78 m
64 kg
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Light brown
Typical wavy Klingon hair kept down and behind shoulders
Muscular, lean, curvaceous
Deep for a woman, but considered high to Klingons
United Federation of Planets
Seh'prinna was born in Ketha province, home to a poverish Klingon village with so little honor, it had yet to receive a name.
Familial Relationships
Three brothers: Tur'keth 32, Kirn (pronounced Keern) 37, Seh'neth 42
Marital Status:

Personal History

Seh'prinna was born on Soo'jen 40th in an honorless village practicing the Empire-wide honor chain system. She grew up to believe what any other Klingon believes; a life without honor is a life not worth living. Along with her being born without honor, she was the youngest of 4 children, and a female at that. The House of Krohl had little members, too, and she was the least honorable contributor just for being born. But instead of living out her life without honor, she chose to seek it someplace else; Starfleet.

After she attended several Interest Profiling Classes, she had believed that Tactical was the most honorable job in the fleet. She would control the weapons (and Klingons LOVE weapons) and the helm. Although childish, she imagined flying the ship in a loopty-loop and firing phasers at an enemy vessel simultaneously. The thought, nonetheless, was the moment she decided that this job was the right one. From there she had shown to baffle her superiors and peers with her great talent of taking charge and with her seemingly flawless strategic plans. She was officially inducted into the academy at age 18.

She has been void of a love life, except for a few... encounters, one could say. But there was one Klingon she had always contained her growl to when he walked by, and that to a Klingon, shows pure love. Seh'prinna never pursued this though, as she believed that work and love should never come together.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Strategic Operations, Flight Control, and Starship Command (Seh'prinna attended an extra two years at the Academy to obtain all three degrees)
Academy Minor(s): Tactical Analysis, Survival Strategies, and Interspecies Ethics
Hobbies and Pastimes: Klingon martial arts including the bat'leth and mek'leth, singing opera (which is actually pleasant sounding to Terrans), "modified" bowling (an extremely long alley with several obstacles such as ramps and balance beams, and a severely overweighted ball) and cooking Bolian food. (She believes Bolian cuisine has more flavor than that of Klingons)
Short-Term Goals: To earn an honorable promotion to the next rank, void of "replacement" promotions or temporal leniences.
Long-Term Goals: To become a captain of her own state of the art tactical starship.
Personality: While Seh'prinna is Klingon inside and out, she is very passionate about everything she does, and never takes things lightly. While her emotions run deep, she never let's them show to strangers, or people who do not respect her enough. If she shows her emotions to you, take that as a compliment, as she completely trusts and honors you as well.
Sense of Humor: She uses her minor in Interspecies Ethics to accustom herself to whom she is conversing with. A joke or sentence she might say might have a different meaning to an Andorian than it does to a Terran, and she uses that to her advantage.
Phobias: Are you crazy? Fears are for the honorless.
Likes: Warriors with positive traits other than their battle skills, men who treat her as equal, mek'leths over bat'leths, "cricket" phasers over standard issue, and strongly brewed Raktajino.
Dislikes: Warriors without honor, sexists, xenophobic races, when Ong hisses at the sight of her own tail at night, and bland food.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Minor acts of insubordination such as not addressing your senior officers as "sir" or speaking freely without permission, people with bad posture (she interprets the act as not having honor of one's self), and when people do not live up to their word, no matter how simple.
Bad Habits or Vices: Banging things with her forehead (her first introduction to her CO was when her terminal was not responding, and in the instant that the turbolift doors opened, she slammed her head into the transparent aluminum surface), scratching people with her nails (more like claws) when she's angry, grabbing her phaser on instinct without proper motive, and chewing on her tongue (she has to report to sickbay at least once a week to repair puncture wounds from her teeth)
Achievements: Graduation from Academy, winning martial arts championship in her weight class, and receiving several medals of merit and excellent duty while aboard a starship.
Disappointments: Abandoning her home and family to become a Starfleet officer.
Illnesses: She had encountered a nasty bout of Tarkallian Flu, but it didn't take her Klingon immune system long to recover.
Strengths: Physical strength, Klingon biological redundancies, belief in honor among all else, loyalty and passion to her work.
Weaknesses: Overconfidence, loneliness at times when she scares people away, and her cranial ridges aren't as pronounced as she would like.
Fears: Are you crazy? Fears are for the honorless.
Prejudices: Xenophobic races, senior officers of the opposite sex (this is a recurring theme, as Klingons believe that females are inferior to males), security or tactical officers with little battle skills.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Klingon tunics and robes with chain mail camisoles
Distinguishing Features: Somewhat simple Klingon cranial ridges, long claw-like nails, and sharp triangular teeth.
Pets: Semallian Cat named after her most honorable trait, Ong. (Meaning sly in Klingon) Ong had extravagant burgundy fur. Ong was roughly the size of a Terran house cat, and had bared a strikingly adorable face with mesmerizing sapphire blue eyes. Seh'prinna greatly refused the action, but due to Starfleet regulations, Ong was declawed. She lived on the ship with Seh'prinna, and was taken to the Arboretum during the day, then taken home at night to quarters.
Friends: Her best friend and Federation sponsor for the Academy was Lt. Commander T'Koz, a Betazoid/Vuclan hybrid security officer serving aboard a ship on a deep space mission lasting a number of years. They hadn't talked in years, and this caused a strain on their friendship, but they both understand and respect the call of duty.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Seh'prinna vividly remembers being stabbed repeatedly as a teen in a match of honor against another female, although she won the fight, she was badly injured.
Best Time: Seh'prinna, due to her prestigious talent in the tactical field, was called upon as a Tactical Analytic Officer during a time where the Federation needed to solve a dispute between two rivaling members over an assassination of both leaders. This is when she felt the most useful, and when she realized that her duty could be so much more than firing phasers.
Most Crucial Experience: Her Starfleet final exams, where she feared of failing, but persevered through the intricate test and excelled in scores.
Role Model: Captain Kathryn Janeway (as we know her, to her she is Admiral),for her ability to get her crew safely home and still follow the Federation's practices and guidelines.

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
USS Chin'toka, CA-1375 21405.13 Assign as Tactical Officer.

Contact Information


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